Tiles for the modern garden 50 beautiful ideas

lawn well-tended lawn modern ideas

If you do not know what to do with your floor yard This article is perfect for you. Check these fifty images that we have compiled for you. Tiles can be expensive, but in the long term it is a very useful and precious material when it comes to external design. The tile In a durable material, can animate the image of your garden in a surprising way and can also withstand the worst changes in weather for many years.

Tiles for the floor of your garden always modern

large garden table wood pool modern ideas

You also have many design options from a bold and daring to wise and quiet ideas. The plants and the lawn can not miss in the garden but in combination with a floor of tiles, slabs, tiles or pavement will be even better. Those who opt for this combination can count on many ideas on our page to find other articles and images that can help them when choosing.

Tiles on the floor and on the wall of the garden

large garden furniture teak steel ideas open air

You can use them not only for the floor but also on the fences or walls of the house. With the ideas that we show you today you can turn any exterior space into a special place with great elegance. If you have a pool in the garden, we advise you to take advantage of our photos to see the precious and resistant floors that surround them. You will also find mosaic ideas very interesting and beautiful.

Original ideas for the terrace floor

white armchair comfortable chair interesting ideas

The dark colors of the gray range are one of the best options because in them the dirt is not as noticeable but if light colors you like more beige and earthy colors with large decorative stones is great. If you do not have enough space to combine grass with tiles you can always add large pots so that nature does not miss your outdoor space.

White flower pots and grass in the garden

garden grass decorative flower pots ideas

In general, the tiles and any other option that is used in the floors must comply with very precise characteristics. The first thing is their resistance, evidently, when they are out in the open, this is vital. A second aspect of the tiles is their functional as well as their aesthetic character. Each option that is used should serve to cover both a passage area and the entrances to the house.

Vibrant green cushions and decorative pots

garden tiles cushions vibrant green ideas

If we have an area with a swimming pool, it is another area where we can take advantage of its potential. The best of all is that in terms of floors for the exterior there are dissimilar possibilities. Everything will be mediated according to our taste and the budget we wish to dedicate to it. The diversity of materials is between wood, microcement, stone and others.

Very nice climbing plants for the garden

beige garden fountain ideas climbing plants

Something that can not be forgotten is that outdoor floors always need a solid base. For example there are wooden floors such as pine with a beautiful exotic image. However, it is necessary to apply treatments throughout the year. To clearly distinguish the floors for the exterior we begin precisely with the wood. Tiles or wooden slats is the most economical option when it comes to pine.

Wall of large stones and slabs in the garden

garden large gray color stones ideas

For its resistance we should not worry too much since it usually has several treatments. Especially for protection against the attack of insects that can damage it. In the same way they become more resistant to the formation of fungi. If you are looking for wooden tiles but with greater resistance, the tropical options are the best. They are characterized by being more dense.

Very original teak chairs in the garden

garden pebbles large small furniture teak ideas

To which is added a protective treatment that completes these characteristics. If we pretend to look like wood but gain resistance, composite floors are a good proposal. In practice, it is a mixture in the form of fibers and resins such as PVC. As well as the polyethylene that gives a greater decorative tone to the wood. The mixture with plastic resins in practice gives the benefits of a plastic floor.

Large black flowerpots for the garden

tile garden slabs path grass ideas

As it is to suppose its capacity of resistance against attacks of termites or the appearance of fungi is very high. In the case of patios with swimming pools, it is one of the floors that we recommend. It does not become a slippery surface or it will deteriorate due to chlorine. Ceramic tiles are one of the most used today. It has the ability to absorb less water and its resistance is equally acceptable.

Coffee tables round shape with wooden countertops

garden tiles round coffee table ideas

If you live in areas where low temperatures occur they will not suffer from cracks. The anti-slip effect is another of its perfect properties for floors. Within this group of flooring options there is a very special one. It is natural stone a material that will look wonderful in a natural and fresh environment. Within the group of natural stones the slate is a resistant option that also stands out for being durable.

Low coffee table with wheels very easy to move

Tile Garden Table Scrollable Wheels Ideas

Like the previous material when it comes to edges for swimming pool is highly recommended. It is a material that is highly impermeable. The quartzites are some of those that will be able to resist the changes of temperature without problems. An interesting detail is that there are several colors and the textures allow great combinations.

Black rattan furniture for the garden

garden tiles outdoor furniture rattan ideas

There is another selection for floors based on vinyl tiles, often rubber or plastic. The main benefit of this type of soil abroad is for the protection of children. They combine both cushioning and anti-slip surface. Now we let you review our ideas and find inspiration.

Umbrella to shade the resting place in the garden

garden tiles furniture white umbrella ideas

Concrete wall of very elegant black color

garden tiles black walls chairs rattan ideas

Very large garden with pool and lawn

Tiled Garden Pool Broad Grass Ideas

tiles garden pool table bench ideas

Original ideas presented by Bradstone

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garden tiles comfortable chairs low table ideas

garden tiles large sofa table benches ideas

tiled garden sunny bench wood ideas

floor tiles garden floor wood table chairs white ideas

house windows table black chairs garden ideas

lawn chairs white table garden modern ideas

lawn folding garden chairs broad ideas

decorations garden stones large beige floor

outdoor space lovely garden lawn ideas

Modern garden ideas precious slabs

garden wide naturalness pool ideas

large wood laminate terrace ideas

bright lawn grass wall modern ideas

macatas slabs white pebbles jardin ideas

decorative flowerpots garden broad lawn ideas

table chairs bancoblanco lawn ideas

table chairs meals pergola pool ideas

high wall privacy garden pool ideas

pergola garden sun umbrella deck chairs furniture ideas

pergola wood white garden ideas

Illuminated pool white lounger garden ideas

pool garden floor floor cushions green ideas

comfortable chairs low table wood ideas

chairs table garden color black ideas

umbrella furniture rattan sight precious ideas

mosaic floor decorating wide garden ideas

terrace outdoor meals large pool

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