The sands and gravel more suitable for decorating gardens

stone garden zen center gravel

Today we will see what they are the sands and gravels more used for the decoration of gardens and also a compilation of twenty-five images that show different finishes of decorations with gravel or pebbles. Among the most commonly used decorative sands are river sand, albero sand, fine siliceous sand, silicea for grass and crumb sand.

The sands and gravel more suitable for gardens

garden square with gravel

The gravel for its part is grains thicker than those of the sand , and is usually classified by the size of the beans. In the zen-style gardens, white gravel, generally quartz, is used, and we can also find it in different finishes, from the finest in the form of powdered sand to stones the size of a walnut.

Different sizes of pebbles

Bands tiles separate pebbles ridges

In contrast, in areas of vegetation or to create a comfortable place for Garden plants we can choose the placement of decorative pine bark. These will bring a very natural look to the place and a very nice dark brown color. Pebbles or boulders are small stones that are a little larger than grains of gravel.

Garden decorated with boulders

nice design garden stones

Depending on its composition we can find in the market Boulders of many colors, although the most common are whites, roses and blacks. Any one of them conserves the humidity of the earth on which they are placed and also they also avoid the appearance of weeds.

River rock garden path

path garden pretty flowers colors

Finally, it is worth noting the usefulness of sands and gravels in garden paths. They are great for fixing rocks or tiles of greater size to be scattered around and in addition to providing a very original vision they help to preserve the appearance of the road for longer because they are made of materials very resistant to all kinds of bumps and frictions.

Stones and decorative bark for garden

decorate gardens with bark stones

Modern garden design decorated with gravel

decorate gardens gravel sands

Boulders and stones to decorate gardens

statue woman sitting gravel stones

Decorate gardens with rivers of stones

path garden river stones

Decorate gardens with gravel and barks

gravel stones pebbles colors

Black gravel for garden

gravel garden black stones gravel

Road design with wooden stairs and gravel

path jadin the sands

Japanese garden zen large rocks

zen garden gravel sands

garden zen stones white gravel

the decorative sands garden

round stones plants lawn garden

decorative pebbles decorative garden plants

plants flowers stones ridges round

garden plants decorated gravel

Round square garden gravel

patio chimney garden furniture gravel

Large rocks decorate round stones

rocks stones pebbles gravel skittles

fence garden plants white gravel

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