Swings and hanging chairs for the garden - 50 ideas

swings garden chairs white umbrella

Today we will talk about the swings and hanging chairs, and we will also show our collection of fifty images that will help you choose the model that best suits your tastes and needs. The swings are usually outdoor elements, but as we can see in the images, there are models designed exclusively to be placed in indoor spaces.

Swings and modern hanging chairs

lime green pendant ball

On the other hand, outdoor hanging chairs are usually equipped with their own support base and autonomous pendular structure. They are also usually made from stronger materials than indoor materials because they must withstand more extreme humidity and temperatures. We will find many variants of wicker or rattan hanging chairs.

Beige wicker pendant nest

wicker ball beige chair

We will also see that many of the designs of swings or hanging chairs are round or nest. The purpose of this is basically to offer comfort and comfort so that the person can sit at ease and be in the shade as these models also cover the upper part forming a kind of visor.

Chair model "Nautical"

swing chairs white hanging model nautica

The image above shows a particular model called "Nautical", designed by Mut Design . This surprising proposal was created even during the seventies with the intention of rediscovering materials such as rattan, and is available in two variants, with its own base or with ropes to be fastened to the ceiling. The fabulous design is inspired by the shapes that produce the reflections of the sun's rays on the waves of the sea.

Turquoise wicker hanging chair

turquoise wicker nest ball

One of the most current trends is perhaps the inclusion of bright and cheerful colors in the design of swings and hanging chairs for the garden. We will see that there are chairs of all colors and cheerful motives, perfect to give a refreshing touch to our relaxation areas, however and in case we have already chosen a little colorful piece, we can always add shades if we put cushions and bedding.

Hanging chair in several warm colors

ball chair hanging warm colors

In the photograph above we can see an example of a wonderful swing or crochet pendant chair in warm tones and motifs of stars of various colors. The material, although less resistant than the wicker, is in this case something softer and perhaps more comfortable, perfect to enjoy the long summer afternoons swinging in the garden.

Hanging chair in the form of transparent hemisphere

transparent ball hanging chair

Next, a hanging chair model designed for interiors, in this case a simpler and more minimalist look. A transparent fiber optic hemisphere hangs from a metal chain. It brings a very futuristic appearance to the place, as if it were a space capsule.

Wicker colored swings

hanging swings warm colors wicker

Continuing with the simplicity of forms, we see a model more typical of swings, also of wicker in daring colors. These are baskets of individual suspended seats that do not have their own static base but must be subject to some horizontal structure of roof or roof.

Hanging chairs colorful swings

swings hanging colors wicker chairs

Surprise your guests by offering them a hanging seat from which to contemplate the outside and enjoy a pleasant conversation in the open air, but above all, surprise the youngest of the house fulfilling the illusion of any child; the disposition of a own swing in the garden of house.

Modern design of hanging chair

hanging swings inside outside cushions

You have to bear in mind that the modern designs of swings and hanging chairs include cushions that you can also incorporate into your hanging armchairs and also use the wicker in the decoration. On the other hand, in the design of the chair in the photo you can see that the strings cover the seat on the bottom. In this way the wicker will not be damaged by your weight when you sit down.

White wicker hanging chair with base

swing chairs hanging outside garden

On the other hand, the wicker is also used in the designs of other hanging chairs that hang at the top of the swing. Usually these chairs are designed for one person and if you choose them white you can combine them with colored cushions.

Hanging chair in the shape of a delta

wonderful wicker brown swings

In addition the hanging chairs in the shape of a delta also have a very modern and elegant design and you can also see that these original designs are also expanded by the seat area. These chairs have curves on both sides which gives a very interesting and striking air to the furniture.

Hanging chair with metal base

hanging swings white base ratan

On the other hand, if you do not want your chair to be hanging from a tree or a branch you can choose a swing with a metal base. In this way you can move and move to all the aprtes of your garden without worrying about looking for a place with trees. In this way the trees can serve you for the shade but you can also use an umbrella.

Original design hanging chairs

beige chair hanging lace

In addition there are also some swings that have a shell shape and you can also find them with a metal base. These armchairs are also very modern and original and look great in the gardens where you want to increase style.

Colorful cushions for hanging chairs

white chair pendant blue cushion

In addition you also have to keep in mind that for the decoration of these seats and swings you will have to use some cushions. However, to be able to make a decoration with colors that combine with each other you will have to take into account the color of the swing.

Hanging chairs for indoor

transparent ball chair chain pendant

hanging chair wood shell shape

hanging chair colors penthouse

hanging chair wicker black rope

Yellow metal base hanging chair

base nautical chair base

white hanging chair nautica jardin

wicker pear shape hanging chair

hanging chair white interior swings

wicker chair nest wicker brown

hanging chair wicker round pendulum

hanging chair design zebra motifs

hanging chair many colors design

suspension chair green parasol cushions

hanging chair fabric crochet design

Wicker chair round brown sphere

chair shape nest wicker pendant

round chair black pendant

white hanging chairs green cushions

black white hanging chairs

hanging chairs crochet colors interior

chairs swings wood hanging conches

wicker chairs color brown hanging

black wicker chairs ratan pendants

cushion chair orange color

white wicker hanging chair

transparent hanging ball with chain

chair hanging rope lounge cushions

tornado spiral shape pendant chair

armchair two seat cushions

swing armchair swing umbrella parasol

wicker chair hanging beige grid

armchair sofa wicker hanging garden

wicker rattan beige hanging chair

wood conch chair

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