Surfboards converted into beach chairs, from Bombwatcher


The chairs made of Bombwatcher surfboards are unique chairs. Designed by Clinton Underwood in Cocoa Beach, Florida, the beautifully crafted chairs made of surfboards are very durable and durable. The chairs They feature an exclusive and innovative folding design, making them easy to carry and store. You can choose from several styles or even make a custom order.

Original chairs made of surfboards

surfboards converted into chairs

The signature piece, the folding surfboard chair from the Bombwatcher legend, is a functional work of art that resembles the classic wooden surfboards of the past.

original surfboards converted into chairs

It is an artisan piece of white oak and western red cedar. The woods were chosen for their extraordinary ability to withstand the elements and last for many years. They offer an exclusive and innovative design of Fold & Slide (patent pending), which allows the user to bend the chair to a flat and locked position which facilitates its transport, storage and viewing.

Beach chair

Each foldable Bombwatcher Legend surfboard chair is different and comes signed and numbered with the engraved Bombwatcher logo. They measure approximately 5 feet in height (6 feet when folded in a flat position) and have a varnish finish for yachts . Custom orders are available only in Landsurfing. Bring full relaxation to your life, wherever you are.

Surfboards converted into beach chairs

Beach chairs

The folding chairs of Bombwatcher Legend surfboards are NOT recommended for high traffic areas. They require that users have a good understanding of how they are designed and function.

original beach chair

Check the advertisement for the classic Bombwatcher surfboard chair, this is the non-folding version. It is made to be transported to all parts of high traffic or just you traffic.

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