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Interacting with nature is always necessary and is a way to fill us with life. The simple contemplation of our garden, for example, has a therapeutic effect. Enjoy colors or a gentle breeze, while reading or doing another activity will always be a great gift. The same if we put some garden furniture and enjoy the landscape. If we add a walk through it, it will be a healing effect and also rewarding. A small walk between flowers It is a privilege worthy of being lived.

Paths gardens, brick edges

trails gardens lawns wavy road

Adapting our gardens for this purpose adding a path is a must. A path will make our patio functional and allow us to move and tend the plants in greater detail. They should always be designed for the general structure of a garden. In advance they are one of the main aspects when designing it. They allow a better division of the spaces and increase the possibility of access to certain areas. Trails gardens, a combination that will also make our space very ornamental and aesthetic.

Trails gardens, edges of logs and slabs

trails gardens gravel trunks edges

They can be designed and built in the garden or around the house. In addition to running through the garden, it is also necessary to drive to other areas such as fountains, or an outdoor room. If you have these areas at home. About materials and possible designs we will talk a little today. The options of materials and designs for garden paths depend on the style we look for and especially on the money. The stones, although expensive, are undoubtedly one of my favorites, allow to create a rustic image.

Trails gardens, white rocks

trails gardens grass white rocks

The slabs and others of flat form are the most used in the paths gardens. Its irregular edges offer a very natural look. Its flat shape adapts very well to walk comfortably. Bricks are another popular for garden paths. With them we can experiment with straight or tang forms if something more original is looked for. They are very accessible and give a rustic finish and visually offer a structured look. We must select the paving, to be durable. Placing the rough part always upwards.

Design with paving stones

trails gardens furniture metal table

Trails gardens without gravel I think they would not be the same. Those with smaller crushed stones are very useful. They allow a quick drainage of water. Your variations of colour they also increase the aesthetics of the garden. A border should be created to avoid overlapping as with bricks. Wood is another of those materials with which we can create a rustic design. The best thing is that we can choose recycled wood or pales in disuse. We can use it for the edges or to add stairs in the garden paths. There is a wide range of variants available.

Colorful with bricks

trails gardens diy colorful bricks plants

Slabs of wood, paving stones or trunks are some that we can use also in combination with other materials. The combination in this case is usually necessary. A different material should be used for the edge and another for the center of the path. As an example we could take a wooden border with slabs and gravel in the center. In essence the materials must be resistant. Your choice will be determined by the use we are going to make of the trails.

Lajas buried without borders

trails gardens staircase wood slabs

For those with more traffic, the choice of slab and concrete is adequate. The secondary trails that we usually have at home are the ones that offer the greatest possibilities for experimentation. For them the range of materials as we saw is varied. Actually the options are many, but the result always translates into aesthetics. Trails gardens that will surely fill us with health and will give a twist to the image of our garden.

Mulch and bricks on edge

trails gardens house design dark mulch

The paths gardens and the different materials must be taken into account at the time of the design of the space. The effect of the selected plants is important, however, it is not everything. The case of paths and paths as well as aesthetic has a practical influence on each garden we design.

Rough part up

trails gardens grass decoration garden concrete

They are structures that will make the exterior a more comfortable and fresh area. As we have mentioned, the possibilities of roads in terms of materials are diverse. The list is broad and each one with its characteristics that make them very special according to the context and style. Mainly wood, gravel or pavements will respond to different needs. The functionalities are different and in turn they have to do with several causes.

Natural effect with flat rocks

trails gardens lajas buried garden

Trails gardens and the needs to use them first can be determined by space needs. On the other hand as a complement in the orientation and circulation of people in our garden. Driving through the different areas of interest in the spaces. Another great idea has always been the protection of areas with grass. In dependence on a greater circulation or smaller will be the dimensions of the roads.

