Tiles design wood, a natural touch for your bathroom.

attractive design tiles cozy bathroom

It is undeniable that one of the elements that give personality to the bathroom are the tiles. In a general sense when using them we should think about their distribution. Today we will see a very special type, the wood design tiles. Although the traditional large and white large format have been left behind are also the colors.

Wooden design tiles for shower area

tiles design shower cabin led

The case of wood is another stream of tiles that includes excellent textures. They are useful to highlight if we want a wall in the shower area. The same can be done by applying wooden design tiles to the sink area. It is also recommended for the wall below the bathtub. Undoubtedly it is a texture that highlights a natural state throughout the bathroom.

Tiles design wood for walls

tiles design metal shower basin

Its effect of warmth is also insurmountable. Although we must admit that color combinations are still fashionable. In this case there are finishes with glitter that have metallic touches. This is a good option if it is bathrooms larger and bright. It is a trend that aims at more luxurious bathrooms, but in which one can undoubtedly insert wood as a texture.

Design with aged wood effect

tiles design aged wood bathroom

We can complement the wood design tiles with decorative murals. They are also very attractive and cheap their presence in case it transforms the bathroom into something very special. Opt for some pastel colors or shades that are clear so you can have a brighter bathroom. This is essential for cases of small bathrooms to which you can also incorporate the lighting in the mirror.

Combination for walls and floors

tiles design mirrors wide armchairs

Decantarte by the white also on the walls or the ceiling is also a good idea in this regard. It combines the wood texture with the furniture that you intend, always looking for harmony without saturating the space. We leave you some excellent solutions in our gallery. Perhaps they encuetres the idea for a next project.

Wood for sink area

tiles imitation wood wash basin

Variant for shower

tiles design interior wood shower

Design for floor and walls

tiles design washbasin floor mirrors

Bright bathroom environment

tiles design luminous bath tub

Accent wall in washbasin area

tiles design wood white wall

Aged wood effect

aged wood design tiles shower

Accent wall in wood

tiles design wood accent lamp

Interesting minimalist bathroom

tiles design wood minimalist walls

Texture variation

tiles design modern shower textures

Combination of texture in floor and walls

tiles mountains mountains design stopped

Aged version in shower walls

wood towel bathroom towel

Bright fresh ambient

tiles design porcelain rustic curtains

Design for rustic enhancement

tiles design rustic inspiration lamparas

Design by Mark Brand Architecture

tiles countertop bathroom flowers led

Distribution in shower and washbasin area

tiles design towels led walls

Variant for walls throughout the bathroom

tiles design green towels lamps

nice shower walls modern shine

large bathroom decoration mirror chair

attractive wide bathroom bathtub outline

attractive small cosmetic knobs basin

clear wood deck chairs led towels

combined battens bath tub curtain

aged gray wood effect effect

elegant bathroom shower traditional art

elegant wall space bathroom space

interesting staircase modern shower towel

dark wood aesthetic bath towels

room bathroom elongated pictures black

ideas decoration brush blue lamps

washbasin detail wall shower white

washbasin led towel yellow mirror

led elongated shelf modern bathroom

aged wood idea flowers effect

modern futuristic lamp shower bathtub

modern wood curtain cozy lights

dark wood lamp warm decoration

dark wood we wash furniture towel

wall elegant flowers plants shower

walls bathtub curtain warm curtains

products washbasin white mirror cosmetics

bathroom door warm decoration test

texture knobs approach detail design

towel rack shower walls wood metal

variant washing machine house design walls

tiles small modern elongated design

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