Terrace - 50 incredible ideas to decorate with plants.

terrace cushions green centers wood

As it is to imagine in days of excessive heat there is no better space than the garden or the terraces. Refreshing a little at least enjoying some gentle breeze is more than forced these days. Especially the terraces become points of celebrations and meetings with friends. One way to make this space a beautiful and refreshing place at the same time are the plants. We are going to give you some tips today to make the terrace the place you will not want to move during this period.

Fresh terrace with accent in white color

terrace white furniture leaves tree furniture

As usual we also share a gallery of images with some patterns in the design of the terraces that can help you. The first of these tips is wind protection. The location of the plants should avoid the direct incidence of wind gusts as much as possible. In the cases of coastal areas it is vital due to the salts that are transported in the air. With the passage of time they end up depositing on the leaves and burning them. There are variants such as polycarbonate sheets or other material with which you can create screens to protect the plants of the wind.

Terrace with decorative lighting pattern

terrace center table flowers lighting

Another detail is to avoid overloading the terraces too much. We must take advantage of the walls to hang pots. Also select containers that are of low weight such as plastic or fiberglass. Play also with the choice of colors of these accessories, creating harmony between the terrace and the interior space. Use plants also of different sizes, it is a way to avoid monotony visually in space. If you have an area that allows it, insert some sculptural element. It will surely become an interesting attraction.

Planters for space delimitation

terrace wood city furniture cushions

Something important is also the location of the plants. Locate the larger ones in the background and see the size decrease forward. This you can see graphically in some of the images of today's gallery. For situations of little space do not hesitate to place planters on the railings towards the outside. The selection is also important remember to value well the spaces of shade and sun with which you count. This will determine the species to be placed in each site. There are cases like Gitanillas that are full sun.

Outdoor lounge with small palm tree

terrace forge furniture ratan cushions

Others like the Love of Man or the Fuchsia also require sun. The cases of climbers, especially aromatic ones such as Jasmine or Honeysuckle, should be used on walls. You can also play with the volumes and forms. A selection of pyramidal or even spherical cup plants will create a very modern visual effect. Add perennial foliage plants such as Ivy or Lavender and you'll have a green terrace even during the winter. Enjoy this selection of ideas that we have collected today.

Selection of pots with insulating base

terrace fern staircase brown planters

The terrace is a very peculiar space since it combines qualities of the interior and the garden. In her always elements of the garden are present in this case plants. But the design of the plants for the terrace is a great subject. If the house is next to the outdoor terrace in an interesting way, it can be further emphasized with pots with flowers on the edges. Here we show you some interesting tricks.

Solution for shade on terrace

terrace jardiniere gray sofa lamparas

For example for a terrace, adjacent to the house, the exterior can be decorated with ornamental shrubs very well maintained, at the foot of the terrace you can create a flower bed a very effective method is to add a lattice, which can boast of its climbing plants. On the terrace you can also place containers of annual flowers suspended. Today, in the market we can find a large selection of containers and pots for the terrace, the garden or the balcony.

Location of trees according to size

terrace gardener patio lanterns lamps

It depends on us whether we are going to choose plastic boxes of various colors and shapes, which can be easily moved, as well as pots and hanging baskets. It is more convenient that, the containers should not be bulky, so that they can move easily and so that you can create different compositions if you please. In this case, you will be able to update the design of your terrace, at least a couple of times during the season.

Wrought iron chair used as a flowerpot

terrace pots chair forging clay

If the pots are too heavy, then you can choose ones that are attached to small wheels. When selecting a pot or container better than its depth is not less than 25-28 cm, and have a hole for water drainage. Our advice when planting your plants is that at the bottom of the box put the gravel at least 2 cm thick, on the top - 3 cm of sand and then - the top layer can put the soil for plants.

Inclusion of sculptural element

terrace white pergola clay sculpture

Between the ground and the edges of the pot leave 2-3 cm away. Of course, it is not necessary to create a "jungle" on the terrace, what we want is a design inspired by beauty and comfort. The plants should not interfere with the movement on the terrace and hinder your guests as they try to reach the space for rest and leisure that you have created.

Creation of colorful terrace

terrace wood flowers cushions colorful

On the small terrace we may be obliged to limit ourselves with just a trellis or hanging plants that do not take up much space. But if space allows, you can arrange on the terrace and a small garden. When choosing the plants for the decoration of terraces should be guided by common rules. Choose the plants according to their climate, as well as the light that the terrace receives in the different parts of the day.

Exotic palm trees in jacuzzi area

terrace wood pots palms jacuzzi

It is best to choose seasonal plants in such a way that you can keep the decorative aspect on the terrace throughout the season. The plants of a type or color is better to plant in small groups this will allow you to create samples of saturated colors. Also calculate how much time you have to take care of your plants and depending on this you will know whether to add low maintenance plants resistant to drought, which do not need to be watered regularly.

Contrast with wooden furniture

terrace wood furniture lanterns sunshade

Terrace with decorative palm trees

terrace wood palm trees decoration pool

Solution for small terrace

terrace metal lights small balcony

Natural touch with palm trees and wooden planter

modern terrace furniture candles

Delimitation of space with geometric planters

black terrace design vertical flower boxes

Bamboo employment from the bottom

pergola terrace treated bamboo wood

Low-size plants for jacuzzi area

terrace pine steps jacuzzi pergola

Sculptural element in metal

terrace well fire tree sculpture

Plants for privacy effect

bambu plants elongated planter privacy

Containers on small terrace

beautiful space decorated flowers wood

Medium species in tall planters by Carex Design

furniture plants flowers carolin white

white rocks ideas black planters

light bulbs containers wood terraces extension

kitchen exterior wood floor chairs

cushions balcony creative exterior center

green cushions wall dedon climbers

colorful green cushions book waterfall

crane sculpture decoration herbs furniture

decorative herbs metal chairs roof

dark flower beds high decoration terraces

lights modern furniture ratan city

white flower pots decorated terrace figures

large plant pots wood floor mud

sailor style terrace beach furniture

metal aluminum chairs pergola

modern armchairs space modern city

outdoor furniture flowers wood terrace

modern furniture brown pine chairs

furniture red wood flowers fountain

exotic palm trees dark concrete planters

small terrace idea design wood

relaxing natural wall fibers wood

cozy rose clay climbing wood

chair wood planters decoration dimensions

ceiling pantas decorated wooden lounger

roof chair metal small terraces

terrace bambu wall cushions furniture

terrace elegant tube rocks planters




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