Tablecloths and centerpieces for special occasions

tablecloths classic decoration sheet music

We all like to receive special treatment and sit in an exquisite table that cheers us the view as well as the palate, for this reason today we will show you one hundred great ideas to decorate tables with centers, table cloths , vases and all details for your guests to remember the event for a long time.

Tablecloths and decorative centerpieces

roses orange yellow jarron

As we can see in the images, it is not even necessary to spend a penny to be able to decorate a table with style and good taste since any object can serve us for it. See the fantastic use that has been given to pumpkin peel; Once the interior is removed, we can use the skin as a vase.

Decorate tables with stones and pebbles

flat stones pebbles tablecloth dishes

And for lovers of oriental culture, we present this simple but beautiful model of table decoration, ideal for sushi dinners by candlelight. In addition, an advantage of the stones and flat pebbles used as decorative tablecloths is that they can protect the table from the heat of the dishes, a great idea.

Original table centers

large trunk tree trunk roses

Each occasion deserves its proper decoration, so that we can choose a certain theme for the design of our table. We must take into account factors such as the age of the guests, the reason for the meeting, the place where it will be held and the personal tastes of each guest, if this is possible.

Decoration of tables with natural products

tied napkin wood drift twig

We encourage you to improvise using your imagination to impress your guests. If we do not have flowers, we can use any other vegetable or fruit to decorate; This is the case of this great decoration model with natural elements. A linen napkin tied with a hemp loop has been used together with the detail of a twig. As a final touch, a layer of individual onion for spices has been used.

Table decoration in formal and classic style

pretty table classic decoration

Let's go on to list some tips and tricks that will make your dinners unforgettable. In the first place, and for the most formal meals and meetings we will point out that it is important that, in case of choosing candles for the decoration of the table, they should be white and odorless. Nor should they smell

Decorate tables for special events

pretty table several butterflies flowers

too much flowers as they could interfere with the taste and smell of the food. Once we have selected the table linen and crockery, we will proceed to place the cutlery following an established order that will depend on the dishes that are going to be served. We will place the cutlery for each dish from the inside out.

Decorative containers for centerpieces

glass bottle jarron flowers colors

We must not forget that the forks are always placed to the left, while the knives and spoons should be to the right of the plate. Instead we will place in a different place the cutlery for desserts or snacks; the cutlery for the dessert will be placed in front of the crockery, while the snacks will go in the upper right corner of the dishes with oblique shape.

Label rules for ordering cutlery

shapes decorate order table tag

Next, we will place the cups and glasses. The glass for the water will occupy the main position that is in front of the dish, and on your right we will place the glass for the wine. If you are going to serve champagne or Champagne, your glass should be between the water and wine and slightly ahead of both.

Decorate tables with tablecloths and candlesticks

chandeliers vintage style green tablecloth

This order is given by the rules of protocol and etiquette, although we can find models of placement of cutlery in which the spoons are on the left, next to the forks or vice versa. However, in any case the handle should point downwards and the knife edge inwards in the direction in which the plate is.

Decorate tables for children's parties

decorate birthday party table

But if the occasion is more informal and fun, the decoration of our table should be designed according to the event. For example, if we talk about children's parties we immediately imagine a table that brims with colors and sweets. Let's see some very useful and simple suggestions to create personalized tablecloths and individual decorative details.

Decorations for birthday parties

children's party table pink colors

The materials so familiar and used by children as cardboard and crepe paper will serve us for any type of adornment with the advantage that they are inexpensive and disposable. We can cut out sheets for tablecloths and write, paste or embroider the name of each guest, they will love it.

Custom labels for guests

decoration name embroidered leather sheet

Another way to indicate the order of the guests at the table is to place labels with the names or symbols that define the person. For this we suggest that you give free rein to your imagination to create a personal and unique design. In the photographs we can see several examples of these labels of original home designs.

Decorate tables with details for each diner

photo person each guest site

As for the centerpieces, we will also see a series of practical and beautiful ideas to decorate with style. One of them is about decorating any type of containers and containers turning them into beautiful vases and vases. For this we can use for example an old and empty wine bottle.

Decoration of tables with glass jars

blue jars deco table

Once we have properly removed the labels and wrappers we can begin to line the surface of the bottle with fabrics or ropes of colors. If we find pieces of lace we can combine them with ribbons and create in this way beautiful details of Shabby Chic style for those more flirty meetings.

Individual cloth tablecloths

mushroom white porcelain dish deco

Another option for the elaboration of table centers is the placement of products and natural elements spontaneously. Minimalism is very fashionable, and is based on finding beauty in the lack of ornaments. Fruits, vegetables or even rocks with moss can complete the decoration of our table at outdoor meals during a beautiful and sunny day.

Decoration of glass vases with flowers and fruits

glass jar full lemons flowers

Finally, let's see which tablecloths are the most appropriate for each occasion and how we can choose or manufacture them. Again we will start by pointing out the most common and expected at the dinners and etiquette meals. In them they usually choose tablecloths of white color, although these can be replaced by others also of smooth and neutral colors, they should not attract too much attention.

Tablecloth made with old black and white photos

tablecloth old photos glued jarron

In contrast, informal meetings allow a wide variety of options for the choice of tablecloths. Again we can see fantastic ideas that can help us to design our own design with materials of all kinds, such as this original tablecloth design created from black and white photos, brings a very retro touch and will fill the occasion with memories and entertaining conversations.

