The Casa JC of MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestió

architecture design the house mirag

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

The JC House is a signature design Mirag ArquitecturaiGestió . It is a spectacular detached house that adapts to the uneven terrain located on the slope of a hill of Sant Andreu from Llavaneres , in the coast of the Mediterranean. The architects They have tried to take full advantage of the views offered by the place, so they have designed a structure level in which the ground floor will be destined to the main activities of the inhabitants.

Interior design of La Casa JC

modern industrial style concrete salon

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

There is the living room and the dining room where you can see a minimalist and sober style thanks to the concrete paving, however, the area is fully connected to the outside thanks to the large windows. If we leave from there to the garden we can see that the house consists of four polyhedral buildings that form a scheme oriented from the northwest to the southwest, taking advantage of the slope of the hill.

Minimalist style furniture

armchair letters jota ce views

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

We found visual contrasts thanks to the abundant white exterior and interior walls as opposed to the concrete ceilings of industrial appearance. The furniture also coincides in simple designs that aim to emphasize the empty space and the forms of architecture. However, the bathrooms will break this minimalist rule to add new sensations and visual effects.

Bathrooms with original tiles

bright tiles rectangles bathroom

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

The house manages to take the necessary land to become a functional home that lives in harmony with nature taking advantage of what it offers. The layout of the accesses to the views is guided by the sunlight for the interior lighting efficiently and to complete it with lights embedded strategically in the areas of the openings. In the kitchen, a futuristic design surprises us thanks to state-of-the-art furniture.

Futuristic design for interior spaces

kitchen dining uneven asymmetrical architecture

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

Views from the outside of the house

hill the house design Mirag

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

Connection areas with exterior views

stairs ground floor view garden

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

Modern design kitchen furniture

island kitchen industrial style black

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

Views from the garden with pool

the house mirag architecture

Photographer: Jordi Surroca

Plan of the site

macro flat site the house

Design with elevations and sections

elevations sections different levels house

flat architecture the house plant

second floor flat the house

view side floors house design

views the house from the garden

Photographer: Jordi Surroca
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