The most famous fitness models of social networks

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Fitness models are becoming increasingly popular on the internet through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Today we have prepared for our followers a selection of fitness models that can inspire anyone to follow their example by changing not only their physical appearance but also their way of life and way of thinking.

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You already know how an Instagram feed full of fruits and vegetables in the colors of the rainbow can excite you to eat something healthy. The same goes for the influeyencers of fitness. Follow the strong women who publish selfies with legends about their training, videos of themselves that raise twice their weight, do exercises with dumbbells or they get stuck in an almost impossible yoga position and it is very likely that you feel more motivated to sweat in the gym.

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Here are the Instagram queens that you should be following to get good vibes and inspire you to repeat your success. Be bold and imagine that you will be the next star of social networks if you start training today. Follow your dreams to make them come true and remember that fate loves the brave and the persistent.

fitness model Stephanie Sanzo

The famous Instagram fitness models

1. Stephanie Sanzo

'You do not need to do cardio' is the motto of the mother of two children of 29 years, who achieved fame on Instagram for his incredible figure. And the ONLY exercise he does is to do weights. Stephanie Sanzo, 29, is a mother of two and a physical exercise guru from Geelong, Victoria. He used to hate exercise before, but changed his mind after the birth of his son. In the beginning Ms. Sanzo started running 10 km every day, but after a prolapse after her second pregnancy, she started lifting weights. Ms. Sanzo fell in love with weight training and now inspires thousands online.

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When Stephanie Sanzo, 29, was younger, she hated everything about exercise and refused to go anywhere near a gym.

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When the mother of two, of Geelong, Victoria, became pregnant with her first child at age 19, she gained 25 kilograms, something she had to fight to get back the 47 kilos of before pregnancy.
Now, nine years later, Ms. Sanzo is a personal trainer, feels healthier and in better shape than ever and has an Instagram profile with more than 395,000 followers.

fitness models Cassey Ho

Fitness models

2. Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho (born January 16, 1987) is an American fitness guru who has gained popularity through social media, a YouTube channel and a website that sells fitness apparel. He is considered an Internet influencer [2] and a rising star of YouTube nationally and internationally.

Cassey Ho 4 fitness models

In 2013, he received a Shorty Award in the category of social aptitude. She believes that her role on the Internet is more than that of a Pilates instructor since her personal mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and body image in general.

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Instagram fitness models
3. Amanda Bisk

fitness models Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk is a former Australian pole vaulter who currently works as a fitness expert and yoga teacher. She is best recognized for representing her nation in the 2009 World University Games, as well as in the Commonwealth Games of 2010. She also has several career awards in her collection. Bisk is also a social media star, with more than 698k followers on Instagram.

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Due to her achievements as a pole vaulter and her yoga poses that defy gravity, she has managed to gather a large number of fans not only in Australia but also around the world. However, his life has not always been so good. Since she was forced to abandon her prosperous sports career to become a professional yoga and fitness instructor, she had to fight every step of the way. The former jumper had to overcome depression, the great crises of life and many other adversities on her way to become the successful person she is today. Bisk has now become an inspiration for young people, especially for those who have failed at one time or another in their lives. He is one of those personalities who has shown the world that with the right attitude and approach to life, any barrier can become a "stepping stone" to success.

fitness models Brittne Babe

The most followed fitness models on Instagram

4. Brittne Babe

Brittne Babe is an athlete, Instagram model, personal trainer, entrepreneur and influencer. Born and raised in New York, she became famous at the age of 21 and is now known all over the world. He started looking for the perfect sport at the age of 11 years. First he tried basketball and cross-country before discovering the track.

fitness models Brittne Babe 7

He entered the space of social networks related to the exercise when he was only 18 years old and has learned a lot through research and in the traditional way: asking for help from his mother. His mother, Kimmy Pie, entered the nutritional field more than 10 years ago and contributed much to the development of Brittne as a certified athlete and personal trainer.

fitness models Brittne Babe 8

When Brittne began to create free food regimes and trainings for friends and family, she never imagined that this would become the passion of her life and she would gain more than a million followers.

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For Brittne, physical exercise is a journey without final destination. Then, when someone asks, "When do you stop?", The answer is always "NEVER".

Instagram fitness models

5. Chontel Duncan

The personal mission of personal trainer Chontel Duncan is to educate her community about how to be active through physical conditioning, with a focus on performance, power and strength.

Chontel Duncan fitness models

Through a combination of Strength and High Intensity training, its purpose is to decrease body fat and increase strength and lean muscle throughout the body.

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What kind of training does the Chontel Duncan program involve?

