Terrace floors and how to choose the right one for our design

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In the design of each terrace we can never overlook the materials that will be used. Especially today we are going to enter into the case of the terrace floors and the possible options. The selection of suitable soil includes several aspects to consider.

Terrace floors of different material to define areas

terrace floors differences areas material rooms

One of them may be the incidence of light. If it is an area with high temperatures, a very dark floor is not good. Other details for the terraces floors and your choice have to do directly with the style you want to convey. Similarly you can not lose sight of the maintenance needs according to the material. If you find yourself in this situation, we can help you make a decision.

Terrace floors of different styles and large garden on one side

terrace floors ceiling several finishes slats

Let's see some of the most used options not only on the terrace. Many of these proposals may be perfect for a garden or patio. The terrace like any other area is part of a planning process. The use to be made of this area and its wear are other factors in the selection of materials. Remember that as a basic rule this should be the space destined to relax.

Terrace with light-colored tiles in a beautiful contrast with textiles and seats

terrace floors stone rugs ideas

An area where we can enjoy among friends and family. As a general rule the soil should be of good resistance. Other important aspects are its decorative power and functionality. They can be very versatile and more than the terrace extend to coatings of passage areas. Within the materials that we show you, there is great variety. Terrace floors and their designs can use wood, ceramics, natural stone or even vinyl.

Flooring and different finishes in light wood make this cozy dining room look

terrace cozy floors wood chairs

To this list you can add the concrete that offers many benefits. Regardless of the type, each floor requires a smooth base of good compactness. Starting with the wood we must say that without doubt it is one of the most popular. Among the aspects that make it stand out is its warmth. To which is added the aesthetic balance offered to the environments.

Ceramic variant that imitates wood in a modern space with a pool

terrace floors ceramic wood imitation pool

When it comes to terraces near gardens or pools it is perfect. If we have to mention any inconvenience is its maintenance. Especially when it comes to wood located in wet areas. For example, pine wood has a very exotic presence. However, it requires that we apply protective treatment twice a year. When applying it on our terrace we must be aware of these needs.

Another cool contrast of tiles and wood in the finish of the platform and the pergola

terrace floors platform wood flowers

For the terrace tiled floors or the so-called pine slats are the most economical within this group. In general, they already include an autoclave treatment. A chemical-based process that protects the material from the attack of termites, fungi or any insect. The tropical wood variants are better if you look for a higher strength finish. Some like the Ipé or the Bangkirai are harder and of a higher density.

Geometric finished floor in different shades of gray resistant to low temperatures

terrace flooring patterns fixed patterns

The protective treatment in these varieties can be applied once a year. On the terrace composite floors can give that warm effect in the same way. It is a mixture of wood fibers and some plastic resins. Among them high or low density polyethylene or the well known PVC. From the decorative point allows us to enjoy the same aspect of wood.

The gray is perfect to achieve a terrace with a neutral air and elegant shapes

terrace floors geometric gray crystals

On the other hand it has the advantages of a plastic floor. Its resistance to fungi or termites is superior in every way. The surface grooves of the designs give it anti-slip properties. So if our terrace is near the pool the composite is a great option. Small areas such as outdoor showers can be designed with these models.

A light wood floor incorporating a planter at ground level on the terrace

terrace floors planter space concepts

In addition to being anti-slip, its resistance to chlorine has already been proven. For the terrace ceramic floors can give a twist to the whole style. It is advisable that if ceramic tiles are used they are of low porosity. Porcelain is a good example and is also resistant to inclement weather. Compared with red-colored tiles, its water absorption capacity is lower.

Pleasant combination of tiles that leave a space for the finish with grass

nice grass finished natural concepts

Another point in its favor is the resistance to low temperatures. Cracks will not appear if the temperatures drop and just like the previous example is anti-slip. At the time of installation, experts recommend the use of flexible glue cement. Mud is another soil that is included in this group. It is perfect to reinforce the rustic aesthetics of the terraces.

Modern terrace that incorporates silver details and a beautiful treated wood floor

terrace floors wood treated earrings

It must be mentioned that for the terrace mud floors require some care. The stoneware is perhaps the most popular within this classification. All are made with materials of high strength and hardness. So that practically do not suffer damages before the inclemencies of the time. From a cost point of view they are among the most economical options for terraces.

The stone and the combined wood result in a cozy finish and full of warmth

asian theme special colors color

Its wide availability in terms of colors and dissensus makes them adaptable to any style. It can be said that they are a perfect combination in terms of economics and style. Porcelain stoneware is located at a higher cost. Special for all outdoor flooring whether it is the terrace or another space. It is a more expensive variant than the previous one but there is a balance in terms of price quality.

