Summer house, located in Syros, Greece

summer house syros greece

Summer is that time of year when people think of only one thing: rest , or in what for many is its synonym: beach. In this article we are going to talk about a Summer house of Block722 ¹, located on the island of Syros (Siros or Siro), in Greece.

Summer house in Syros

summer house island syros

This Greek island is located in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. This house is a perfect image of the modernized Greek style. A desert landscape predominates on Greek beaches, although this does not mean that the style can not be planted there.

The landscape of rest

aegean sea summer house

Most people when they think about summer, imagine houses with a pool, but what if instead of a pool we have the sea in front of our door? From this house you can see that landscape and we can also enjoy a view that includes several small islands.

Watching the sunset

summer house sea view

The house offers views towards the sea by almost all sides. Here in this photo we can see that, in addition, it is designed so that we can sit in these modern banks and see the horizon, where in the morning we will wake up with the touch of the sea breeze.

The Greek style in the armchairs

Greek style summer house

We also have our space for rest and relaxation with a small table and several modern armchairs, made in spite of everything in the Greek style. The stones of the wall of the house and the tree do not stop reminding us that we are in Greece.

A new architecture

house with pool beach greece

Where are we going to find a summer house with this type of architecture, if not in Greece? The architecture with stones in the classical way and the arches in the corridors are very typical of the Greek style. We see that even the steps are made with stones.

We change of life

houses for summer Greek style

The houses Holidays have to be places where we forget our work and our specific way of life, because when we go to another country, we also approach another world and another culture.

The living room and its views

houses for summer aegean beach

In the interior of the house we find the living room that overlooks the sea, there is a fireplace embedded in the wall for the coldest days and the basket that is on the floor is again one of the details of the Greek style.

A space with lots of light

holiday accommodation bright space

The rooms are a very large and very bright space. On the floor behind the sofa, where we can rest quietly, we see the typical carpet with color and Greek motifs. Also next to the window there is a bench with cushions that we can also use for rest.

The wood kitchen

holiday accommodation wood kitchen

The summer house has a strong wooden element. In the kitchen this element predominates: we see that the chairs, like the foundation of the countertop and the panel, which is hanging on the wall, are also made of wood.

Bathe in the Greek style

Greek bath summer house

The Greek style can be found even in the bathroom: the bathtub with the different style of the tap, again the carpet with the Greek motifs, the shampoo bottles placed on the floor next to the bathtub on the table and the type of towels that are hung near the bathtub.

Are we going to Greece?

houses with pool syros beach

Finally, all we can see from this original and modern summer house is sea and islands. A spectacular landscape that invites relaxation and tranquility, away from our work and our chores.


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