Surfboards, decorating with marine airs, 50 proposals.

surfboards decoration blue room

The surfboards are ideal for those who like the beach environments in the decoration. As a general rule we can find one that has fallen into disuse. There are countless possibilities to decorate with surfboards and give them new life. The decoration is not limited to beach houses or near marine environments.

Surfboards, creating atmosphere

surfboards decoration aesthetic sheets

One of the most common things is to see them as a bulletin board in bars and coffee shops. In our almost if we focus on the house we can take advantage of it. Thanks to its construction the flat surface of the board can be used as table. Be for the center of the room or the dining room. Even up to ironing board or bar in some improvised bar.

Surfboards, marine theme room

wooden surfboards brown room

As we will see in many of the images, you can create a thematic space. We can create an area with accessories or stickers of marine environments in the room. To crown it, we added some surfboards and that's it, everything is complemented. It is enough to select a furniture also in tune. If you are one of the most daring, a surf board as a headboard will come in handy.

Bright and fresh room

marine coastal surfboards sticker

It serves to complement a surf-style room. To which you can even add blue and light blue tones in the walls The case of children's bedrooms is also special. Children are very motivated by this theme and it is very economical. If we add vinyl to the walls or drawings and then add real tables, they will be captivated. Surfboards can also be used as shelves.

Corner set as lifeguard post

surfboards pictures wood decoration

They are highly practical and not only decorative. Its durability is guaranteed in this sense, a composition of two will suffice. We leave you a selection of bedrooms of juvenile air, among other images. The tables are mostly integrated to reinforce the thematic environment on surfing. In them you will find more ideas.

Variant as headboard

surf boards bedside plants

Creativity and ingenuity

surfboards pendant necklaces garden

Reinforcing the theme of decoration

surfboards green cushions wood

Combination with allegorical accessories

surfboards spheres red baskets

Custom space with retro table

surfboards luminous lifeguard station

Take advantage of the decoration of the table

surfboards walls pictures flowers palm trees

Interesting contrast of blue tones

surfboards walls wood lights

Design of a male room

surfboards walls radio window

Youthful fresh room

surfboards walls living room cool

Manly room for teenager

surfboards walls theme

Colorful bedroom with surfboard

surfboards green walls cushions

Nautical theme with decorated walls

surfboards red sun cushions

Contrast of textiles and tables

room boards surf blue wood

Attractive living room with wooden ceiling

open living room creative wood television

Variant for juvenile bedroom

yellow sport suitcase surf stand

yellow shelf beach coconut tree waves

yellow walls room closet room

wardrobe side strings table drawings

attractive live room yellow black

Intense blue ceiling white cushions

room tables surf traditional cushions

white black curious lights skateboards

orange cushion cool male room

colorful style traditional girl table

colorful summer salon pink groceries

picture dark walls led lamp

Detail hanging rack headphones picture rack

detail luxury room luxury table

desk carpet lamp modern studio

studio room chairs acrylic light

cool stairs fans house walls

cool yellow bicycle aesthetic salon

idea surf deco room lists

letters bed board wood waves

warm wood bedroom curtains led

wood space table decoration cushions

wood table window curtains retro

coffee table surfing detail bowls

orange plaid beach colorful design

retro photo bedroom teen lamp

red costume lights led wood floor

towel rack bitten yellow metal shark

gray small surfboard chest

transparent table house white house

surfboard to decorate stripes

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