Types of curtains - original solutions for the window

types of curtains design red dots ideas

Today we have some very original types of curtains for all of you. When we design our home we think of everything. At colour in the style, in the decoration and the accessories all this to recreate what we believe will be for us the "perfect home".

Types of curtains a cotton option

curtains cotton design stripes original ideas

But one of the things that we often ignore and that can make a big difference in design are the curtains. Window curtains usually do not receive the attention they deserve.

Types of curtains options of dark colors

beautiful curtains red color options design ideas

Perhaps one of the main reasons is that many owners are resorting to other window coverings such as blinds and blinds.

Dark living room with Heytens curtains and colored cushions that break the design

Curtains design heytens original salon ideas

Another important factor is the prices that often make us do without exquisite curtains or rugs. The curtains are very important but as long as they are chosen correctly.

Thin and transparent curtain ideas

Thin curtains design original white transparent ideas

When it comes to choosing curtains, the issues you should pay attention to are color, fabric and length. But as we all know there is an infinity of options of curtains which can make us feel overwhelmed.

Bedroom with furniture walls and curtains in neutral colors designed by Kobe Interior Design

kobe ​​interior design curtains bedroom ideas

For this reason you can ask professionals to help you reduce the options and select the right curtains for your home.

Another very elegant design by Kobe Interior Design

kobe ​​interior design curtains dining ideas

An essential part when it comes to the lesson of curtains is their weaving, since the time that the curtains will last depends on the material they are made from.

Kitchen and dining room with traditional design and curtains that fit this style

types curtains design dining style traditional ideas

If they are too heavy it will be difficult to run them and if they are too light they may not fall well so you must find the balance.

A very attractive choice of curtains designed by Fiona Campbell

types of curtains design fiona campbell ideas

One piece of advice we have for you is that you should also think about whether your window is facing south, which is the best option if, on the other hand, it is oriented towards the north all summer will give you the sun.

Combination of transparent curtains and black curtains for the bedroom

types of bedroom gray color curtains design ideas

If your room receives a lot of light, the best thing to do is to avoid bright colors, as they tend to fade faster. However, if you like to change the design of your room every so often, you may be less concerned about the curtains.

An option similar to the previous one but with light gray curtains that fit the design of the room

types of curtains gray color original ideas

What we can suggest is that they opt for neutral colors, since they are less prone to discoloration and combine with the decoration of a room much easier.

Curtains with beautiful floral print

types of colorful curtains beautiful interior ideas

Linen, silk, fake silk and velvet are the best choices of fabrics for curtains, as they tend to hang better. Faux silk tends to be the most durable.

Gray curtains with beautiful print

types of curtains original interior design options ideas

If you are looking for curtains for a very sunny room, we advise you to choose fake silk curtains since they do not deteriorate as quickly as real silk.

Beautiful curtains with prints designed by Via Roma 60

types of curtains modern design via roma 60 ideas

There are also fabrics that can help protect you from the cold. As for example the suede cloth or velvet, since its weight helps to block the light and keeps the heat. You can also opt for thermal curtains.

Very elegant black transparent curtains

types of curtains design black transparent ideas

Another thing we should think about is the length of our curtains. Before we start measuring we must decide and if we want our curtain to be just above the window or we want it to be very much above.

Light curtains for modern interiors from the Rubelli collection by Armani / Casa

types of curtains original design armani ideas

If you place the curtains higher it will create a feeling of height in the room. Many designers hang the curtains high above the window frame just because of that and because they want to add a dramatic look to the space.

Bedroom with red curtains that stand out

types of curtains design red bedroom ideas

For a more traditional look, let the curtain be a little longer and slide on the floor. If, on the other hand, you want a modern look, it should be level with the ground.

Perfect curtains for the modern living room

types of curtains prints beautiful ideas

Now on the width of the curtain the best option is to leave the two sides of the window frame. This way when the curtains are open they will not block the entrance of light covering a part of the glass.

Thin curtains with a soft color that do not overwhelm the design of the living room

types of fine curtains modern original ideas

Now we leave you with our ideas of types of curtains and very original designs that may fit the style of your living room or bedroom.

A very nice curtains from Zara Home

yellow curtains living collection zara ideas

Matching curtains with cushions

types of modern interior curtains options ideas

Curtains with geometric design in black and white

types of curtains original options curtains ideas

Very nice curtains designed by Ritva Puotila

veil curtain design ritva puotila beautiful ideas

Beautiful curtains with lush floral print a design by Jean Paul Gaultier for LELIEVRE

types of curtains design jean paul gaultier ideas

Another beautiful design by Jean Paul Gaultier for LELIEVRE




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