The coffee table is the perfect contrast for this floor and exterior in gray

gray tiles neutral finish table

Both the passage of time and the changes of time do not create significant damage to other materials. For the terrace natural stone floors are equally special and elegant. If we have to recommend some would be the slate and quartzite. The first of these options is perfect given its insulating power. It has impermeability conditions that make it a very demanded material for the edges of swimming pools and the outside in general.

All the gray finish reinforces the design of the furniture in this small terrace

tones floors elements living rooms crystals

On the other hand the quartzite shows great resistance to changes in temperature. Their textures are very varied besides their tonalities. These types of stone withstand natural wear with great resistance. They are cleaned in a simple way and look great with any type of wall. The negative point is its thermal inertia.

Variation of floor in dark tone surrounded by sculptural elements and fire pit

circular roof special materials fire

If there are very high or low temperatures they remain cold or hot. So it is not advisable for an area where you have to walk barefoot. The vinyl tiles for the terrace floors and the design give an equally considerable resistance. They are made of rubber or plastic, the case of rubber is perfect for a terrace where children play.

Tiles in light tone matching with modern furniture and other clear accessories

clear special tiles furniture trees

The reasons are in its anti-slip and cushioning properties. The plastic ones can help us to isolate the water and the cold in an effective way. As a positive point we must highlight its installation through assembly. As a general rule, resin floors are a resistant and easy to install solution. Its availability for terrace floors and design adds a decorative value.

Another beautiful covered terrace that focuses on gray in cushions, floors and other accessories

gray concept cover shadow lights

Resin floors add resistance to water, moisture and solar radiation. With these solutions we will not have to worry about the proliferation of fungi. If we do not have a lot of time for maintenance they are perfect. They do not require prior treatment. We can not close this list without mentioning the concrete floors.

Ideal for wood shapes with a geometric finish that enhances the natural look

frames texture brown halls cities

To this type of floors for the terrace is precisely the mixture of arid materials and cement which gives it its firmness. In the design of the terrace concrete floors may require periodic cleaning. The reason is that it has a greater attraction to dust. The negative is the limitation that exists in everything related to their designs.

Eclectic terrace atmosphere with several details in corten steel and stone floor

eclatic terrace materials metal sofa

To use it in our terrace we must be very safe. Then it can be very expensive to replace it with another of the variants mentioned. Floors with polished cement are very fashionable. In addition to the terraces, it is common to see them in many spaces inside the houses. With a dye and polish with a special machine can be transformed in many ways.

In this case, stone and natural fabrics have a great decorative role

effect rustic stone metal edges

Adopting a contemporary and very interesting image. When it comes to continuous terraces and cement, maintenance and cleaning is easier. The cause is the absence of expansion joints. If in the design of the floor of the terrace we do not want to complicate ourselves in works we can use the floors of vinyl.

Small oasis on the roof complete with comfortable furniture for optimal rest

fine wood slats styles flower pots

Its installation in the form of a kit makes them simple and very functional. Other wood imitation tiles, such as the composite case mentioned above, can make that impactful change to the terrace. We can install ourselves and are currently in fashion. Cut a zone of the terrace that is very busy you have to take into account the most resistant woods.

The accent of the wood in a darker shade for the area closest to the outside

cool creative roofed spaces rocks

Neutral floor that will give us a lot of possibilities in terms of decoration

grays original concepts furniture gardens

The planters look like an extension of the entire wooden floor in this beautiful terrace

planters combinations colors lights slats

The bricks are ideal if we want an image with a certain rustic touch on the terrace

bricks covered terrace special roofed

The recessed lights will change the image of these spaces in a radical way

modern recessed lights led concepts

Terrace with an undoubted natural accent thanks to the use of materials such as wood

natural concept furniture style umbrellas

Even a small pond can be a different note in modern designs

naturan terrace concepts floors tanks

This concrete floor is the best way to keep all the style in harmony

small ant colored flower rooms

Interesting design proposal that marks the transition to the pool space

pergolas special concepts simple rooms

Tiles matching the tone of various textiles in this luxury outdoor living room

Infinity pool floors luxury areas

All this area surrounded by vegetation has stone floors in a modern environment

floor infinite stone floors luxury areas plants

Whether to relax or celebrations this terrace will be perfect at any time

polished floors concepts salons flowers

Idea for dining floors in a small space but full of functionality

simple comedpr exterior natural ideas

Concept of exterior armchairs accessories and floors in very harmonious light tones

outdoor chairs concepts clear lights

A carpet is an attractive detail in terms of color and shapes on the ground

green dining room exterior carpets

Nowadays the accent of the wood can be reproduced in various tones and textures

terrace wood floors special wood finishes

Design with a more traditional image surrounded by gardens and flowering plants

traditional floors furniture styles flowers

Stone floor that gives this room a total connection with its surroundings, Alderwood

stone floors special furniture tables

Zen-style terrace with a rustic wood-finished coffee table

zen brown sites salons red

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