Terraces with charm forty designs with surprising details

charming terraces circular seat flame

In today's post we want to share a selection of real terraces with charm. Although the warmest days of the year have been left behind we can still exploit the potential of this part of the house. For many the charming terraces should be conceived as outdoor halls. However, this is not a rule because our needs dictate what the characteristics of our design should be.

Charming terraces and creative modern designs

charming terraces metal dining ideas

The truth is that in a good terrace there are no limitations. A dining area, lounge or another to take the are some of them. To achieve true terraces with charm and comfort the selection of furniture is essential. The big sofas are perhaps those that best condition these spaces. When it comes to establishing limits, they are very helpful, just like plants. The priority should be focused on organizing the furniture. Always aiming to create a flexible space. A place that fits any celebration.

Charming terraces covered and furnished for dining rooms

Charming terraces with elegant cubiert walls

From sunbathing to organizing a great meal with friends or maybe it's just a small corner to rest from a hectic day. The best thing is that all these options can be complemented. Only the distribution should be as adequate as possible to meet all these requirements. To start creating charming terraces, it is best to see them as if they were the living room , as a main center of housing. If the conditions of space make it possible, it is best to divide it into several areas according to our needs. Starting by defining a space to eat and have good lighting.

Design concept with luminaires for a creative fresh and romantic touch

charming terraces lighting special design

You can not miss on the terrace a space for storage. If we have several spaces it will be necessary to store gardening tools, tablecloths, crockery or children's toys. So that the rest area we must create it to our liking. It is the best way to achieve a true comfortable and intimate space. In terms of furniture, the chairs and low chairs look great. Each of the zones can be complemented with several of our favorite plants. Essentially when it comes to terraces located on the roofs.

A creation that blends with the design of the garden in a fresh and natural space

charming terraces garden fusion furniture

The furniture we need to create real charming terraces can be classified into two groups. The first one for those who need more maintenance. They are mainly those built in natural wood. As we see in many of the photos they give a natural look to our spaces and they are very resistant. This is due to the treatment to which the wood is subjected. Otherwise we simply try to keep them clean and dry so that moisture does not damage them.

A good example of modern design with full functionality including pool

modern charming terraces succulent cushions

There are several examples made with acacia that have a robust appearance. Other lighter and lighter colored furniture are built mainly with pine. The furniture options that do not require continuous maintenance are made with more resistant materials. Plastic, aluminum or steel are some of these materials. If the house is in areas of extreme weather will be an intelligent option for its resistance to corrosion. The customization options without much older since many can be painted and adapted to our style.

A variant of terrace with abundant vegetation and metallic outdoor furniture

charming terraces furniture exterior wire rods

Remember that especially the furniture should be light mainly if we like to change the image of the terrace continuously. Furniture of this type is a guarantee of flexibility and charming terraces. For moments of relaxation and comfort there is nothing better than locating a hammock nearby. When it comes to moments of reading is a great ally that also give great personality and originality to the entire environment of the terrace. The dining room on the terrace can be complemented with other furniture such as a cart.

A pergola like this is a good idea for the design of modern terraces

terraces with cool interesting modern charm

So if we have guests we would avoid having to be constantly moving to the kitchen. If we choose to spend long nights on the terraces, adequate lighting for each activity will always be necessary. There are many ways depending on our objectives. Candle lighting is one of the most popular. Other options can be solar variants in the case of garlands. They are of great beauty and always have a nice festive touch.

The plants ensure an intimate and fresh space for relaxation on this terrace

plants intimacy modern bridges

To make the whole atmosphere look relaxed in charming terraces, the selection of luminaires can be based on the same way in the use of lanterns. They provide the perfect ambient light if we want to create a chill out zone. It is not an intense way to illuminate and we can see everything around us. If we want to continue reinforcing this chill out style for the terrace. You have to pay attention to the aspect of privacy. The fine curtains are functional when it comes to moving away from the night freshness and will make the environment more welcoming.

Roofed terrace with an outdoor lounge and a perfect hammock for resting

roofing conditions furniture concepts

So we can always exchange with our guests in an intimate environment. Comfort and various color accents can be improved through the use of cushions. When using color you can add the rugs that are always necessary to achieve a true chill out environment. Generally textiles in light tones with patterns of oriental or Arabic inspiration go back to the bohemian. Combined lighting and this type of textiles or large cushions will let the imagination fly towards fantasy environments.

