The wood in the design of incredible hanging lamps

the wood dining ideas samples

Wood is undoubtedly one of the preferred options in terms of decoration and the design of many accessories. Its use in ceiling lamps is also one of the practices that has now been extended.

The wood used in the design of modern lamps

the wood eaters shows white night

Today we want to share a sample of several of these designs made with wood. As well as some tips that can help us in the selection of this important piece. The lamps in general selection must be done very carefully. Because its influence on decoration is extremely important.

Wood with its natural accent, ideal model for dining rooms

the light wood tone effects details

Above all, the roof are responsible for providing effective lighting in the case of large plans. It can be the dining room table or other focal points that we select. In addition to being a decorative option, the design options in addition to these wood are very varied. They can be adapted to the most demanding tastes in any of the styles.

Dandelion a design that will undoubtedly transform any environment

clear wood dandelion shows warm

In essence made with wood or not the lamps are an aesthetic complement of great impact. Thanks to its versatility there will be no differences for a modern environment, children's rooms or interiors rustic . The variety of styles for which you can choose approach models with a modern image and others with natural accents such as wood. According to the style or colors the lamps can awaken different feelings.

The natural and elegant effect of wood applied to furniture and lamps

wood lamparas applications solutions chairs

If we see it from the practical point of view we can take a classic lamp as an example. A design with this style will be perfect to make the space shine with elegance and sobriety. Modern lamps with wood axes or other safe materials will create a perfect effect for a minimalist environment. The choice of ceiling lamps should also be according to the type of lighting you want.

Design using wood in fine fibers and light tone with a great result

the wood special fine fibers sides

The lighting is focused from above but it is the type of model that can determine the type of effect of the light. With some models we can create an ambient lighting. This is a perfect option if we want to illuminate the entire room in a balanced way. With this lighting, shadows and the appearance of dark areas are avoided.

Nut a model with which you can give a different air to the dining room

the wood nut systems sources warm

If we want to highlight some aspect of the decoration we can use a lamp that acts with a focal light. We will simply have to concentrate it at some point, be it the dining room, the living room or any other place. Compared with the environment, the lighting has greater intensity. This causes that it favors the accomplishment of many activities. What makes it suitable for the kitchen or the living room as mentioned above.

Saturnia is another relevant design with edges of natural and pleasant texture

wood chimneys tones saturnia effect

Lamps of this type at the time of purchase can be distinguished by its screen. These are closed screens that cause a narrowing of the light beam. Both the decorative accessories and the art pieces can be highlighted with a lamp of this type. Other environmental conditions of decoration may impose a type of illumination specific. Rooms with dark walls or furniture with dark colored upholstery are common cases.

Perfect ideas for work spaces or a cozy study area

accents magical colors styles ideas

These spaces will have a greater need for lighting because these colors absorb natural light. Therefore the lamps are responsible for providing that extra lighting in the room. The lamps designed with wood are perfect options for relaxation spaces. The reason is that they provide a perfect soft light for entertainment. If we need to illuminate a larger space, the lamp must have several points of light.

Lamps can be a perfect accent color for any style and environment

crystals styles matters rooms colors

They are perfect when it comes to general lighting. Ideal for large spaces creating a greater appeal thanks to its flashes. In addition to the way in which the materials are illuminated are another important point in the ceiling lamps. This combines perfectly with the forms of the models. Neither should space measurements be overlooked. As we see in the images, chandeliers are always a great attraction.

An idea to bring dynamism and color to the design of common spaces

joy restaurants colorful pictures red

Its dimensions are the main reason to steal the limelight in any room. However, we must avoid them if our roof is less than two and a half meters high. If it is a height greater than three meters then it will be perfect for hanging lamps. Especially those based on spotlights. If we have only one outlet for electricity with these lamps we will not need more. They allow an effective lighting in all the points of the room.

Totem a special model that enhances the style of environments, Burkhard Dämmer

TOTEM SERIES Burkhard Dämmer images

Glass or aluminum are the most commonly used common materials in these models. Both have the property of creating an extra brightness that improves lighting. The maintenance will depend largely on the type of material we select. The metal in turn will require very specific products for cleaning. Other lamps designed with plastic or PVC are the most used in children's rooms.

A variant of the Totem series of the same design but in white

TOTEM SERIES burkhard Dämmer modern ideas

Its maintenance and cleaning is simpler. Only a damp cloth or a neutral type soap that does not affect the structure of the PVC will be necessary. The selection of the lamp without taking into account the material whether it is wood or some other depends on the size. To this must be added the amount of light we want for the space in question and its size.

Anfora is another perfect solution for contemporary living rooms and spaces

ANFORA SERIES Miguel Herranz bookseller rooms

We can not lose sight of the size relationship that must exist between the room and the size of the lamp. To orient ourselves we can add the width and length and multiply it by three. This result must then be multiplied by two and a half. At the end, the resulting number will be the approximate diameter that our lamp should have. In the dining rooms it can be easier because it must be half the length of the table.