Lajas for trail center

trails gardens mulch colors bricks plants

This ensures a smooth and comfortable transit at any time of the day. Otherwise an environment that is not subject to a large traffic may have narrower paths. Also the size and dimensions of the garden are another detail to take into account. The truth is that regardless of the dimensions the paths gardens and each proposal are decorative details of weight. What is perfectly combined with the functional aspect.

Creative design

trails gardens numbers game gravel

The creation of these structures as we see in the images can be done in several ways. A very interesting one is the use of a broad base in a unified way. On the other hand with fragments of stone or materials such as wood. The difference is that they are mainly fragments that must be accommodated. The style and final image of the path will depend on their union.

Natural rocks with rustic effect

trails gardens stones flowers patio flowers

To improve its image on the sides the cultivation of plants is a great plus. Especially those with flowers are ideal for the image of the patio is very cheerful and colorful. The relationship of the functionality of the trails and the material is very direct. Once your functionality is clear it will be time to define a suitable material for this need.

Lajas with mulch edge

trails gardens plants flowers slabs

In general, its importance in the garden environment can be said to be vital. As we mentioned for the care of the lawn and for the comfortable transit for these spaces. With the right path the image of the patio is transformed. If you feel the use of benches on the edges, contemplating the landscape will be a pleasure. At the same time, beautiful wavy effects will be achieved in the whole patio environment.

Paving blocks uniformly structured

trails gardens plants lamp elegant house

All the configuration of the paths gardens and the design should consider the rainy seasons. They can not become something that simply accumulates water. All rainwater must be evacuated properly. Preventing them from stagnating in these areas, the solution is made from the very construction of the road. A slope is always necessary so that this problem is not created.

Road covered with slabs

trails gardens plants pot grass

Otherwise you can even move the rainwater to the area of ​​the house. What would really make the transit in this area uncomfortable. The entire slope must lead to a space that is capable of evacuating the water. In the same way consider the material and the climatic conditions of your region for a durable and resistant road. We share more than 70 creative ideas for more than building, creating art.

Path to irrigation

trails gardens irrigation trees trees road banking

Trunks with wooden edges

trails gardens trunks ornamental fenced yard

Rustic appearance with rocks

trails gardens bricks house plants rocks

Rounded Rocks on White

trails gardens grass flowers child plants

Rugged footpath with slabs

trails gardens concrete pieces resistant road

DIY border with packaging

path diy containers flowers creative ideas

Interlaced flagstones and cobblestones

road flowers columns roof pergola

path gravel plants rocks gardens

road bricks wall plants banking

road mulch bench trees brown color

path mulch dark flowers trails

path mulch plants patio bricks lawn

road wall slabs gardening rocks cobblestones

path slope moss japanese plants

house garden concrete rocks slabs wood

grass house rocks decoration lajas grass

grass gravel houses lamparas bricks

grass pergola path geometric creative

grass terrace road chairs concrete

circles creative flowerpot stones plants colors

colors flowers path design wood

creative flowers furniture blue concrete

diy road flowerpot patio figures leaves

entrance house lawn bricks mulch

stairs rocks wood garden steps

flowers path decorative waves figures

flowers mulch wood house patio

flowers patio house rocks cobblestones

flowers stones design garden rustic rocks

flowers path decoration yellow pots

gravel trail decoration grass rocks

ferns road flower pots patio garden

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bricks lawn flowers cobblestones plants

bricks grass flowers gardening brick

lajas jardin house lamp plants mulch

lajas pool flowers trees wall rocks

lamps lighting plants path lights

wood mulch road diy tables flowers

wood trail rustico rocks wall

hands concrete trail flowers marked

mulch flowers trees red cobblestones

models path rocks rocks trail houses

wall tomatoes patio gravel wall wood

patio bricks path wall flowerpot

patio trail ideas natural ferns

slope garden wall rocks stepped path

pergola garden mulch roses bricks

stones water plants design mulch

stones entrance trail house trail

stones yellow flowers trail rocks

stones flowers lamparas muro lamparas

pieces wall pond cushions slabs

rock road statue house meditation

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footpath statue pond flowers plants

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