Tiles for modern bathrooms - one hundred great ideas

tiles for bathrooms bands beige yellow

In today's article we will talk about wall covering with tiles for bathrooms . We will see what are the latest trends and some of the bathroom models of the most sought-after designers. We present our selection of one hundred photographs that bring together the most modern styles.

Tiles for modern bathrooms

two basins mosaic yellow glitter

First of all we show you the Fapsuite collection which creates "exclusive emotions". Here we can see a fantastic combination of colors and finishes in white-paste tiles and ultra-smooth finish. The mosaic in turn presents bright golden and silver tones that bring an original and unique style to the place.

Design of bathroom with green tiles

design bench color green fap

The following bathroom design features tiles with vertical lines in striking green and yellow tones and refreshing. These are the Rubacuori ceramics for bathrooms in large sheets that are easy to place and maintain, which have also been combined with the mosaics in pale green tone.

Luxurious style bathroom tiles

tiles for bathrooms white black

Next we have the bathroom model that presents ceramics from the "Evoque" collection. In this case we can see bright porcelain stoneware surfaces in different shades and finishes that form a bathroom design of a very luxurious and elegant style, also thanks to the shapes with reliefs of the tiles.

Tiles for bathrooms with floral motifs

tiles for bathrooms boats creams flowers

"Splendida" is the name that receives the following collection of marble effect tiles for bathrooms. Once again the porcelain stoneware appears in the glossy coatings of floors and walls is noted for its smooth texture. A mixture of floral motifs and vertical bands blends perfectly with a classic look.

Bathroom with tiles and white mosaic

tiles for celestial mosaic bathrooms

Later on, tiles of the Cupido series appear in a celestial tone, complemented in this case by a white mosaic of Fap design. We can see fine horizontal betas with iridescent brightness in the blue tiles of the walls and the floor that change color according to the angle from which the light comes.

Design of gray tiles for bathrooms

tiles for bathrooms gray color

The bathroom tiles from the "Creta" collection are our next proposal for wall covering. In this case the grayish tones create optical illusions of shadows and natural effects. The model is also inspired by the old country houses with ceramic majolica coatings.

Tiles for beige bathrooms

tiles for bathrooms classic style

Let's see now the marble effect tiles of the Preziosa collection. A more classic look is the one presented by the tiles with the natural veining of natural marble. Its smooth finish reminds the rectified dissembling the joints and achieving an improved finish on the walls and floors.

Modern bathroom with flower tiles

tiles for bathrooms flowers colors

The next tile model is called "Rubacuori". Tiles of twenty-five by forty-five centimeters that present different shapes, reliefs and colors have combined wonderfully in this model of bathroom creating a warm and natural environment thanks to the appearance of wood in the form of laminates.

Design of bathroom with gray tiles

tiles for modern gray bathrooms

In gray shades the Creta collection appears again, which in this case surprises us with several different finishes that line the walls of a royal style bathroom. In the lower part, the reliefs appear, delimited by a strip of tiles with vegetal motifs and metallic sparkles. In the upper part, grinding of ceramics with concrete aspect of industrial style.

Classic style bright tiles

bathroom tiles bricks aquamarine

With a note of color and brightness, the Manhattan collection appears, inspired by the way of life of the city. The most traditional but renovated look comes back, the brick-faced finish is ideal not only for bathrooms but also for bedrooms and kitchens, a suburban style that will delight everyone.

Bathroom tiles with rusty aspect

tiles for bathrooms orange brown

Another model of the Creta collection is this design in copper tones with that touch of current look of rusty metal. Rectified and pastel tones neutralize the environment and in turn the different shapes have managed to define each area playing with the illumination and creating fabulous contrasts.

Design of pink ceramic tiles

tiles for bathrooms light pink

FapSuite appears again with its cheerful colors, this time in pink and pastel shades. A sweet and chic environment jumps at sight thanks to the soft finishes and the subtle golden reflections. Here we see grinding of large tiles with decorative motifs in walls and floors, with the sole exception of a pale pink mosaic.

Modern bathroom design with gray tiles

Ceramic tiles dark gray

A slightly more masculine and contemporary design is that of the tiles in the "Zero" collection, which are named after having zero or no problems in terms of placement, maintenance and finishing of ceramic pieces. Available in eight colors, they also have iridescent effects that will change our vision of them depending on the light.

Collection of tiles "Materia"

salmon color matter model

On the other hand the ceramic collection in three dimensions called "Materia". Available in two different sizes, the white body tiles have engravings on their face surface that form great mosaics of very current appearance. For a more beautiful result, the manufacturer suggests that they be placed one millimeter apart.

Design of tiles for bathroom

bathroom tiles brown color gold

Once we have seen these beautiful collections we will have a better idea for the selection of the tiles we need. So we will also give you some clues in this regard so that you select the one that best meets your needs. One of the basic details comes from the shapes and color of the tile. They are the characteristics that will suppose a greater visual effect for our entire bathroom.

