The wood and how to use it to decorate the kitchen

wood design kitchen furniture kitchen wood space luminous ideas

Today we have for all of you some original ideas and some tips on how to add wood in the design of your kitchen . Many are passionate about mixing different types of wood natural in the design of a home. If you love natural wood and you need a contrast in your life and in your kitchen, continue with the photos we prepare today.

The wood is incorporated perfectly to the design of the kitchen

beautiful kitchen design island wood Wellborn + Wright ideas

When you think about the renovation of your kitchen, you always go for the choice of new furniture but because you do not mix a bit to give the space a cozy feeling.

Recycled wood is a good idea for the kitchen

kitchen design recycled wood ideas JWT Associates

Use colored wood sheets. This is the most classic way to mix finishes. The cupboards in most cases are of a single color and the island is of another color.

Wall cabinets and large wooden island in the kitchen designed by Capstone Custom Homes

kitchen design large spaces modern house Capstone Custom Homes

But for an unexpected image you can add a wooden island and paint the wood in different colors or leave it as is. You can use recycled wood to give a completely different tone to your design.

Kitchen with contemporary design and wooden furniture

the wood kitchen design furniture modern island ideas

An island of recycled wood that looks like a found piece even though it could have been built by the cabinetmaker who made all of its cabinets may be the most appropriate accessory to soften the modern or contemporary tone of its design.

Kitchen in the attic designed by ALL & NXTHING

wood design kitchen attic industrial design ALL & NXTHING ideas

As you can see in the pictures, everything must not be the same or the same material. Sometimes it is difficult to resist temptation and we choose all the same furniture. But a piece that stands out from the style of the furniture and does not coincide with anything helps create a feeling of layers and becomes the focus of space.

Kitchen with unique character designed by Ashley Anthony Studio

wood design kitchen unique characteristic Ashley Anthony Studio ideas

The same happens in this kitchen, where the wooden columns do not match any furniture, however, everything works and fuses to perfection.

Wooden columns in the kitchen add a rustic touch and are very attractive

wood design kitchen columns attractive wood ideas

When mixing natural wood tones it is important to consider their base colors warm tones against fresh tones. The gold ash tones work well in combination with darker ones. On the other hand, it combines the light tones with the orange color, its design will lack contrast or simply and will not be so attractive.

Doors of wooden cabinets in the kitchen with Scandinavian design

the wood design kitchen decoration scandinavian ideas

If the floor of the kitchen is made of wood, also take into account its color. Many times people buy furniture made of natural wood, forgetting that they already have wooden floors.

Wooden columns and wooden furniture that always function in homes with rustic design

wood design kitchen design rustic style ideas

If you want to have wooden floors and furniture look at the color of the wood of your floor if it is a dark brown tone opt for a natural light colored furniture so they do not get lost when the design is finished.

White furniture and island with wooden countertop in the kitchen

wood design kitchen countertop wood island ideas

If your kitchen does not have wooden floors but you need to add a natural wood tone to avoid the feeling of coldness. Some shelves of natural wood like these are wonderful.

Open wooden shelves in the kitchen designed by Scott & Scott Architects

wood design countertop kitchen marble Scott & Scott Architects ideas

Use painted wood as a focal point. You can put painted wooden cabinets adjacent to varnished wood. The contrast that a painted wood cabinet offers simply can not be better.

A combination of wood and perfect concrete

You should always be careful and avoid a too heavy appearance since the deep tones of dark wood can be very elegant and sophisticated but they can also darken the space a lot.

A small kitchen with wooden furniture designed by Studio Fanetti

wood design kitchen space reduced design Studio Fanetti ideas

But neither is it necessary to always look for a remarkable contrast. You can look for a detail of wood whose color is very close to the color of your floors or your closets is a simple way to make your space feel elegant.

Very nice natural wood furniture ideas

wood design kitchen cabinets wood light color ideas

Another place that can be the accent and in which you can add wood is the wall. A wooden accent wall is one of those versatile details that look good anywhere. If you like the image of wood in all colors and shapes do not think twice and add a touch of wood to your kitchen.

A kitchen with rustic style furniture and walls

wood design kitchen interior design rustic ideas

We are sure that our ideas will help you create a space to make a strong impact thanks to the layers of texture and heat of the wood. The rustic sophistication is very good in traditional or modern spaces, so think also of adding wood in the other rooms of the house.

Modern kitchen with white furniture and natural wood dining table


Bell covered with barn wood gives a very interesting touch to the design of the kitchen

wood design kitchen wood barn recycled ideas

Island for which recycled wood sheets were used

wood design kitchen wood recycled kitchen design KW Designs ideas

Modern kitchen with wooden island designed by Sarah Richardson Design

wood design kitchen new life old wood Sarah Richardson Design ideas

Wooden wall is the accent in this kitchen designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

wood design kitchen wall accent Jessica Helgerson Interior Design ideas

A photo taken by Sam Oberter Photography in which he presents us the kitchen designed by Richard Bubnowski Design

wood design kitchen Richard Bubnowski Design Sam Oberter Photography ideas

Rustic kitchen designed by Simmons and Company

wood design kitchen Simmons and Company ideas

Lovely kitchen designed by Yvonne McFadden

wood laminas used revesir island kitchen design Yvonne McFadden ideas

Kitchen designed by Burns and Beyerl Architects

wood design kitchen Burns and Beyerl Architects ideas

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