Amphora in several of the color variants available for any room

ANFORA SERIES Miguel Herranz variations cables

In general, in open spaces or large rooms, the ideal is that it is at least two meters high. The lighting resulting from the model of the lamp will depend on the type of room. This is greatly influenced by the use that will be made of the room. Different needs will always require specific lighting. The tone of light can differentiate those designed with wood or other materials.

Two of the color variants applied to spaces of styles and different lighting

special colors roofs concepts lines

When they are not observed closely, it may seem simply a white light. The truth is that in this aspect there is variety in the tone of the light emitted by the lamps. There are big differences between the coldest tones and the blue ones. Along with others that are perfect for home environments to be warmer towards the orange. This has to do directly with the so-called color temperature.

Another special structure for rustic or contemporary spaces

colors dome special materials rooms

This color temperature is the same that should be taken into account for the selection of the lamp in each room. A space like the living room can have a cold or warm light. This will be determined by the activities that are usually done in this environment. In general, a cold light is the perfect component for a work area. The spaces intended for relaxation can be better complemented with a perfect warm light for television.

Detailed view of the structures that make up the lamps of this design

details structure clear wood lines

The types of ceiling lamps in terms of design offer several variants of selection. One of them is the panels that can be easily distinguished because they are flush with the enclosure. Its shapes are very varied with designs from the elongated to the more round. The type of surface will determine the effect that light may have. Translucent and transparent surfaces are the most common. In the latter case we can enjoy general and scattered lighting.

Applied to the living rooms of common spaces with open areas, beautiful natural accent

houses styles catering area living rooms

As a difference the pendants we have seen so far will allow a greater dispersion of light. In both cases we can get them with LED lights. What is a perfect guarantee in terms of durability and low power consumption. In addition to the design with the wood other options of ceiling lamps are ideal to be embedded. This guarantees us a much more focused lighting.

Another application in spaces of natural accent, combined with decorative rocks

details rocks walls slender rocks

Whether it's working areas or kitchens on the islands. We can always alternate several models if they are small. The amount of light that we can enjoy will be greater. The activities that require focal light can be solved with these variants. In general, remember that a ceiling lamp will always be an essential part of the decoration. Beyond the aesthetic, its functional value is high, as shown by these models made with wood. Always select the one that best suits your lifestyle or that of your home.

A beautiful suspended model with a natural accent for a special dining room

lovely suspension muesbles armchairs

Lighting is an aspect that in any context will be a key factor. From it we can use to create the desired environment. It will also allow us to perform daily tasks with ease. In this way we will enjoy the house to the fullest. If you have arrived here you can start thinking in detail about your choice. You have enough tools to determine what is necessary for each room in your home.

This model in the same way has great versatility for open spaces

circular shapes concepts walls lines

After you enjoy it, do not forget that ceiling lamps require periodic maintenance. As a general rule, insects and dust can accumulate. If we are trained we can disassemble them and clean them with a damp cloth. Enjoy these beautiful designs that we can adapt to any environment. The charm of wood shows that it is a versatile material and that we can take advantage of it in any context.

Saturnia in the creative decoration of rooms with contemporary style

wood saturnia sphere color rooms

SG one of the special creations created by Burkhard Dämmer

SG Burkhard Dämmer materials concepts hung

The design of this lamp is special to decorate the bathroom

special baths concepts ideas flowers

I-CLUB SSL one of the perfect models for modern spaces

I-CLUB SSL Burkhard Dämmer hanging lounges

I-CLUB SSL applied to a small study area of ​​rustic design

I CLUB SSL Burkhard Dämmer houses studio flowers

Beautiful design variant in white for a modern and cozy atmosphere

I-CLUB Burkhard Dämmer white club

One of the perfect ideas for use in contemporary dining rooms

I-CLUB Burkhard Dämmer effects materiale chairs

LED luminaires give character to these designs of different shades

ideas decorations styles materials led

Link is another of the modern models with shapes and color accents, Ray Power

link red accent partial curtains

Minimikados, another of the suspended models designed by Miguel Herranz

Miguel Herranz furniture special colors

Minimikado a light variant with a dynamic and surprising design

MINIMIKADOS Miguel Herranz special houses slow furniture

Perfect for common spaces, another of the variants and color accents

MINIMIKADOS Miguel Herranz colorres space chairs

Poppy a special model to create cozy environments with a modern design

POPPY original quality red wood bar

Interesting design sample by RQR Studio, natural and fresh environment

special salons samples rqr studio furniture

This model is ideal for any space and decoration style

special salons samples rqr studio warm houses

Sample for lighting a small workspace at home

Special salons samples rqr studio samples crystals

Beautiful contemporary design using wood with natural accents

wood walls colors shelves accents

Variant in red, combined with the color of the ceiling in this stair step

red wood collections stairs samples

A modern suspended design created by Marcelo Dabini and Nadia Corsaro

lampara marcelo dabini nadia corsaro font

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