Table decoration for New Year's Eve

decoration of tables

So far in many articles we have talked about interior decoration for the Christmas and we have given you many ideas that you can put practice. However, we must bear in mind that after the Christmas days will approach on December 31. Tonight you can do something special if you decorate the table according to the party. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the decoration of tables for New Year's Eve. We have opted for this type of decoration because for the interior you can use the same as for Christmas.

Table decoration for New Year's Eve

decoration of tables old night

You can make a decoration for tables very interesting if you use some dishes with an original shape like the ones you see in the photo. your dishes may also have Christmas motives but we advise you to follow the label to a certain extent in the organization of the table. In this way you will place the smallest plate on the largest one. In the center of the upper plate you can make a decoration with balls or candles. In the photo above the fork and knife have been tied with a red ribbon. You can also do this but the ties have to be combined with the rest of the decoration.

Receiving New Year's Eve with a very elegant table decoration

new year tables decoration

On the other hand, you can also make a decoraicón party tables with napkins folded in an original way, you know that serilletas are a must on the table so you can take advantage to add a decorative detail to your table.

A decoration of the table with candles and roses for New Year's Eve

New Year's table decoration

Other ideas to decorate a table can be candles. You can use candles of any size and you can place them in candlesticks or in glasses. In the following images you will see many ideas about the placement of candles on the table for New Year's Eve.

A very original hanging decoration for the interior for New Years Eve

decoration of tables parties

The decoration of dining tables for New Year's Eve can also be done with some pompoms that hang from the ceiling. You can choose different types of pompoms but we advise you to be the same color and not to abuse the color. This decoration is very appropriate to decorate tables for events and also you can combine it with the color you have chosen to decorate the table itself.

Making a golden decoration of the table with white color for New Years Eve

decoration of tables christmas parties

For the table You can also choose a combination of gold and white. You can place a figure in the center of the table as it could be a golden deer and the tablecloth could be white. On the other hand, the plates may be white and may have a golden decoration around the edges and the cutlery could have a surface of the same color.

A celestial decoration of the table for New Year's Eve

Christmas table decoration

Instead, you can decorate a table making a celestial combination with colors. You can achieve this with the color gold and turquoise. Some of the decorative elements could be one of these colors and the others of the other color. However, you can also choose one of the colors to place it as decorative accents on the table. The decoration of tables for the New Year can be very special and elegant if you can make a good combination of colors.

A table decorated with branches with red, small balls and other details for New Year's Eve

interior christmas table decoration

On the other hand, apart from the colors you can choose other table decorations such as branches with red balls that are very typical for Christmas parties, candles and other details that you usually use to decorate your interior at Christmas.

A more classic decoration for the table for New Year's Eve

classic table decoration

On the other hand, you can make a table decoration more classic and less abundant. For that, you only have to use a smaller number of decorative details. You can also use flowers or white roses to decorate your table. You can also place white candles near the flowers.

Decorating the table with a decoration for the center with branches, balls and candles

classic table decoration old night

The things we have said above about the combination of white and gold for the decoration of tables can also be done with red and white. All these colors are very typical for Christmas and also the red color you can combine with green putting in the center of the table a decoration with branches, balls, etc.

A decoration in which the golden color predominates and the candles for the table

decoration of golden tables old night

You can also place some golden and white flowers in the center of the table to decorate on New Year's Eve, but you have to bear in mind that the golden color does not allow so much freedom of combination between colors.

A decoration with candles placed in glasses for the table on New Years Eve

candle decoration tables old night

Decoration of a table for Christmas holidays

decoration for tables

A themed decoration for the table with inscriptions

decoration of tables for parties

A very original and interesting decoration with firs of cookies, cream and ice cream

The decoration of the table and chairs with roses for New Year's Eve

ideas to decorate a table

A table decorated with candles placed on the plates

decorate a table

Different ideas for the equation of the table for the Christmas holidays

table decorations

A decoration of the table with colors that match the decoration of the interior

decorate tables for events

Glasses with Christmas motifs for decorating the table

decoration for tables old night

Some golden glasses combined with candles of the same color for the table on New Year's Eve

dining table decoration old night

A few glasses of red glass for the table at Christmas

ideas to decorate a table old night

A decoration for the table in New Year's Eve in purple and gray

decorate an old night table

A tablecloth with Christmas colors combined with napkins with the same decoration

old night table decorations

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