Trails and stone paths for the garden

super road stones natural look

The stone paths are a great solution for access to different areas of the garden, for this reason today's post is dedicated to garden paths made from rocks, stone or gravel. We already saw some examples of these walking trails , so today we are going to delve a little deeper into the subject explaining some simple steps to elaborate a personalized stone path, do not miss our compilation of seventy-five images.

Stone paths for gardens

nice path stones path garden

To begin we will see how to build a path with stone tiles sunk into the lawn. This type of trails does not require great efforts, just place the pieces of flat rocks on the ground to mark the path according to our preferences, leaving a certain distance between each piece. Later we must cut the pieces of grass bordering each stone so that the furrows are marked on the ground.

Garden path with handmade tiles

tile decorated path stones river

Then we must remove the stones to remove the grass clippings serving us with a shovel. These cuts of lawn plots can be used for future crafts such as decorations of pots or centerpieces, so do not throw them away. Finally, all that remains is to place the pieces of rock in their proper groove and we will have a great path that looks very natural.

Design of road with rectangular tiles

tiles rectangular shapes garden path

Next we will see how we can create artificial rocks in the shape of leaves. The necessary materials are cement, a shovel and the large leaves that will serve as a mold. Once we have prepared the cement mixture, we should only cover the leaves with it and let it dry. When it has dried we will have the pieces ready to be placed.

Cement molds for garden paths

super trail stones shape leaves

Above we have a photograph that shows the great finish of some cement tiles in the shape of leaves. Once we have learned the way to create cement shapes, we can use any other object to make the molds, so with these steps we encourage you to improvise and develop an original path of your own design.

Path of square tiles with gray pebbles

square tiles gray pebble stones

If what we are looking for is a more contemporary finish we can take an example of the trail design that appears in the photograph above. The square tiles have been placed in a specific way with the intention of making the most of the space, and they have been surrounded by round pebbles of the same dark gray tone, the final aspect is quite modern.

Garden paths with slabs and gravel

pretty flowers gravel trails

The following trail model shares some characteristics with the previous one, such as the smooth square tiles and their asymmetric placement concentrated in certain areas. However here the gray pebbles have been replaced by gravel of a yellowish color, the latter being the one that predominates all the way.

Country style road design

pretty house rustic stone road

On the contrary, if what we want is to achieve a path more rustic looking and less squared, we will choose those rocks that are of unequal shapes and we will place them in a way that they fit together, reserving the stones that have some straight side for the zones of the edges of the path.

Curved stone path design

pretty path design garden stones

Let's now go on to list some of the most common stones and rocks for the construction of garden paths. Starting with the larger ones, also called rocallas, we have the volcanic crust that is characterized by a reddish hue, red spaghetti, green spaghetti or rainbow stone, among others.

Stone path sunk in the grass

nice green grass path stones

As for the pebbles, within this classification are variants of medium-sized stones of different colors. Finally there are the gravels and sands , also differentiated according to tonalities and very requested for the decoration of the stone paths. Generally, minerals and stones found in rivers are used since they present a pleasant rounded shape thanks to the erosion caused by the constant movement of water.

Design of garden path with palisade


The original of the combination of the different rocks is the contrast between the colors, the shapes and the textures of each kind of stone. There are many who choose to place colored rocks similar to the exterior landscape or the architecture of the place so that there is a certain harmony in the whole.

Garden path with gray pebbles

edge garden path stone pebbles

In case we are thinking of placing the path in the pool access area, we suggest choosing rocks or tiles lighter colors because if they are too dark tones can attract heat from the sun and cause unpleasant burns on the feet if we walk barefoot above.

Garden path with yellow tiles and pebbles

modern design road gravel trails

Garden path with stone edges

edges stone path natural garden

Pond design with stone path

road water pond smooth rocks

Stone cobblestone path

pathway garden tile paving stone

Curved road with round tiles

curved garden path square slabs

Garden with flowers and stone path

path hidden plants lilac

Gravel path and wooden palisade

road gravel edges drilling wood

Design of road with tiles of different sizes

pathway garden design modern pool

Design of trails in modern style

pathway garden style oriental rocks

Pebble and tile path design

path garden fountain gazebo pebbles

Stone block garden bridge

pathway garden bridge stone sillares

Wooden path with stone edges

path wood surrounded edges stones

Trail of stones and pine bark

path stones smooth pine bark

Modern design path with gray stones

path gray stones modern design

Stone path with stairs

path stones stairs access house

path stones gazebo garden umbrella

path garden stones gravel gray

road stones minerals granite betas

path stones plants rocks edge

path stones rocks natural pond

round gray gravel garden path

paths flat stones natural grass

paths stones large uneven shapes

paths trails surface smooth straight

big stones garden path

rural house square stones

stone circles natural aspect

design road entrance house tile

design path stone planter

design road stones garden that

design road stones smooth straight

stairs design travel garden stairs

design stairs stone path garden

design gardens trails stone plants

modern design square slabs road

paths design

design rockery road stones flat

design trails modern long tiles

design trails square tiles

stairs stone barks pine work

stairs stone laja path garden

pond koi path stones garden

super design stone circles pebbles

super garden modern design pergola

garden path square tiles bank

garden waterfall pond trail stones

garden pergola wood pebbles rocks

garden pool path stones

garden plants dry cactus path

many plants bower tree path

original design road stones

original design crossed garden path

patio style minimalist footpath stones

small road edge square plants

natural stones path trails garden

plants garden path stone level

plants natural path rocks trail

footpath small stones natural gravel

trails paths roundabout garden barbecue

trails paths stone garden forest

trails stone flowers purple garden

Rectangular ashlars garden path

fence wood footpath stone

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