Chontel focuses on offering a variety of training techniques different from their own HIIT classes and their personal style of training, in their new program, FIERCE.

fitness models Chontel Duncan 11

During strength training, you will complete Superseries and Circuits, where the goal is to lift heavy weights and focus on developing muscle strength. The high-intensity training that the coach proposes focuses on improving your fitness, while helping you reduce body fat through different training styles.

Christmas Abbott fitness models

Fitness models with more followers on Instagram

6. Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott is a professional athlete, a CrossFit competitor and an Olympic weightlifter. She is also a brand consultant, and works with individuals and teams to create her own unique brand, helping them to give their best and share their passion with others.

Fitness Christmas Abbott 12 models

Christmas is also a transformation guru, creator of Christmas Abbott Nutrition, head coach of the Oxygen Coach Challenge, creator of the Badass diet, online trainer, motivational speaker and author of best sellers in the United States.

Christmas Abbott fitness models 13

The most popular fitness models and their secrets

7. Emily Skye

Haloumi, sweet potato salad and fajita: fitness star Emily Skye reveals how she lost 16 kilos after giving birth to her daughter Mia.

emily skye fitness models

The mother of the Costa Dorada, Emily Skye, runs a fitness empire of $ 32 million built from scratch. The 32-year-old gave birth to her daughter Mia in December of last year. After rising 21 kilos in the course of her pregnancy, Emily has already lost 16 thanks to a variety of healthy eating habits she shares with her followers.

emily skye 14 fitness models

However, Emily Skye does not pretend that losing weight after pregnancy is an easy process. The trainer details that strenuous exercises and following a regimen will help her return to normal as they have helped herself.

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Emily trains five to six times a week.

Meet the best Instagram fitness models

8. Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins is the founder and president of the fitness company Hollywood Trainer. He studied human kinetics at NJCU.

fitness models Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins also owns the My Workout television network. She became famous in Fear Factor where she won $ 50,000 and the title of the first female winner of Fear Factor and is one of the 17 experts chosen for the Elite Athletes program of the Nike company. In addition, she was the official spokesperson of the BET A Healthy BET campaign.

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Some of his famous clients are: Kelly Rowland, Queen Latifah, Pink, Terrell Owens, Taryn Manning, Tia Mowry and Amy Weber. She is also an expert on the Food Network weight reduction program, Weighing In.

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Instagram fitness models

9. Katie Crewe

Katie Crewe is a popular fitness trainer and Canadian nutrition expert. She shares healthy food recipes and exercise tips on the Internet as well as offering premium diet and exercise programs for her clients.

Katie Crewe fitness models

As a teenager Katie was very excited about her fitness. At this time I was afraid to lift heavy weights, so I preferred to do bodyweight exercises. He also practiced sports at his school.

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However, after experiencing severe swelling, heartburn and exhaustion that lasted for several years, Katie realized that she had to change her lifestyle completely. He decided to adopt an exercise plan based on the weights, in addition to changing his diet completely. As a result, all his symptoms disappeared.

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Later Katie created her profiles on social networks, where she shared her transformation with the online world. Thanks to her inspiring story, as well as her diet and training tips, Katie gained an army of followers and became a modern fitness guru and one of the most famous fitness models.

fitness models kelsey wells

10. Kelsey Wells

Kelsey is a personal trainer, wife and mother. After having his son Anderson, he began a healthy diet and exercise plan to recover his body. However, I did not know then that this would completely change the course of my life.

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According to her improve her general health and her physical condition has transformed many areas of her life for the better. As a certified personal trainer with additional experience in postnatal training, her personal mission is to teach women how to strengthen both their body and their belief in themselves.
Your PWR Post-Pregnancy training program is designed to take you on an adventure trip, to recover and strengthen your love for your own body, no matter what stage of motherhood you are. The trainer proposes that ALL moms feel incredible, both inside and out and therefore totally in love with who they are.

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Her new program called PWR (Power) is a unique weight training designed to help women sculpt lean muscle. According to Kelsey says PWR will make you reach new heights and feel increasingly powerful
"I really think that taking care of your body and developing self-confidence through a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to feeling unstoppable!" She says.

fitness models Lin Lowes

What fitness models to follow on Instagram?

11. Lin Lowes

Instagram star who was born and raised in Sweden known for his inspiring and motivating presence on social networks. He often publishes about specific lifestyles, fitness and diet plans.

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Personal history
He contracted lymphoma when he was 26 years old. This inspired her to dedicate herself to health and fitness in her career, to help people "realize how important physical fitness and health really are."

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His Instagram profile has more than 1.7 million followers. She often publishes videos of herself in order to diversify her workouts.

fitness models Lita Lewis

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