Small glass vases

wine bottle small glass jarron

In addition to all the details we have seen about the centerpieces there are other basic questions. Added to the style of the centerpiece and the elements that make it up like fruits or candles there are details such as height very important. It is recommended that it does not exceed twenty-five centimeters in height. If it is superior it will not be comfortable to maintain a dialogue with friends during the celebration.

Decorate tables with different glass bottles

pots glass vases candles flowers

Visually more than decorating will be an obstacle in practice. As we mentioned the large list of options to make the center must be very selective. Especially with those components that have a very intense smell. Whether flowers or fruits are not advised to be an odor that interferes with the food.

Glass containers used as vases

canisters glass flower yellow sunflower

If it is too intense, it will not be pleasant when combined with the food. Other components such as candles can be more subtle. They look perfect especially if you organize a dinner. Try to stay lit to enjoy all its magic. Another important detail that adds to the height and materials of the center is the color.

Models of homemade centerpieces

glass bottles decorated table several

Always take care that there is a harmonious color relationship with the rest of the elements. With the relationship of color and contrast the style must likewise maintain this harmony. When it comes to a larger celebration all decoration must be connected. The classic example can be a wedding in which some theme is followed.

Decorate the table with plants and branches

center table branches green leaves

So the best option for the centerpiece is to adapt it to the theme in question. So we do not run the risk that our center looks like a detail out of place and disconnected from space. Another good example can be outdoor meals with a certain rustic touch. Nothing will look better than a simple centerpiece with several natural components.

Decorative card with the name of the diner

center table card name diner

Within the full range of possibilities succulents are one of the most popular. In the same way the branches or the leaves. With a suitable combination the effect is very natural and suitable for the space. Lately, wooden slices have also become popular. Ideal for placing candles on top or small pots with succulents.

Flower centers for long tables

pink flowers centerpieces

If you like the rustic style and want to give a rural touch to your celebration this is a good start. Like the rustic vintage style is one of the options for a themed party. For these occasions the chandeliers or compositions with cages are perfect. If accompanied by candles your table will look like an intimate and romantic space.

Decoration of tables for special events

center tablecloths white wedding

The small plants are perfect to combine with the cages. As we have seen previously, the table would be incomplete without the tablecloth. Materials like linen are one of those that can be called more typical. Combined with the right center the tablecloth changes the way in which the table is perceived at Christmas, weddings or birthdays.

Ornamental details for each guest

glasses gold edges tablecloths cards

It is not a simply decorative but functional detail. With them, the table is protected against any type of stain. As an economical and very beautiful option, there are also table runners. They are in practice a way to cover the center of the table if you want to highlight your material a little.

Natural decorative elements for the table

crown green plants tablecloth leaves

If you are looking for a less charged environment they are a good idea that will contrast perfectly with the centerpiece you select. Materials such as cotton are in high demand in both cases. When it comes to everyday use or some informal meal they are very good. The price on most of the available options is also low.

Decorate tables with small metal cages

decoration table cages blue chairs

Maintenance is equally easy. Although they may lose some color depending on the reasons. However, they maintain a very good durability in all cases. Do not hesitate, take ideas and prepare an original design for decorating your tables for special events, leave everyone impressed with personalized details and you will become the perfect host, because, as we already know, a nice wrapper can sometimes be almost as important as the gift itself.

Decoration of tables with color accents

original blue children's table decoration

Tall crystal glasses as candelabra

romantic decoration tables flowers colors

Lantern placed as centerpiece

rustic decoration center table

Personal labels on banderillas

emmenadilla banderita name commensal plants

Decorating tables with glass containers

crystal vase white flowers candles

vase tablecloth colors arrows tumbler

yellow flowers calendulas jarron cristal

great salon wedding party deco

metal cage color white table

lemon name white wood cutlery

tablecloth circles cardboard various colors

tablecloth warm colors white flowers

square tablecloth black flat stones

tablecloth lace white color rectangle

beige tablecloth beige flowers

tablecloths motifs marine motifs red tablecloth

tablecloths table decoration

hemp tablecloth jarron blue glass

tablecloths original centerpieces

tablecloths colors plastic exterior orange

tablecloths satin lilac satin

tablecloths shapes fold pretty pictures

linen tablecloths blue color long

tablecloths table net fish blue

tablecloths stones decoration table


striped tablecloths two colors flowers

green pink striped tablecloths

recycled tablecloths brown paper sachets

tablecloths pink flowers vases

table cloth napkins blue white name

tablecloth flowers table forest basket

tablecloth color covered salmon

tablecloth white stripes blue deco

red apples labels names reversed

white cubes centers table

menu cardboard napkin fabric leaf pine

beige table shabby style

Lavender decorated field table

table beers purple tablecloth

classic table covered silver rose

tablecloths colors ninja turtles

decorated table many candles

shabby style table place mats

children's party table sailor theme

pretty table flowers yellow chairs

children's table sea fish dishes

long table yellow glasses centers

wooden table outdoor decoration

wooden table boho style colors

wooden tablecloth orange flowers

white roses lace deco bottles

shabby style table many colors

shabby chic style table many flowers

paper mill decorate table

many flowers center center table

original bowl glass dark plants

original decoration red tablecloths

original white gold place mats

wooden palettes painted colors deco

decorative plants center tables

glass dish moss green flower

glass dishes green color squares

bouquet flowers large center table

salon parties light yellow color

blue folded napkins decorative

chairs carpets shape ladybugs red

Cardboard cards decorated tablecloths

glass jars candles inside flowers

fork yellow bone cardboard

tubes candles lace black color

modern special table center ideas

special rustic image details

lemons slices centers table

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