Terrace decoration aticos - modern high-rise designs

terrace decoration minimalist style

Today we are going to talk about the terrace decoration aticos , places of high altitude in which the views are the protagonists. It is generally thought that those who have a terrace in an attic are privileged, and even more if the attic culminates a huge skyscraper of many plants; Thanks to the following images we have been able to understand that they are really right.

Terrace decoration design penthouses

decoration terrace aticos kitchen views night

For many, the terrace of an attic can become that urban oasis that is so yearned for in the big cities. In it you can enjoy the outdoors without leaving the city, so it can be decorated according to the needs of nearby nature of urbanites more stressed.

Modern terrace design in Tribeca, New York

pretty decoration terrace aticos furniture

Of course, a perfect terrace should have resting areas with comfortable seats and resistant to outdoor conditions. Many choose to choose a garden furniture to decorate their terraces. We are talking about furniture made from materials such as wood, wicker or rattan .

Modern terrace design by Billie Cohen

Upper East Side Roof Garden, New York design Billie Cohen

Depending on the size and proportions offered by the terrace, it can be converted into a real garden on the roof. As an example, we show you the terrace model that appears at the top. This is the Upper East Side Roof Garden, created by the architect and landscaper Billie Cohen .

Design of terrace with wicker chairs

penthouse terrace wicker chairs

A rooftop is also for many a meeting place of leisure where you can not miss a kitchen with barbecue. In the example above we can see a terrace with barbecue and rattan armchairs with cushions and cushions blue The space has been decorated with some plants and flowers that give a lot of life to the place but without breaking with the minimalist style that has been chosen for decoration.

Modern terrace design 234e23

penthouse corner modern furniture

In the following model, a somewhat wider terrace appears in which the different zones are delimited and very well ordered. We can see that the dining area is between two compartments with sofas and padded armchairs for relaxation. For its part, each delimitation is separated by rectangular planters with indirect LED lights, a very nice design.

Modern terrace design by Toll Brothers

penthouse fireplace green cushions modern

And so that the terrace is the preferred place of all by far, you can add some quirks that make it irresistible. A fireplace, for example, can turn your roof into a place of perennial leisure. The fireplace model that we see above also offers a great visual spectacle.

Design of modern terrace with pool

penthouse terrace modern design pool

Selecting the right furniture for the terrace

penthouse furniture modern wicker plants

So that the conformation of the terrace is as functional as possible it is necessary that the furniture is also at the height. On this depends that you can really enjoy this space to the fullest. There is a great availability of designs that besides being beautiful have a proven strength.

Modern terrace in Williamsburg with views of the Brooklyn Bridge

penthouse furniture view Williamsburg bridge

In the terrace decoration penthouses and furniture functions we will give you the essential keys. The first thing before making any purchase is to assess the space. How much space you have available and what ideas you have about the decoration.

Design of terrace in Gramercy Park, New York

penthouses terraces red cushions

The solutions as we see in the photos are many starting from the folding chairs to the extensible furniture sets. Another key is the great difference in terms of materials. Contributing a greater or lesser resistance and aesthetic differences.

Beautiful terrace with many plants

design penthouses terraces many plants

For outdoor spaces the main materials are rattan in its different versions, stainless steel or aluminum among others. The evaluation of the space in the terrace decoration aticos and the furniture is responsible for a functional environment.

Attic design with minimalist terrace

penthouse terrace minimal glass building

When it comes to a small terrace it is best to use furniture that is stored easily. The folding solutions are a great example. When they are not in use, the area they occupy is minimal. On the terraces designed with outdoor dining the extendable tables are a great offer.

Terrace with Moroccan style design

penthouse terrace design moroccan style

You can always adapt fluently to the number of guests, without the need for extra furniture. The decoration can be completed with furniture of the same series. If we continue with the example of the dining room could be with side tables, storage furniture and a set of chairs.

Design of terrace with white wood paneling

penthouse terrace white wood cladding

If flexibility is concerned for terrace decoration aticos and designs there are modular solutions. The best thing is that they adapt to the use and in the same way to the number of people. Especially we recommend sofas for corners and armchairs. The style you decide depending on the terrace, can be modern or more traditional.

Terrace with wooden platform

terrace wood platform design

Some variants of materials for the exterior: As mentioned earlier, rattan can be found in two versions. The first one is the synthetic one based on polyethylene in braided fibers. One of its best properties is water resistance.

