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Today we present some off-road vehicles designed mainly for off-road use, ATVs or off-road vehicles are motorized vehicles designed for adventurers and lovers of strong sensations. Available in different styles and models, these mechanical monsters are incredibly versatile and customizable according to their final use. The driver is supposed to sit astride the seat and control the steering using the handlebars. Some ATVs are suitable for one person, while others admit one passenger. But make no mistake: you can not expect to get on a random ATV and become the king of the road. This is not a one-size-fits-all vehicle. Thanks to its robust and multifaceted construction, all-terrain vehicles can perform off-road work that can not be accomplished by normal vehicles. The trick to buying the correct ATV is to select the type and size for your age group. If you plan to buy a new ATV, first explore the designs and models available in the market by 2019. Make sure that the vehicle you choose is easily repairable and that parts and modifications are readily available. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best available ATVs at this time:

Amphibious off-road vehicles

Amphibious ATVs offer greater reliability and portability. They are useful for transporting people and loads of moderate size to areas of difficult access. These ATVs are extremely popular in the oil and gas industry, the automotive industry tourism and geological studies. What differentiates them from regular ATVs is their ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures and altitudes. You can use them to travel both on the highway and in public road conditions, but the icing on the cake is, of course, your ability to get through water barriers. But despite its versatility, the experience of trip In general it is quite smooth and protect your cargo and passengers from any impact.

Amphibious off-road vehicles - The SHERP ATV


One of the main considerations behind the design of the SHERP was that it had to be easily repairable. Manufacturers worked quickly to produce this vehicle that could be fixed almost anywhere with few tools and minimal knowledge about vehicle repair. The transmission and suspension of the vehicle lack many of the traditional elements found in other ATVs, but they are incredibly reliable. The SHERP makes use of the minimum electrical appliances. In fact, the engine of this ATV can operate completely without any electrical equipment. Each tire in the SHERP has a volume of 800 liters, which gives the vehicle a displacement capacity of more than 3 tons.


This means that the vehicle can move easily in the water, and the hermetically sealed interiors remain free of any leakage. The SHERP can stay afloat even when it lacks all four wheels or has no tire pressure. This is an all-terrain ATV that allows you to navigate the most difficult terrains easily. Therefore, say goodbye to the obstacles posed by inhospitable terrain, such as shrub fields, steep slopes and forest floors full of slopes. The huge tires give him the traction needed to roll on almost anything along his path. The manufacturers had enough consideration to include a tire inflation system that allows the ATV to easily adjust to the different types of terrain demands.


The Gibbs Terraquad with its 140 horsepower is capable of speeds of 50 kilometers per hour, which makes it a surprisingly powerful beast on land. But the moment you jump into the water, you begin to realize all the capabilities of this vehicle. To begin with, the four wheels of the Terraquad automatically turn upwards and are controlled by a jet of water.

Amphibious off-road vehicles - Gibbs Terraquad Amphibious


This jet drives the Terraquad at an impressive speed of 70 kilometers per hour, almost fast enough to drag a water skier behind. The ATV itself has capacity for two people and is equipped with a small bed.


The Terraquad, designed to attract the most experienced recreational drivers, is likely to become a favorite among ranchers and hunters. If you are concerned about safety, the Terraquad comes with a rollover protection structure and two safety belts.


When professional hunters wish to reach remote hunting sites, they turn to the Argo Hunt Master series. These vehicles can cross the water, climb steep slopes, manage climates that range from tundra to deserts and have an excellent record of reliability. However, these vehicles are not just for professionals. The ARGO Frontier Scout 750 8 × 8 has all this capability in a package that is within the reach of regular hunters.

Off-road amphibious vehicles - Frontier Scout 750 8 × 8 from ARGO


Instead of reusing a motorcycle engine, Argo uses industrial engines that are usually found in generators and commercial outdoor equipment. This ensures a solid reliability you can trust. Like other Frontier XTV, this model uses the classic Argo transmission. It combines a CVT with high and low range gears, which gives you additional power when you need it for steep scales. The disc brakes mounted on the transmission line reduce the speed of the wheels from side to side for the sliding direction.


Once the vehicle is in the water, it is driven by the action of paddling the tires, reaching a top speed of 3 mph. Argo has thoroughly tested this combination of transmission and engine, ensuring that it will operate in a range of very high and very low temperatures and conditions. The low mounted axles, the full-time 8-wheel drive and the low ground pressure allow the 750 to conquer the ascents and a soft terrain that would be impossible with traditional ATVs.


Some compatriots of the men behind the Sherp thought it would be a good idea to make a similar vehicle. The result is what you can see in the next pictures called "Burlak" (which in Russian means "carrier", apparently), is not as cute as the Sherp, but it seems at least as fun. There is something fascinating about these Russian vehicles have something that gives them a lot of character. It seems that they were made in a shed by a group of men who did not follow any initial plan; They knew where they wanted to go, but they had no idea how they were going to get there.

