Textures for walls, decoration ideas

textures for walls

The decoration of the walls can be done in many ways and with many different decorative elements. In other articles we have talked about the decoration of the walls with photos, with picture , etc., but in this article we will focus on the decoration with different textures for walls . These textures allow us to give a new image to the interior and fill it with a lot of elegance, style and joy.

Textures for walls to decorate the interior

textures for walls decorate

The different textures of walls that you can use for decoration can be made of wood, stones, they can imitate these materials, you can also bet on irregular textures, wallpapers and decorative panels. all these textures you can combine to create original and beautiful interiors.

Upholstered walls with different textures for a modern interior

textures for interior decorating walls

You have to bear in mind that depending on the room in which you want to put them and depending on the arrangement and the organization of the room, the textures can be placed on very concrete walls and very specific walls.

A wall decorated with fabric for the bedroom

textures for walls decoration

In the bedrooms, generally, the wall that is usually decorated is the one behind the bed, that is, the wall on which we place the headboards of the beds. You can decorate this wall with fabrics to decorate walls. To some extent decorating walls with fabric is one of the options that could give you more freedom because the fabrics can have inscriptions, drawings or figures that will increase the decoration.

Walls decorated with wood textures

textures for interior walls

On the other hand, textures for walls such as wood give more limited options in decoration because there are not many possibilities for improvising and innovating. In these cases the innovation can arise from the construction of the house. This is the case of the bedroom in the image above that has a window in the wall. This sale is what allows a more original decoration because the wood will be placed above and below it. It is also important that you combine the colors of the textures with the colors of the interior. The combination of light and dark colors in the same range is a good option for ecoration.

Wood for decoration of walls

textures for interior decoration walls

The wood can also be used to decorate the walls of your living room. You can choose one, two or more walls that will present a wooden texture. In the photo the color of the wood has been combined with the dark color of the floor and with some furniture lighter shades.

Panels for the decoration of the walls of your house

textures for walls decorating walls

The different textures will give you different wall finishes. Decorative panels are also a good option in decoration. There are panels that have been made with fabric for walls and therefore have a softer texture. You can choose a large panel that occupies the entire wall or you can choose smaller panels and place them in the way you like.

A very modern interior with walls decorated with different textures

textures for walls decorate living room

The textures for walls can also be combined and thus get a very original and moerna decoration of the interior. You can use a wood texture or a panel and combine it with the rest of the paint on the walls.

The use of stones as a texture for interior decoration

textures for living rooms

The stone is a very original wall texture and you can use it for decorating your living room. The ideal place for this type of texture is the wall on which the shelves and shelves are located. however, we remind you that these furniture do not have to cover the entire wall, because otherwise the decorative effect of the stone would not be seen. In this type of rooms, the most suitable are small shelves or small shelves.

The decoration of the walls of two colors and two different textures

textures for walls decorating bedroom

Combining textures For walls, it can also be done in the bedroom. You can use the white color of the walls for one of the textures and one of the colors of the wall. In the center of the wall behind the bed you can place the other texture of different color. This texture can have the shape of tiles of different shades of the same color. You can also use decorative panels or fabrics to cover walls instead.

A bedroom with walls decorated with the texture of wood

textures for walls bedroom decoration

On the other hand, when you have a floor that mimics the texture of the wood, you can use the same texture for the wall, only a lighter color. In this way you can also combine textures for walls with textures for the floor and your decoration will be very modern and original.

A very original decoration for the interior and walls of your living room

textures for original walls

The combination of different textures for decorating the bedroom walls

interior wall textures

An irregular texture for the decoration of the bedroom wall

bedroom wall texture

A wall decorated with different colors for a happy and lively interior

asacabos of original walls

Stone for a decor of interior of a salon for a fireplace

modern wall textures

The decoration of the bedroom with forms used for the floor and for the blinds

modern wall texture

Some panels of fabric for the decoration of the interior of your house

fabrics for walls decoration

Golden panels to decorate the room

decorate walls with fabric

A texture of different colors that melt for the decoration of the wall of the fireplace

modern wall finishes

An irregular texture for the original decoration of the living room wall

interior wall textures home

Some rectangular panels for the decoration of the walls

living room wall texture

A headboard in the form of pillows to decorate the wall of your bedroom

fabrics to decorate walls

Wallpaper for the upholstery and decoration of the walls of your house

fabrics for upholstery walls

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