Summer flowers - the most beautiful and colorful species

Plumeria summer flowers

Even though we are in winter, nothing prevents us from starting to plan the design of the garden for the warmer months, for this reason today we present a selection of summer flowers that will decorate your patio in a wonderful way, discover which are the most colorful and beautiful flower species.

What are the best summer flowers

Glorious summer flowers

La Gloriosa is very easy to plant, can cling to fences or plant in a pot. These flowers are considered vines, so they can really be excellent for houses with limited yards.

Beautiful Glorious flower

beautiful glorious photo lili

Please be very careful with this plant as it is very poisonous and should not be consumed.

Plant a Bougainvillea in the garden

bougainvillea shrub rose flower

The Bougainvillea is an ornamental plant that can cover an entire fence, or even the facade of a house if appropriate trimming, landscaping and architecture are given. It originates in Brazil and is known to be the best flower to be planted during the summer.

Pretty Bougainvillea tree in the garden

Bougainvillea tree

Rest assured that you will live and grow after the planting of the season. But, of course, you can plant the Bougainvillea at any time of the year. Be careful with this plant , since it has sharp thorns and grows very quickly, although its beauty is worth it.

Beautiful summer flowers for the garden: Gallantry

great flower gaillardia Gallardia

The Gaillardia is known for being a flower sunflower family. They can be used to cover entire fields, as they bloom bright reds and yellows in the summer. These flowers attract butterflies and love the heat.

Plant sunflowers in the yard or garden

super sunflower yellow color

The sunflower is one of the most iconic and fascinating flowers. From being an ornamental flower to becoming an agricultural crop, the sunflower is also one of the perfect flowers to plant this summer, since it can tolerate dryness and heat.

Plant beautiful sunflowers in the garden

flower summer sunflower color yellow

Who would not want to feel like an ant next to a crop of sunflowers so beautiful?

Beautiful lily of surprise pale pink

Pretty flower pale pink

This lily is also known as the lily of surprise, the lily of the resurrection, or Hurricane Lily since it sometimes grows during the hurricane season.

Pretty flower called lily of surprise

great flower for summer lily

You will love its fragrance and its delicate color that blooms in white or pale pink. Be cautious with this lily too, as some parts can be poisonous if consumed.

Beautiful flower called lily of the pineapple

Original pineapple flowers

Obviously this is not a pineapple, but it literally looks like one, right? The pineapple lily really belongs to the asparagus family, and loves to grow in summer. You can plant it in a flower bed, or choose to plant it in pots. You can also place it inside, as it grows 12 to 15 inches tall. The pineapple lily is great as for a center piece or for the porch.

Pretty summer flower called Yarrow

milfoil flower

The Common Yarrow can be recognized as the best flower to plant during the summer. It is a plant that can adapt to the climate, and with minimal care this flower will still bloom.

Beautiful summer flowers: the Glorious Daisy

Summer flowers the Glorious daisy

The Glorious Daisy is also known as Susan with black eyes, and has a bright yellow on the petals with a center of dark brown to black. This is a great flower to plant in the summer. It grows up to 3.5 feet tall and can also live in a cool climate. The Glorious Daisy attracts butterflies, bees and even hummingbirds.

Periwinkle bush with lavender flowers

periwinkle flowers violet bush color

If you are looking for a flower of the whole season that can still adapt to the dry and sunny weather, the Bígaro should be your first choice. There are more than 11 colors to choose from. They are commonly used for border yards, and can grow up to 3 feet in height.

Tips for planting lavender in the garden

pretty lavender flower close view

Lavender is perfect for summer because it loves the heat. Its specific aroma is pleasant and soothing.

Cultivate a field of lavender in the garden

plant lavender summer garden

Try planting this grass near the patio or windows so you can experience the aroma while enjoying the summer heat.

Beautiful yellow and orange Narcissus flower

Daffodil color yellow orange

You should not forget about the Daffodils on your summer flower list. They start to bloom in the spring, but they can last until summer.

Beautiful yellow and white daffodils

white yellow daffodils

There are two varieties of Narcissus; yellow and yellow center targets with orange center.

Pretty Peony pink chewing gum

peony color pink chewing gum

The Peony is known to be also familiar with the sunflower. They can be used to cover entire fields, especially when they bloom bright reds and yellows in the summer. With this beauty and fragrance, who could resist planting peony this summer in the garden.

Beautiful light pink peonies

Light pink peonies

This flower can live even up to 100 years because it can survive in a cool climate. The secret of having a blossoming peony is in its preparation. These flowers attract butterflies and love the heat.

Great Plumeria flowers of pink and yellow

Plumeria pink and yellow

This beautiful flower is most commonly seen in tropical or subtropical regions. Plumeria is a tree that offers magnificent clusters of white, red, pink, purple and yellow. You will love having a Plumeria tree in your backyard!

Beautiful white and pink dahlia flower

beautiful dahlia white magenta

The Dahlias form a beautiful symmetrical ball with petals of bright colors that will brighten any garden. Different varieties grow at different heights and sizes, they even have different needs.

Beautiful red wine dahlia flower

beautiful dahlia red wine

Design your garden accordingly and enjoy a wide range of dahlias throughout the summer.

Planting daisies in the garden

pretty summer daisies in the garden

This flower has been the favorite of gardeners for a long time. The Daisy will bloom all summer long,

Tips for planting daisies in the garden

pretty daisies decorating the garden

although it is better not to get too close, since some say that its smell is not so pleasant.

Beautiful red hibiscus flower

Hibiscus flower red color

The Hibiscus is a true summer flower, well known for its presence in tropical climates. The Hibiscus blooms in many bright colors, and can even be consumed as food or in a tea, with many positive benefits.

Plant roses in bush

pretty bush of roses

Roses in bushes are elegant and low maintenance, making them the favorite summer flowers of many. They can resist dryness, but prefer to have a very good and humid climate.

Nice bush of roses in the garden

beautiful wild roses shrub

Just a reminder, be careful when planting roses in shrubs in your garden, as they have thorns.

Plant the flower of Aster in the garden

super flower aster lila summer

The Aster, which means star in Latin is very suitable for your garden. Aster flowers bloom in bright colors, attract butterflies, and are low maintenance, making it a perfect wild summer flower.

Beautiful orange Wonder flower

marigolds marigold orange color

The Wonder can be your new favorite of this gardening season, as it is a flower that is easy to plant and care for. The Wonders come in a few colors to choose from too, and is ideal for landscaping and for contrasts against other vibrant flowers.

Great Zinnias of intense pink color

Superb pink Zinnia flowers

The Zinnia is really impressive, and a favorite among summer flowers. They are abundant in most summer conditions, which even bloom in the rain, but nothing beats having it on a sunny day.

Beautiful Pink and White Zinnias

Pink light white zinnia

You will not regret having it in your garden, as it will surely brighten your day. Try to plant varieties of colors for a more vibrant and cheerful garden.

25 Types of Flowers to Plant for Summer | Summer Flowers

Stunning flower called Orange day lily

Day lily

Despite its beauty, this type of flowers does not need much attention, provided they are in the right place. The day lilies are very adaptable to each season, and very abundant. The Day lily It is also edible, so be sure to buy organic lilies. Interested in planting the Daylily?

Beautiful yellow Coreopsis flowers

Yellow Coreopsis summer flowers

Definitely this flower can really live in the summer without any hassle for any gardener. There are few varieties of colors and this flower can last until the arrival of autumn. These have been our suggestions for the choice of summer flowers, we hope that you have been inspired to design the landscape of your garden, see you soon.




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