Trunks restored to decorate your home - 24 fantastic ideas

baules restored ideas decoration

The restored bales they can serve many amazing things; They can create that touch of vintage look, duplicate the storage units and their surfaces can be used as any type of table. Another advantage is that you can easily find a cheap chest or vintage case at any antique store.

Original decorating ideas with restored baules


Aged leather and wood bring character and a lovely element, but if the trunk is too worn or you do not want a retro look, you can always cool it with a coat of paint in a fun color. From coffee tables to homemade bars, here you can find great ways to decorate with retained baules.

Original decoration with vintage style suitcase

original vintage style suitcase

The addition of a hard wooden cover to an antique chest will create a more stable surface to secure things on top and to make the trunk look more like an item of furniture.

Original restored trunk in vintage style

restored vintage-style chest

Even in a small living room, a large chest can make an interesting statement and offer plenty of space for storage.

Decorative ideas with restored vintage style trunks

restored vintage-style bales

Use a trunk as a low lounge table. Establish a chest instead of a console table and place a stack of books and photos on top for a fun and eclectic look.

Nice decoration of living room with a vintage trunk

nice decoration old baul

Add a touch of the old school to your home. You can set up an original decoration with a stack of chests in a corner of the room.

Beautiful decoration with a vintage style chest

pretty vintage chest decoration

The rustic elements fit perfectly with a palette of neutral colors. Use a chest for decorating special events such as wedding or birthday, it will be great.

Pretty boho style interior decoration

pretty decoration boho style

The vintage style is great, but if you want something a little more modern, why not update the chest with a new palette of colors?

Beautiful room decorated with a vintage chest

nice old chest room

A trunk is a great alternative to a bedside table , and if you want to give it some extra height, just add some legs. You can also use the trunk to store extra sheets or other things that you do not need to access frequently.

Original living room decoration with a retro style trunk

pretty retro style baul

The metal accents make the chests look a little more glamorous than the other old baules. The addition of wheels also helps to move it around the room, no matter how heavy it is.

Nice trunk in restored vintage style

pretty restored vintage baul

This magnificent chest is an extraordinary stylistic solution to any interior decoration. It is also a very spacious place to store trinkets.

Nice wooden trunk in vintage style

nice vintage style chest

It also works well to have a little more surface to decorate around the TV. This impressive wooden trunk offers a delicate and charming accent to any interior.

Original retro style wooden chest

wooden chest retro style

This design instead appears with a more neglected exterior, but this is precisely its greatest charm.

Original living room decor with vintage chest and Chester sofa

vintage chest chester sofa

This decorative wooden chest will provide ample storage options for you to make good use of it, while the old-fashioned finish adds a retro look and the smart design adapts to any empty space in your home.

Original vintage style chest in white

vintage chest white

This elegant chest painted white is a beautiful decorative element, as well as functional for any interior. It is spacious and very useful for storing different things.

Original entrance hall decoration with a vintage trunk

original decoration hall entrance

You can also use a chest as a storage unit at the entrance. Why not put your vintage trunk in the front door?

Vintage style decoration ideas

Vintage style suitcase decoration

Then you can find more images of chests and trunks restored in our gallery, see them all and decide which model will fit best with the decoration of your home. We return very soon with more interesting news about decoration and interior design, do not forget to visit our website.

Great vintage style chest decoration

great vintage chest decoration

Great vintage chest painted blue

super blue color box

Original children's room decoration with vintage restored trunks

children's room vintage baules

Original decoration of modern living room with vintage trunk

original living room decoration

Original decorating ideas with restored vintage-style trunks

original ideas vintage baules

OR riginal design of living room decorated with a trunk in vintage style

living room baul vintage style

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