Modern terrace with kitchen and dining room

pretty terrace furniture steel dining room

On the other hand it does not suffer from discoloration when exposed to the sun. If you have little time some pieces of this material will be perfect. The reason is that they do not require continuous maintenance. The natural variant of rattan is characterized as a lightweight material.

Design of modern terrace with pool

nice design modern terrace pool

It is of great resistance and its maintenance is very small. It is similarly resistant to the attack of insects thanks to treatments that are made to the material. The metal solutions for the exterior are divided into aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Penthouse in Manhattan designed by Joel Sanders Architect

house penthouse modern design wood

Photography: Peter Aaron

Steel furniture is very resistant, while aluminum stands out for being lighter. It is also resistant to corrosion. We can not fail to mention the wood. Especially teak and acacia are among the most resistant to moisture.

Decoration of penthouses with wooden furniture

decoration terrace aticos furniture wood

Its warm and natural image makes these furniture the perfect design to combine with plants. Other materials such as resin have also been imposed on the market. Its main advantage is that it practically does not require maintenance.

Design of modern penthouses with cover

terrace decoration modern penthouses cover

It is very suitable for terraces near the beach because it resists the saline environment and humidity. However for beach areas we recommend the so-called nautical fabric. A variant of material designed for areas where the air has higher salinity and humidity. Its quality is very high and it is often combined in the upholstery of wooden furniture.

Design of modern terrace with pool

decoration terrace aticos piscina vistas

Design of terraces and penthouses with plants

terrace decoration aticos plants

Design of terrace with wooden benches and sun beds

terrace decoration aticos modern sunbeds

Terrace decoration with a toucan figure

terrace decoration tucan

Luxurious terrace design with views

terrace decoration aticos classic sunset

Attic terrace decoration chill style

terrace decoration chill style

Attic design with modern terrace

terrace penthouse deco white color

Decoration of terraces and penthouses with many plants

terrace decoration aticos many plants

Design of small terrace with wooden fence

terrace decoration aticos small wood

Design of modern terrace with pergola

white pergola terrace decoration

Amazing terrace decoration

deco terrace armchairs wicker

decoration deck chairs wood

design furniture terrace modern views

penthouse terrace wicker furniture rattan

design terrace attic stairs stairs

modern style terrace design lights

modern terrace design led lights

terrace design pergola green color

terrace design red umbrella

great design terrace kitchen plants

great terrace modern armchairs ratan

great design terrace penthouse views

teak wood dining table terrace

penthouse terrace corner views city

furniture dining terrace attic views

wicker terrace furniture color brown

wicker terrace furniture black color

small terrace overlooking the city

small terrace corner views

small terrace deco white armchairs

penthouse pool terrace black lounge chairs

living room modern design attic terrace

orange terrace modern chairs

terrace style chill cushions colors

terrace floor wood natural pool

sunbed terrace sunshade tucan

wood deck shower

Sunset terrace orange armchairs

terrace attic flowers colors

terrace atico furniture bar kitchen

deco terrace attic artificial grass

terrace deco attic color yellow

terrace penthouse two pergolas metal

modern terrace attic violet flowers

modern penthouse terrace covered

modern wood pergola penthouse terrace

furniture attic pergola night furniture

terrace penthouse pergolas modern metal

terrace attic white chairs

terrace atico city views

terrace penthouse views the mountain

terrace atico red cushions

terrace style chill green cushions

terrace chill out stones candles

covered terrace and rattan furniture

terrace jacuzzi round platform maderna

luxurious terrace floor tiles marble

wooden terrace awning color beige

terrace table bench natural wood

modern terrace design vertical garden

modern terrace living room views city

modern terrace jacuzzi curtains

modern terrace pool hat

modern terrace plants exterior palm

modern terrace views late afternoon

terrace furniture bar steel kitchen

terrace color orange furniture wood

small terrace yellow tropical style

small green dome terrace

small terrace carpet decoration

small terrace design wicker armchairs

modern terrace chairs green cushions

modern terrace round rattan armchairs

sunny terrace green wood chairs

terrace view mosaic color green

terrace views wicker black armchairs

terrzaza plants red pomegranate sunbeds

wicker chairs cushions orange

terrace pergola work gray chairs





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