Bathroom tiles model Boston

tiles for bathrooms model boston

Another aspect of utmost importance in the choice of tiles is the type of material. There is a big difference in terms of cleanliness and material. Some can be cleaned more easily than others. To begin, think about the type of tile you want to acquire. The options are mostly between porcelain, ceramics or stone.

Bathroom tiles with golden mosaics

gold mosaic bathroom tiles

There are other materials but this group is the one that is used most frequently. In order of popularity we must begin with ceramics. They are characterized by being cheaper and with a very good resistance to moisture. In constructive matter it has a better facility for cutting. For its part, porcelain can be said to be a waterproof material. Its resistance to moisture is also much higher.

Crete bathroom tiles

tiles for classic bathrooms

For bathrooms where there are difficulties with moisture these tiles are highly recommended. According to the style of the bathroom the stone tiles allow a beautiful finish of the walls. In terms of prices could be a little more expensive. However, the resistance to moisture compared with the previous materials is lower.

White tiles with relief for the bathroom

white tiles shapes roses wall

The biggest attraction of stone tiles is that they can be used for a rustic decoration. Otherwise just as a nod to this style in our bathroom. It can usually be granite, marble or slate. To combat the effect of moisture, it is necessary to guarantee a perfect seal with the right products.

Mosaics and bright tiles for bathrooms

tiles finish shine floor fence

This will last much longer and resist the humidity of this room. When you have a clear idea of ​​the type of tile the next thing is to think about the dimensions. Aspects such as the separation between the sink and the toilet can be taken into account for the selection of the dimensions of the tiles. If it is a small separation then our tiles should be small.

Cupid model bathroom tiles

tiles original design peach color

This avoids making many cuts and once mounted on the walls will look more harmonious. As a general trend, most people prefer medium-sized ones regardless of the size of the bathroom. Obviously this will be in direct relation with the size of the bathroom. The solutions for small bathrooms should be based in the same way on smaller tiles.

Tiles for dark bathrooms with shapes and reliefs

tiles doodles pink roses indigo

This is a resource that can be useful to create a greater sense of spaciousness. As in any space, the influence of color is decisive for a true harmonious bathroom. The color of the tiles will have a direct relationship with the dimensions of the room. The tiles in light colors are ideal to maintain a feeling of greater space.

Bathroom tiles in pastel colors

tiles basin close-up photo

The opposite happens when it comes to dark colors. So use them only if your bathroom is wide enough. However, experimentation with color can be based on other brighter shades as we see in the photos. The green, orange or blue look great. If you do not want them for the whole bathroom, use them in a specific area, such as the shower or part of the sink.

Great bathroom with pink tiles

smooth tiles shades pink flowers

Tiles for marble effect bathrooms

tiles effect marble flowers orange

Marble tiles for bathrooms

tiles effect marble wood laminates

Design of mosaics for bathrooms

tiles shape mosaic circles aquamarine

Tiles in beige tones with mosaic

mosaic bathroom tiles beige color

Design of black and gold bathroom

tiles mosaic black gold color

Coating of bathrooms with modern tiles

tiles motives flowers red wall

Tiles for bathrooms in dark tone

black tiles shine matt washbasin

dark tiles motifs zigzag shapes

tiles for bathroom cupid

bathroom tiles brown color

tiles for beige bathrooms

tiles for bathrooms gray color

tiles pink square squares bands

tiles model splendida classic style

vertical bands white bathroom tiles

bathroom modern gray color

bathroom white black smooth tiles

beige bathroom modern style

bathroom design white black tiles

bathroom tiles bright brown color

bathroom lamp wall mosaic pink

bathroom model lefka maxi beige

modern bathroom beige color tiles

bathroom design modern blue color

modern style bathroom white color

modern bathroom heart shower mosaic

black bathroom tiles black sheets

bathroom black book open

bathroom red oriental style

bathroom color pink tiles flowers

Ceramic gray color black horse

Ceramic tile model rex

marble white color golden bands

bathroom bathroom beige tiles

tiles bathroom modern design

cupid white horizontal stripes red

cupid red wash basin lacquered

bathroom mirror green fap tiles

brown diagonal betas bathroom tiles

vase mirror bathroom pink

photo bathroom model epic

photo bathroom bath flint model

photo tiles bath model impero

bathroom photo I do not see walls

jarron flowers mosaic colors several

Vertical black color coating

white tiles model lumia bathroom

model contemporary bathroom room photo

model bathroom verve gray photo

model tiles sky blue color

model tiles sky color orange

pattern tiles sky butterflies flowers

model tiles sky view close

creta bathroom tiles relief model

pattern tiles desert vertical bands

model tiles desert cabin shower

Splendid model luxurious bathroom tiles

preziosa model white color

model tiles sole white shine

mosaic color yellow tiles gray

mosaic color brown shiny bath

mosaic tiles beige brown color

original design bathroom all white

original mosaic tiles for bathroom

wall color green two candles

blue roses shower cabin tiles

armchair orange color mosaic tiles

white tiles horizontal stripes wall

Simple crete shower tiles

dark crete tiles basin

smooth marble bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles vertical bands beige

model tiles classic design

model tiles chalk different motifs

portable bathroom modern bathroom yellow



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