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trends glasses-2019-ideas-spring-summer

The glasses 2019 trends for the season spring / Summer are the aviator sunglasses, which have been so popular in previous years. However, cat eye sunglasses and triangular sunglasses will also remain very popular. In general, the effect that you want to achieve and that is part of the trends of the spring glasses of 2019 It was futuristic, innovative and elegant, although there were also some more retro options if that's what you like the most.

2019 glasses trends for the spring / summer season

The fashion weeks for the spring summer season 2019 have just finished and as you well know if we have already presented the trends in fashion and hair with photos. This year we have decided to include sunglasses and present a forecast of trends here. As we all know it is exciting to know what the next trends will be and what is no longer fashionable. And since sunglasses are an important fashion accessory in the summer, we can not help but present the latest trends in sunglasses for 2019!

trends glasses-2019-ideas-spring-style

Protective sunglasses trends

The special sunglasses provide the greatest protection, which means that they also cover much of the face. Its key marker is that they are not framed on the bottom like most sunglasses, but are made of a large piece of protective and transparent material that covers both eyes and the bridge of the nose.

trends glasses-sun-spring-summer

The most sporty sunglasses for the summer of 2019, are the most popular among surfers and snowboarders who need serious sunscreen, appeared on the catwalks of Stella McCartney, with an aerodynamic shape, lenses with colored mirrors and only one top frame.


As you can see in the photos, there was no shortage of totally frameless sunglasses that were very sporty thanks to that same type of rainbow colored mirror lenses.

trends glasses-sun-spring-summer-protection-serious

Sports sunglasses trends

With the great trend of protective sunglasses, the summer glasses trends of 2019 also took advantage of the sport structure used for the glasses mentioned above and for more delicate designs.

trends glasses-ideas-fashion-sports

The sports sunglasses were combined with large details in Nicopanda, Each x Other, MSGM, Zadig & Voltaire among others, where we also got futuristic mountain sunglasses perfect to wear during the winter. We also saw sunglasses that combined three trends in a single aspect: structure that mimics shield, flat top and sports details. Roberto Cavalli, on the other hand, combined sports accents with sunglasses with more feminine designs that combine perfectly with the outfits worn by the models.

trends glasses-ideas-fashion-style

Trends glasses with exuberant decoration

Jewelry and ornaments are common in high-end sunglasses, but this season the designers took this trend to the extreme. If it is defined as "extra", this will be one of your favorite trends of the spring / summer 2019 sunglasses.


It would be a real surprise if Dolce & Gabbana had not presented their models with huge sunglasses inlaid with jewels. D & G is delivered with gold frames with the shape of the brand letter logo, as well as many other frames inlaid with gold, pearls and jewelry designs.


Extremely remarkable is a pair of sunglasses in Givenchy that simply overflowed with jeweled chains that covered the temples. Other sunglasses decorated with jewelry for 2019 appeared on the catwalks of Prada and Jeremy Scott.


Trends goggles stamped frames

There were trends of sunglasses with dotted-dot prints or animal skin prints on the fashion runways for spring 2019, unique for this season. As with the fabrics in the glasses we also saw all the fashionable prints for spring / summer 2019.


The brands that really stood out with the fabric patterns are also the ones that have remarkable patterns and prints on the frames of their sunglasses. Let's start with Moschino, where a pattern of scribbles in suits and dresses was one of the most memorable of this season, and it was super fun and creative, as it was also displayed in the frames of the sunglasses.


Polka dots were one of the printing trends for clothing this season, and it was very fun to see them appear in black on white in Fendi's sunglasses.


Trends glasses red frames

Another trend that reminds us of the fashion of the 1950s. The red frames became the trends of spring / summer sunglasses 2019.


In Versace, the triangular sunglasses had a bright red frame that contrasted with a soft blue lens.


Trends triangle-shaped sunglasses

This season, the 2019 spring sunglasses with triangular lenses had a futuristic effect, instead of retro. They were elegant and sophisticated, with a slightly avant-garde air.


Burberry opted for a particularly unique shot of a triangular lens, since the lenses have a slightly rounded upper part and are tilted downwards, which gives the models a slightly sad eyes effect.


We saw the opposite in Marni, where the triangular lenses rose slightly upwards, giving an ultra-futuristic effect. Saint Laurent also created triangular sunglasses for spring 2019 that are worth mentioning.



Trends glasses large square lenses

Sunglasses with a square lens are perfect and timeless; You can use them to protect your face on days when you do not have time for eye makeup but if you want to be modern and you know how to do it without trying too hard. It was not a surprise to see them become one of the spring / summer 2019 glasses trends.



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