Tricks for home to facilitate your way of living

tricks for home

In our house many times we do not know what to do to introduce a new air or to store things. That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about tricks for home that you can use to store your things and to decorate the interior. These tricks You can use them in the kitchen, in the living room and in the hall because these are the places where a greater number of objects that we need and that in most of the time are in our way. In this way you can also get a more comfortable interior and facilitate your home life.

Tricks for home for a more comfortable life

tricks for interior house

In the kitchen you can use one of the tricks for the house that will also serve to decorate the interior. It's about filling a wooden container with sand or grains of something to put the knives inside. This container can be placed near the sink or in a shelf and in this way you can get a very original decoration of the interior. What you have to do is stick the knives in the sand and leave only the handle in sight.

A very original way to store knives in the kitchen

tricks for home kitchen

On the other hand, you can also use a vase not very large and inside you can put some wooden sticks that you can tie with a thread so they do not move much. The knives also have to nail vertically between the poles. These decorating tricks are also very suitable for the kitchen because they look great on the shelves. In addition to this way you can get a very original decoration and if you use a vase of a modern style you will increase the elegance and modernity of your interior.

A very interesting mirror with a shelf to leave the things you need before leaving

tricks for home hall

On the other hand, many times before leaving after dressing, we in the hall look at ourselves in the mirror and do not have a comb or brush at hand with which we can comb our hair for the last time before leaving. One of the house tricks is to add to the mirror a shelf or small compartments like the ones you see in the photo above where you can leave the things that you might need before leaving. You can also place some small hangers on which to hang bags or coats that do not weigh much. In this way you will have three things in one, a mirror, a shelf and a hangers.

Baskets placed in the bathroom to store towels and have it at your fingertips

tricks for home bathroom

On the other hand, one of the tricks to decorate the house that you can use for your room bathroom is placing baskets on the wall imitating the shape of some drawers and inside you can place the towels. In this way the towels will always be at your fingertips and you will also get a very original decoration of the interior. On the other hand, the baskets you can hang directly on the wall or on metal bars on the wall and you can tie them with some ties. In this way you will use not only one of the tricks for houses, but also one of the tricks to decorate a house and you will increase the decoration of the bathroom.

A few decorative tricks for the living room cushions

tricks for home decorate

On the other hand, to decorate the living room or the living room you can use the cushions and you can sew some loops on the fabric. You can choose a few loops of different colors and with drawings or inscriptions to make decoration and decorating tricks more original. On the other hand, you can also combine the colors of the bows with the colors of the interior to intensify the decoration.

A place only for shoes at the door of the lounge to go to the hall

tricks for home shoes

However, in the receivers you can opt for one of the tricks for home by placing a shoe cover on the door. In this way the shoes will be stored and will not hinder you. Also, if you choose a colored sleeve you can add a very original decorative detail.

Using glass jars hanging from a wooden board to store brushes and toothpaste in the bathroom

tricks for house bathroom

On the other hand, the tricks for house that you can use in the bathroom besides that of the baskets is placing some glass jars on a wooden board and hanging it on the wall. In this way you will have some containers in which you can place your toothbrushes and the other things that you need and that you use in the bathroom.

A very modern and comfortable armchair to store books and decorate the interior

tricks for living room

A kitchen decorated with metal bars where you can hang the cooking utensils

tricks for house order kitchen

A very original way to keep the ties in a basket with holes through which to remove them

tricks for home useful

A very original shoe cupboards for the receivers

tricks for home furniture shoes

Keeping things inside you on a shelf with baskets

house tricks

A bathroom with baskets hanging on the wall in the form of drawers to store towels

tricks for the house bath

The decoration of the receivers with some shoe posts on the walls

tricks to decorate the house

Placing horizontal bars in the hall to hang the shoes

tricks to decorate a house

Using the ladder to make some compartments with hangers on which to hang the coats

decorating tricks

A very original and interesting house tricks to store books

decorating tricks

Large baskets hanging on the wall of the bathroom with which to make shelves in which to store things

tricks to decorate

A very original way to store the dryer and other things in the bathroom

indoor house tricks

Some decorating tricks for the interior with climbing plants

tricks to decorate an interior house

Using some old design spoons to place some things

tricks to decorate the kitchen house

Saving the rolls of kitchen paper in a drawer with a bar in which to introduce the royo

kitchen house tricks


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