Textures very elegant walls and bedrooms.

textures walls design creative yellow curtains

Textures walls and emotion are just some of the emotions transmitted to us by these walls today. The walls are one of the options that give us an excellent sample to personalize the rooms. Textures are also a way in which you can use the light . You can create excellent games with shadows and depth. Especially with great practical style.

Wall textures and elegant decoration


When it comes to textures, walls and designs the bedroom can look ingenious. You can also choose complex or simple forms. Above all, it looks great if nothing is added to the walls. The texture can be achieved through a mosaic of tiles. In colors The wall with a great luminous accent is extremely attractive.

Textures walls and concrete

textures walls design creative gray stripes

It can be a great help for cases of short headers. The design of the wall with the headboard can be visually integrated. A visual effect of integration with the roof and the floor is achieved. Above all, it is an excellent aesthetic for bedrooms with high ceilings. As it happens with varied spaces, it is best to opt for resistant materials.

Texture for modern space

textures walls creative design concrete bed

Search as far as possible patterns with geometric accents. They are excellent proposals for environments based on industrial style. It is a type of wall that gives an excellent view of the room. This is because the rooms can look a little cold. With the right textures you can make the bedroom look warm and attractive.

Texture with bricks

textures walls design creative golden bricks

Another attractive material is concrete. It can be combined in this case with striped fabrics and natural wood. You can combine each of these materials in layers and achieve a different space. You can even use some unusual decorative elements. Combined with concrete many disused objects can be seen very well. Here we leave you some design variations.

Wood Ribbons

textures walls design creative slats wood

Geometric figures in wood

textures walls design creative browns chairs

Modern texture with lights, by Wladimir Sapyan

textures walls design creative modern curtains

Elegant with bricks on white

textures walls design creative plants bricks

Yellow geometric figures

textures walls design creative variants yellow

Elegant and modern variant

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