The plants-25 ideas that fill your space of life.

the interior wood planter plants

Plants have always been present at different times in our lives. Excellent source of nutrition, beautification and health, among many others. Its effectiveness in air purification is vital even for our life. The plants brighten the environment in a unique way regardless of whether they are inside or outside the home. Their versatility makes them ideal also for public spaces. Today we will see some ideas to decorate with them.

The ideal plants for bathrooms

the plants decoration bathroom flowers

We will also leave you with a gallery with various ways of design. They can be suitable for a variety of spaces and, of course, for the most part economic. We start as is logical by the selection of the plants with which we decorate. The species must be valued very well because their care will depend on it. The differences are countless, some need a lot of natural light or a systematic irrigation. While others develop very well anywhere and have few needs in general.

Plants, select the ideal planter

plants interior decoration furniture

Then we fall into the second point to assess, the place. Which is the place you want to decorate and if the selected species is suitable for that space. Of this it will depend as we saw factors like the light. In general in the decoration of interiors the cactus and the succulents or palms are used. Then we would only have his placement. In general, any space is prone for a plant. It is only necessary to assess the effect you want to achieve.

Make your pot porpia

the plants pot diy decoration

The usual places are window frames. Areas that are not covered by furniture or table centers. In addition to the shelves, but always respecting the free circulation and not overloading the space. The selection of the pot is another key point. She is in itself another decorative element. There must be harmony in the style of the pot and the space that we decorate. Luckily the offer is wide and with designs that fit any space.

Excellent illuminated space

plants decorated palm trees stripes

Cactus, ideal for indoor

cactus plants lamp care

Environment with a variety of species

lemon plants dark chairs

Careful selection of flowerpots, Marshall Gardens

modern plants white space

Variant with terrace ferns

the plants terrace furniture curtains

Vertical garden in wall

vertical plants garden wall

Orientation towards light source

balance decoration wicker furniture lighting

outdoor bathroom decorative shower space

white kitchen broken succulent shelf

hanging plants decorative space waterfall

colorful plants white flowerpots flowers

colorful plants flower pots dark flowers

green exterior decorative sphere wood

jarron plant money glass vase

palm trees outdoor pool flowers umbrellas

lounge cushions high plants table

living room interior plants decoration green

sofa lounge elegant brown light

solar room metal windows sofa

tropical salon creative style combination

vertical waterfall plants white shelf

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