Tricks and things you did not know - tips for your well-being

original tennis ball ideas deco

In our article today we want to show you some simple tricks that will make your life easier; the daily tasks will be made simpler if you take an example of some of these incredible tips; take note.

Tricks and simple ideas that will make your life easier

saves space closet rings hangers

Often the space in the closet is insufficient, and the bar is completely saturated with hangers. In these cases you can use the rings of the soda cans to add to your hangers some extra supports to hang more hangers.

Place a hanger with rings for scarves

hanger rings various garments

Or you can use any other type of rings to hang all your scarves, scarves or belts; thus they will be well organized and in sight.

Use an onion ring as a mold to fry an egg

ring onion fried egg round

There are also some very original tricks that will help you when cooking. A great example is the one that appears in the image above; cut a slice of large onion with care that it does not break and use it as a mold to fry an egg; It will be perfect and very rich.

Use a peeler to chop the onion

cut onion way simple peeler

Peelers for potatoes and carrots will save us a lot of time if we need to chop onions or cut the onion into very thin slices.

Place a wooden spoon on the pot so that the water does not come out

wooden spoon over pot

A trick "of the grandmother" to prevent the boiling water from rising and leaving the pot is to place a wooden spoon on the edges just as we see in the picture, did you know it?

Place the recipe book in sight

book recipes kitchen sight

If you want to prepare a dish from the old book of recipes familiar, this is a great way to keep the book at the height of the eyes while you cook.

Use an ice bucket to store the eggs

use ice bucket store eggs

If your refrigerator does not have a special egg holder, you may be able to use the ice cube tray instead.

Great solution for a broken trouser zip

super idea broken zipper pants

This is a provisional remedy in case the zipper of your pants is broken and is constantly lowered; place the ring of a key ring on the zipper and hook it on the button of the pants; the zipper will never fall again.

Fix the zipper with the graphite of a pencil

trick fix zipper tip pencil

And if your zipper is stuck, pass the graphite of a pencil through the teeth and the problematic area of ​​the zipper, this will help to unclog.

Label each cable with the name of your device

label name each cable

The annoying wiring that we all have somewhere in the house will no longer be so uncomfortable if you label each cable with the name of your device.

Use Lego pieces to hang keys and cables

lego pieces hang wrenches wires

Lego pieces can be very useful also for these cases; Take an example of the image and improvise a support for your cables.

Nailing a nail in the wall with the help of a comb

nail a nail helps a comb

Something as simple as nailing a nail to the wall can sometimes prove fatal; Protect your fingers using a comb, as simple as that.

Save valuables in an empty sunscreen jar

save objects value sunscreen

If you go to the beach, consider taking an empty tanning container with you to store your valuables inside; so you can confuse the thieves.

How to make homemade wet wipes

ideas paper hygienic easy wipes

You can make your own personal hygiene or household cleaning wipes using kitchen paper and following the steps you see in the image above.

Paint the keys with colored paintbrushes

paint wrenches colors

Color your keys using nail paint to distinguish them more easily. You can use another type of paint that is durable, stickers, and everything that comes to mind.

Tricks to close packages with clothes hangers

tricks close packets tweezers

If you do not have tweezers, maybe you have in your closet a hanger like the one you see in the image above.

Drying a wet phone in rice

dry phone wet rice salt

It's horrible when the phone gets completely wet and stops working, it's all happened to us. Before considering buying a new one; try to dip it in rice for a couple of days, so it will dry sooner.

Use an electric drill to clean tile joints

Use electric drill to clean joints

Cleaning the tiles of the bathroom and the kitchen can be a really simple task if we have an electric brush, but what if we make a home using the electric drill?

Original ideas and simple tricks for everyday tasks

original ideas and simple tricks

Place a couple of sponge jelly beans in your pack of ground coffee, and seal it with a metal clip; The sponge will absorb moisture and thus prevent the coffee from losing its flavor.

Use a vacuum cleaner cap

use vacuum cleaner keyboard tip

Place the fine-tipped plug of a pot of sauce on the end of the vacuum tube; thus you will have a special accessory for cleaning the most difficult areas such as keyboards, corners and edges.

Use Vaseline before spraying the perfume

use Vaseline before spraying perfume

To finish we propose some beauty tricks that have seemed great. Did you know that if you rub some odorless petroleum jelly in the areas where you perfume, your fragrance will last longer? Test it.

Apply the mascara using a spoon

paint mascara eyelashes spoon

It's odious that the mascara masks all the makeup you've just done with such care; that's why you should use a spoon or some other object with a flat surface to help protect the areas around the eyes when applying the mask.

Color the hair roots with eyeshadows

paint roots white hair shadow

If your hair is rather fine, or some gray hair begins to appear but you do not want to dye it, use dark eyeshadow to color some areas of your scalp to match the color.

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