The kitchen - yellow and gray, together or separately.

the kitchen chairs design lamparas gris

If you are thinking about giving your kitchen a refreshing change, a refined image, this is the moment. While the summer months arrive. There are few colors that can give us that balance as yellow and gray would in the kitchen. A combination that has been rapidly imposing all over the world. Especially the case of gray in contemporary kitchen. Although there is much to explore and the possibilities are endless. It turns out to be more common this combination in bedrooms or living rooms.

The kitchen, bright yellow in furniture

the bright kitchen plants cream curtains

In the kitchen they are not used in a massive way. Today we will see in our gallery designs that have finished with that myth. They incorporate the sober beauty of gray along with the touch of yellows. Some with greater intensity of yellow others with grays more moderate. Almost without thinking we can say that yellow is one of those nuances that captures happiness. We can add a soft shadow or some shade cake in the context of the kitchen. A careful and detailed care deserves the use of light.

The kitchen, gray at the bottom with yellow

the kitchen white flowers chairs lights

As we will see in some images, natural light helps to brighten the environment. The protagonist can have the gray and apply varied flashes of yellow in furniture or textiles. The result will always be a fresh environment and contemporary in the kitchen. The furniture case can also be worked with white. A wall of gray tonality would highlight it making them more impressive. Yellow and gray in the kitchen have no precise season. I would even say that they are for the whole year.

Wide natural light

the kitchen mortar flowers window flowerpots

The key is always in how we do it. Do not hesitate to experiment and insert a bright red, blue or some copper lighting fixtures. Adding a touch of gray or yellow to the kitchen or combining them can be done without major transformations. A combination of tiles, accessories or textiles in this color range will surely be noticed. Enjoy this selection today that will surely give you some idea to experiment with a little color in the future.

Intense yellow in furniture and tiles

the kitchen furniture flower pots intense bottles

Yellow background wall

the kitchen refrigerator built-in cups floor

Fragment of yellow wall on countertop

the kitchen chairs contemporary lamparas countertop

Mix of yellow and woods

the large wood kitchen

Bright surfaces and light contrast

the kitchen surfaces shine marble fragrance

Effect on gray wall

the kitchen stools fruits white gray

Flashes of yellow and gray in tiles, by Breathe Architecture

accents yellow illuminated jarron kitchen

white led ceiling furnace wood

brillanate yellow stool backrest lighting

eclectic kitchen flower burners window

eclectica table design gray box

flowers vases cans kitchen oven

gray kitchen lamparas illuminated flores

industrial concrete colorful kitchen gray

Lamps fruit furniture white pastel

lamparas light furniture decoration furniture

stickers cold yellow recessed floor

rocks wall furniture yellow modern design

stools fruit glass wood ceiling

stools wood floor tiles discreet

transparent chairs flowers acrylic table

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