Summer, what you should know to decorate your exterior.

summer decorative garden idea summer plants

Summer is already here and it is the time we were all waiting for. Everything is dressed up and it's also time to decorate and give a more summery air to our backyard. Today I leave you a small collection of ideas with excellent proposals. Disimilar styles that mix curtains, floral arrangements, flower boxes and outdoor furniture of all kinds. Undoubtedly, it is time to take the patio to another level.

Summer, decorative variant for the patio

summer furniture cozy carp design

Above all we must concentrate on achieving something fresh. A wide selection of planters in a pot will be a vital point. Thus we will bring more organicity in addition to being very fresh. As we will see in some of the images a striking element are the carpets. I leave an example with one of geometric shapes. Do not hesitate to include an outdoor bar if space permits. As mentioned, we can make plants in some cases, it is the center of attention of the whole patio.

Summer and freshness in patio

summer patio design pergola lawn

Therefore, and not only in summer, its placement must be very strategic. If you have a pool, it is the ideal area to create a peaceful environment. An area that during the summer is your refuge of pleasure. As we will see in the images, pergola It can be the solution. The touch of identity and intimacy will come if we add some curtains. Of course taking care of its combination with other textiles. Especially with cushions or pillows that surely we will also have.

Decorative variant with curtains

summer patio house white lanterns

Another element that can be important in the design and decoration is surely a dining room. The dining room outdoors is another luxury option in the whole set designed by you. It will be the perfect place around which we will meet with friends and family. A cozy and cheerful decoration should always be the goal. Also you can not lose sight of the luminaires for the night a correct illumination It will create a totally new landscape. Find more ideas in our gallery today.

Colorful and cheerful exterior design

summer patio colorful design cozy

Simple style with aged wood

summer garden decorative space simple

Exclusive outdoor dining

summer plants planters palm rugs

Effect of light bulbs and night decoration

summer plants window boxes columns night

Practical pool area

summer cushioned lounger towel

Elegant patio with path

summer footpath wood furniture elegant

Traditional decorative variant

Classic summer exterior decorated cushions

cushions palm trees details lanterns lamps

decoration summer rocks sunshade terrace

summer cozy patio outdoor decoration

lake decoration parasol plants orange

juice summer relaxation furniture wall

wood relaxation summer plants carpet

patio furniture classic lemon summer

furniture cushions cheerful space colorful

backyard furniture white decoration

dark pergola decorated flowers columns

decorative plants bar stool carpet

refreshing patio pergola blanca ambiente

green umbrella cozy metal chairs

green jar pool flowers cushions

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