The House Screen Shoji - a design by Yoshiaki Yamashita

original design flooring cement

Shoji Screen House or Shoji House Screen is a minimalist residence located in Osaka, Japan, designed by Yoshiaki Yamashita Architect & Associates. The house is located on a plot of 66 square meters, which is adjacent to a brick wall, and has a facade without windows on both sides to the street.

The house "Screen Shoji", a design by Yoshiaki Yamashita

original modern facade design

Due to the fact that there are no windows on the facade, architects have used large Shoji screens to provide natural lighting during the day. The house is located along an alley, and is accessible through an isolated corridor that parallels the existing wall.

Home garden design Screen Shoji

super design patio garden

To the south, an existing stone wall rises to more than four meters in height, while the other three edges surround a large three-story building.

Original design of modern entrance to the house Screen Shoji

yoshiaki yamashita garden facade house

The Japanese architect Yamashita Yoshiaki initially integrated an interior stone wall as part of the design,

Original modern interior design with Shoji screen

modern interior design screen

but the customer instead preferred an independent design that offered a maximum amount of privacy.

Original modern interior design with polished concrete floors and Shoji screen

great photo seen above

This glazed entrance brings light and a degree of nature into the design, before encountering the main house installation of the house.

Original modern interior design with polished cement floor

floor space interior cement

This method of screen illumination filters the daylight inside the property, while guaranteeing privacy and omitting unsightly views.

Original solution to natural interior lighting with a Shoji screen

yoshiaki yamashita screen shoji lighting

At night, the silhouette of bamboo planted outside the home appears on the screen. A square window on the upper level of the house also uses Japanese paper in the same way.

Minimalist interior design with natural lighting through a screen

interior design minimalist style

The architect has found surprising solutions to the lack of space in all of Japan; a minimalist design that makes use of natural lighting in a really great way.

Super minimalist style living room design

original design room this

In this image we can see the structure a shelf that seems to float under the Shoji screen, a multifunctional place that also has access to the superior room by means of stairs small wooden

Design of modern living room with cement floor

design living room floor cement

To the right of this illuminated ledge is the bathroom with a glass side wall that has views towards the original mini indoor bamboo garden. The polished cement floor adds a touch of industrial style to the environment.

Original design of the upper floor with natural wood floors and ceilings

original design superior room

On the upper floor the atmosphere changes; the warmth of the wood in the floors and in the roof beams submerges us in a more natural and soft environment.

Visualizer: Yoshiaki Yamashita Architect & Associates

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