Swimming pools gardens design - our patio in 2015.

swimming pools gardens creative design house lights

Swimming pools gardens design and a whole sea of ​​fun in the yard , about this will be our gallery of images and some of the ideas we bring today. If we already have a patio, the normal thing is that we consider moving to another level. Including a pool the change will be remarkable. The design must adapt above all to our lifestyle and the use we intend to make of it. From all this will depend our budget. In the market fortunately we have varied designs, a really acceptable sample are the rectangular ones.

Swimming pools gardens design and adaptation to family space

pools gardens design channels games jacuzzi

We can not rule out more classic models or oval shapes that are very attractive too. Our trinomial of today's swimming pools gardens design is a whole world of possibilities for the whole family. Afternoons of fun or parties in this area are guaranteed. Always a distinctive touch of personalization is adequate. A proper lighting concept creates a romantic atmosphere at night. The impact on our health is also immediate. The fact of dedicating a few minutes to swimming will significantly improve our physical condition.

Swimming pools gardens design with colorful garden

swimming pools gardens design flowers mulch staircase

If we have enough space, we can expand it and develop more space for it, although we would subtract it from the garden. terraces In this area they are always welcome. The wooden floors are ideal to transmit the sun's heat and accentuate a natural environment. We can complete this trinomial pool gardens design with some outdoor furniture. An outdoor living room will be a highlight in our entire environment. If you are one of the most demanding you can always cover this area with some extras. A jacuzzi is the preferred option by many.

Wood as floor material

pools gardens design wood terraces balcony

Massages, bubble effects or speakers are just some of its benefits, of course depending on the model. For cases of bad weather we can always opt for wooden pergolas preferably. They can be put in this area as a cover. If you wish you can be total or partial for the entire pool. The drawback is that if the water temperature is total it will always be a little low because it blocks the sun's rays. I leave you some ideas with solutions that you can adjust to your needs. With the variations that adapt to your space and personal interests.

Functional design variant

pools gardens design minimalist functional architecture

Solution for small patio

pools gardens design patio space small

Inclusion of sun loungers

swimming pools gardens design low deck chairs palm trees

Curved design with island

pools gardens design small pool island

Contrast with leafy garden

pools gardens design relax cushions herbs

Natural style with waterfall and rocks

pools gardens design armchairs forges cushions

Pattern lights, night scene

cozy space umbrellas lamparas lights

blue house lights creative lawn

house night lights modern pool

stable lights creative sunbeds rocks

waterfalls design seats pergolas wood

wood led patio plants palm tree

mulch house patio elongated house

modern minimalist environment infinite design

wall lights lighting plants concrete

palm trees pool path house wood roof

patio rocks decoration rectangular grass

patterns night lights elongated space

pool garden people enjoyment lawn

house corridor pool steps plants

sasa landscape lights led mountains

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