Small patio with wooden platform and a dining room with light-tone furniture

charming terraces platform wood lawn

In cushions, pillows, blankets and rugs, colors should inspire rest and relaxation. Elements such as trees can be highlighted by applying a light that illuminates them from the base. An indirect point of light will look great with the tones we mentioned. A flexible terrace should be prepared for any time of the year. If it is a cold day, having a blanket at your fingertips will always be necessary to protect us from the cold.

A selection of comfortable furniture is the perfect idea for a cozy space

charming terraces relax space signs

In general, charming terraces can also have a Zen aspect in the decoration of green spaces. If we are near the garden in the grass areas you can place stones. The white rock combines perfectly with the greenery of the plants. Taking into account our recommendations for furniture you can make a better selection. You can use those that give warmth to all your decoration. For excellence wood is what gives this warmth but we can not lose sight of the need for maintenance.

Another creative idea that uses some bushes to get away from the curious looks

charming terraces living room exterior doors

Other resin-based materials may look the same. The best part is that you will not need a lot of maintenance. Do not forget to create a good shade area. It is a fundamental aspect when we have decided to create a dining area or an outdoor living room. The umbrellas are very flexible and can be moved easily. The awnings are an elegant and effective way that will provide us with a good shadow if we use them. For the terrace to look elegant and harmonious, take care of the size of furniture and accessories.

Integrating a small kitchen space is a great idea in each terrace design

terraces with charm small natural styles

If you have a small terrace furniture and accessories with curved lines will give a greater sense of space. Such is the case of the round table that is used in the lower image. A small terrace that takes advantage of all the space of the roof divided into two areas. One for a beautiful living room with a corner sofa complemented by several cushions. In addition to another with a small dining room outdoors. The accents in green with different plants are not missing to fill the whole environment with joy and freshness. Enjoy all these possibilities in today's images. Maybe one of these ideas is the right one for your terrace.

A large sofa in the corner is the best way to create an area for talks and parties

charming terraces dining area materials

A low fire pit is always a great help when you want to have a good time

open fire pit under concepts

LED lights change all the sense and the image of this modern design arrived at night

minimalist ceiling wood floor lines

Candles are another of the special variants in terms of lighting the terraces

cozy warm special furniture furniture

A wood finish for the whole design and the amazing comfort seats

beautiful romantic space plants water

Wood is another of the constants in the design of this small space with crystals

crystals rocks wood floors lines

Shared terrace with garden space and a very functional indoor dining room

cover gardens nearby plants plants

Large selection of modern furniture next to fire pits with concrete finish

decorations art concept floors woods

Silver tones a constant in the pots and the source of this modern space

elements silver walls wood floors

This round table ensures a perfect use of the terrace space

outdoor dining space round furniture

Variant covered with an integrated dining room and lounge, design Nico Van Der Meulen

cool elegant cover ideas lights

Perfect delimitation of the different areas that can be created in a wide space

cool romantic tecocity city sunset

Several cushions will always be very useful to complete the comfort of the seats

ideas wide colors maderacolores

A wooden bench as in this case enhances the natural image of the house design

interesting bench wood decorated accents

The shadow spaces are a great need that can not be overlooked

interesting natural white umbrella color

With simple elements we can transform the roof and terrace in an incredible way

flower pots covered roof open images

Another modern space that uses umbrellas to create shadow areas

comfortable furniture decorated ideas sunshades

Living room configured with modern furniture in a perfect contrast of gray

gray furniture modern apartment lines

Terrace with an interesting two-sided fireplace that opens onto outer space

modern furniture outdoor fireplace colors

Cozy full of greenery and with interesting contemporary decorative solutions

patio roof decorated with lines

A small area can also be a perfect area to relax

small cozy space incredible furniture

The carpets and wooden furniture in light tone are always combined to perfection

small dining room ideas chimneys rocks

A fresh environment that opens to the outside of the house and the entire terrace

small fresh simple ideas forge

If home parties is about this is an ideal place to organize any celebration

ceiling lights special decorations privacy

Integrating a semicircular seat designed in light wood with several slats

charming roof terraces illones circular

Candles are the perfect variant for shade instead of umbrellas

bushy candle shadow rocks shadows

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