Types of awnings - 24 options to protect you from the sun

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Today we are going to present to you several types of awnings so that you will be inspired to add one to your house. A awning Added to your home is a great investment. The awnings can be installed on the doors , the windows, the patios and in this way give your home or business a more original look.

Types of awnings to protect your terrace from the sun


Increase energy efficiency by reducing sunlight and glare, especially when it comes to awnings installed in the windows. When used over a patio, an awning will protect your outdoor furniture and floors from loss of color.

Types of awnings with a contemporary design

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Awnings will also increase the use of any outdoor space by protecting it from the sun and light rain. After you have made the decision to improve your home by adding an awning, you will have to choose a type, cover and awning style. Here we show you different options for each area.

Ideas of terraces with awnings to match the furniture

beautiful terrace awning original options ideas

Like everything else the awnings also change over time and not all the awnings in the courtyards are awnings. When we think of an awning, a wall-mounted design will most likely come to mind.

Beautiful orange and yellow striped awning to protect you from the sun in summer

types of awnings options color orange stripe ideas

A design fixed on the wall that extends outward These are fixed to the outside of your wall and extend out over an open-air lounge or dining area.

Retractable awning of very striking color on the terrace of the modern residence

types of awnings options color red ideas

These designs are called patio awnings but for others they are not. There are also some cloth pergolas that many call independent awnings since it gives more freedom because they can be moved.

Garden with pool and low canopy which hides an outdoor dining

types of awnings options contemporary design ideas

This type does not need to be mounted on the wall, since they have vertical supports, which are fixed well in the ground or are supported by heavy concrete blocks.

Options to design modern spaces under the shade of an awning

types of awnings options contemporary design garden ideas

Independent models do not tend to be called patio awnings, simply because they are not limited to patio areas next to a wall.

Ideas of awnings a modern design of Dickson

types of awnings options design dickson ideas

They are popular in open spaces, and their construction can be very large which means they can cover large spaces such as pool and lawn areas.

One more Dickson design for the modern garden


If you live in a windy and rainy area you will need additional support. This additional support will give you peace of mind. You may be able to buy front support bars to keep a more resilient retractable awning even to attach one side to the wall.

Space ideas with dark fabric awnings

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For this you will need a professional who evaluated the installation to find out if it is safe and discuss your options with you. There are awnings that have a frame that mounts on the structure of the wall.

Options to protect very wide spaces

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They can be installed square like a hood for extreme protection or have a semi-curved shape. This type of protection block the sun's rays before hitting the glass and are a great alternative to the blinds. They can be fixed or mobile.

Modern invisible arm awning perfect for the terrace

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This type of external awning protects your windows from the outside. They are often made to measure and are electric for maximum comfort.

Invisible arm awning with very large size to protect a larger space

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Some designs have a drop arm, which means that they can be moved out at the bottom, for a perfect shading angle.

An efficient and easy to use practical awning

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There are also awnings with side blinds, these retractable screens are usually used together with a wall mounted awning to provide more privacy, block the side breezes and provide shade when the sun is lower.

Semi-framed awning with extendable arm structure

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If the sunlight is direct and what you need is to block it, you will need a specially designed and installed awning. You can choose between types of motorized, parked or even retractable awnings.

A modern white design by Nicholls Furnishings

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You can install one just to add stylish appearance to your home. Or also to protect you from the sun.

Flat awning placed in semi-horizontal position for the garden

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Awnings like these that we show you today are available in many different types of materials, it is important to analyze what is best for you. You should analyze your needs because it will be easier and more useful for you.

Flat awning very suitable for covering patios and large terraces

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Some good materials that you can choose from include metal, acrylic, vinyl and much more. Each of them has its own benefits. Now we let you review these photos with all types of awnings so you can choose the best option for you.

Perfect flat awning to cover your wide terrace of Guibus

awning options house gardens broad design ideas

A modern awning by Markilux

precious awning markilux options modern home ideas

An innovative option to protect yourself from the sun on the terrace of this residence designed by Original Vision

types of awnings options original design vision ideas

Awning options to protect the window Gibus

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