Amphibious off-road vehicles - Burlak


The six-wheeled Burlak, which is powerful enough to carry it to the North Pole safe and sound, looks like an armored car and with good reason. This ATV was initially an armored combat vehicle BTR-60, but was modified to become an unrecognizable but efficient vehicle. Thanks to its load capacity of 3 tons, this monster can easily transport ten people and the body comes with heavy insulation.


The interiors are fully furnished with shower, kitchen and more amenities. The engine and all the vehicle systems can be accessed from inside the house-type shelter, which consists of a small space with driver's cab. Expect that is not all, the Burlak even consists of a body and a propeller that allow it to float, so you do not have to worry about sinking into the frozen Arctic Sea.


Driving off the road gives you excitement? Are you ready for more challenging terrain? Then, greet Russia's best 8X8 contribution to the market: the amphibious ATV Wamah Avtoros Shaman. Designed for off-road travel, this vehicle can hold up to nine passengers and do everything from float to roll or climb. The model offers different modes of operation, including Thruster Mode and Crab Mode. On land, the shark can reach a maximum speed of up to 44 mph while its water velocity is 1.3 mph.

Off-road amphibious vehicles - Shaman


The lower part of this vehicle has a hermetic frame in the shape of a boat that prevents water from entering. As a safety measure, high performance pumps were added within the frame that remove water at 53 gallons per minute. The size of this imposing vehicle allows you to use the general roads without causing any problems to other drivers.


One of the reasons why the shaman is a big hit among off-roaders is his ability for agile and trouble-free handling, while maintaining incredible maneuverability. The eight-wheel drive system of the Shaman is not simply a superfluous addition to the specification list. Actually, it works in favor of the driver, providing excellent stability. Also, it will not be a lie to say that this ATV is impressive to see and will attract the attention of people on the road.


Off-road vehicles with design inspired by military vehicles

ATVs that do not have wheels and look like a tank are ideal for going through a high snow cover. But they offer great performance throughout the year. The transfer system helps heavy machinery to minimize vibration, while the lightweight chassis of these vehicles imparts the strength and power necessary to self-clean, debris and snow easily. Due to the inclusion of more resistant tensioner adjustment designs, the distribution of the weight is uniform in this type of vehicles, and you will not have problems to change between wheels and rails.

Off-road vehicles - Hagglunds Bandvagn 206


The Hagglunds Bandvagn 206 has been designed to be able to transport you across any terrain, be it rocky outcrops or swamps or rock-filled fields or fields without roads. Designed for severe northern climates, this vehicle can handle any type of terrain and is used in pipeline construction, forest firefighting, ambulance work, personnel transportation, relief work, tourism and work in remote locations.


The ATV exerts a minimum pressure on the ground and slides easily across road surfaces, reaching speeds of almost 55 km per hour. Being an amphibious vehicle, you can drive directly to a pond or shallow lake. Even fully loaded, the vehicle has a turning radius of less than 8 meters. The vehicle needs little maintenance and operating expenses can be minimal. It is worth mentioning the climbing and traction properties of this vehicle.


The coveted Ripsaw EV2 represents one of the most capable off-road vehicles in the world ever developed. Offered to the public as a high-performance, lightweight super-fast super tank in 2015, Ripsaw has become a world-class icon and is one of the most sought after and most valued extreme vehicles on the planet.

Off-road vehicles - Ripsaw EV2

ripsaw-ev2-luxury-all-terrain vehicles

This handmade ATV was conceived for extreme public recreation and off the road. The base platform on which the vehicle develops is of military grade and it is possible that it is the fastest dual tracking system ever manufactured. Due to the combination of a 600 hp 6.6 L duramax engine and the Allison automatic transmission, the Ripsaw EV2 is capable of speeds above 60 mph.

ripsaw-ev2-luxury-all-terrain vehicles-2019

The hermetic helmet comes in an aerospace-grade aluminum variant that provides flotation capabilities.

ripsaw-ev2-luxury-all-terrain vehicles-2019-ideas

This is a multipurpose vehicle for off-road use that does the work of five different cars: it has the snow resistance of snowmobiles, the amphibious properties of amphibious off-road vehicles, the ability to cross marshy areas like a buggy of swamp, hardness like a quad bike, and transport and work capabilities like a tractor.


The engine is extremely reliable and energy efficient, while the wheels are made of reinforced steel and high strength. Strong double chains are present along with an easy-to-use address. A lightweight yet durable body and safe, comfortable seats make this vehicle a pleasure to drive for long hours.



This amazing ATV, a product of the Swedish company BAE Systems Hägglunds , presents an innovative unprotected platform that is based on previous versions of this model: the Bv206, the Bv206S and the BvS10.

Bv206 ATVs


The vehicle is fully configurable and provides improved tactical and strategic mobility. It can be transported over long distances by air or sea. This modern vehicle combines the best in ergonomics and commercial automotive technologies to provide an ATV that provides unparalleled crew comfort along with minimal maintenance issues.


The company adheres to the time-tested chassis and powertrain, and creates a flexible cab that offers a new user interface and design solution.


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