The Tower House, designed by Andrew Maynard Architects

house tower facade wood

We present the spectacular Tower House design or Andrew Maynard's Tower House. Located in Victoria, Australia, this original tower of ancient architecture consists of two children's rooms, a living room and a bathroom, while the rest of the rooms are located in the newest part of the building.

The Tower House by Andrew Maynard

house towers two children playing

The design is the product of a series of very original ideas that emerged due to various discussions about the lack of space and the need for an isolated playground that does not disturb or interrupt adult conversations. Another of the fundamental aspects that differentiate the place in terms of its design is the final look of mini town thanks to the different structures and buildings.

Kitchen design by Casa Torre

modern kitchen laminate wood island

One aspect that makes the difference in this design is verticality. Both abroad and in the inside we will find structures of great importance that will make us look upwards. Very high libraries, playgrounds for children, or even the design of exterior facades with wooden panels.

Facade wall with wooden panels

modern wood laminate facade

In addition, this home was designed and designed to withstand the changes. Early on, the author thought about the children and their comfort, but also devised a plan for the time when the children become young and their life needs have changed. For this we discovered that the broad bedrooms shared can actually be divided thanks to the installation of wooden panels on the walls that can be extended creating isolated compartments.

Modern kitchen with island

island kitchen modern style light

It is also worth mentioning that Casa Torre is an intelligent building that saves energy thanks to its design. The windows have a series of openings that filter the sunlight in a very efficient way so that in winter the heat is retained, and in turn the arrangement of the shadows makes it unnecessary to install an air conditioner.

Garden of the Tower House

house garden tree large tower

Modern garden design

garden bench adults talking plants

Modern garden with rockery

garden path stones flat rockery

Views of the exterior of Casa Torre

house tower nene running fence

Large window with access to the garden

garden plants two children porqce

Architectural structure of the Torre House

garden floor grid tree facade

girl climbing furniture wood kitchen

girl window tower house facade

children playing wooden parquet floor

house tower style modern patio

child climbing furniture wood kitchen

patio outside modern bank house

porch house open roof children

living room furniture blue armchair

tower house window child looking

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