Types of fireplaces perfect for a cozy home

marble wall salon lijoso modern fireplace ideas

In our article today we have some very original images with ideas that show different types of chimneys for home. Previously the chimneys were exclusive to rural areas but things have changed. In recent years more and more urban households have a fireplace. For an easy adaptation to the peculiarities of each home Traditional gas or electric models have been added to traditional fireplaces.

Types of fireplaces ideas with gas and firewood

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In this way the chimneys no longer only serve the function of heating and distributing the heat correctly but they are also part of the modern home decoration. The chimneys are distinguished according to the type of fuel used to fuel the fire. The most traditional version is the wood or coal fireplaces that guarantee hot days and nights every winter. What makes them less practical is that they must comply with construction requirements and have a works license for their installation.

Types of fireplaces ideas with firewood in the room designed by Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn wall stone fireplace wood ideas

There are two options of wood fireplaces, some are open and others are closed, which are much safer. The doors of the closed chimneys are made of glass. Wood fireplaces are recommended for homes because in addition to uniformly heating all the plants in the house, it maintains that heat for longer than heating. The most current models that exist are gas or electric fireplaces.

Modern fireplace hanging from the ceiling

black steel fireplace hanging modern wood ceiling ideas

The installation of these chimneys is much easier and simple and you should only have a smoke outlet. There are many different designs that can be put even in the middle of a room. The maintenance of these chimneys is less expensive since it is not necessary to clean them after each use.

Mosaic wall and gas fireplace in modern living room

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Within the types of chimneys we have to pause in the bioethanol chimneys. In recent years, thanks to his designs, he has gained ground. Added to its modern image another reason is precisely its sustainability. It is not about types of chimneys that use traditional fuels. Their great decorative effect and the benefits in practice place them in many luxurious environments.

Very modern fireplace on the wall of the modern living room

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If we compare them with the traditional ones, the function of heating the rooms is practically similar. The main difference is precisely that once they are turned off they will stop emitting heat. If we think for a while about the designs and types of fireplaces that work with firewood has elements resistant to fire and heat in general.

Very modern open gas fireplace

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These are precisely those that accumulate and then transmit the heat released by the chimney. This is one of the basic differences in bioethanol models. In its structure the manufacture has steel that does not accumulate heat unlike the types of chimneys that we mentioned. This is a system that allows to heat faster and cools in the same way.

White slab fireplace with doors in the living room

fireplace living room white brick modern wood ideas

As a solution, these chimneys can be installed in structures that help maintain heat once they are turned off. Stone or refractory bricks are common options to combine with these types of chimneys. Thanks to the ability to accumulate heat if the burners do not work, the temperature will be maintained for a longer time. If we like the image of bioethanol fireplaces the ability to increase and maintain heat can be compensated with accessories.

Rest room with wood burning fireplace

fourth reclining fireplace fireplace leather ideas

There are several accessories available for this purpose and you just have to put them close. There are logs and ceramic stones that are perfect for this. They are located around the entire burner and as combustion increases they will accumulate heat. When the fireplace is completely turned off then these accessories will release the heat.

Rustic style bedroom with wood burning fireplace

brick modern fireplace chimney wall ideas

The shape and the modern image of these chimneys are due especially to the materials on the outside. The different designs have combinations of ceramic, glass or stone. Together they allow really wonderful different finishes. If it is compared with other traditional types, this may be its main advantage. It is common that in others there is an excess of heat. Product especially of a use of firewood superior to the one that we need at certain moment.

White walls and wood burning fireplace in the modern living room

simple ideas wood white wall modern ideas

In practice you have to ventilate the room in some way to balance the temperature a little. These problems are generally avoided with the biochimeneas to have the possibility of regulating the flames. Reaching heat levels similar to those of common use based on other fuels. In addition to heating any place the designs are perfect to enhance the relaxing effect of the spaces.

Gas fireplace and fire-resistant steel cladding

Jennifer Charleston steel coats fireplace living room modern gas ideas

As we know, there is nothing that produces greater interest and peace than the effect of fire. Both inside and outside our home. Another important aspect when we refer to this type of chimney is its own combustion. In practice, it is an absolutely renewable fuel. When burning, no waste of any kind is obtained and no odors. It will only be necessary to install it in a space that is ventilated easily.

Concrete wall and fireplace in the dining room

wall concrete chimney glass protective table chairs wood ideas

Structures such as extractors and smoke exhaust present in various types of chimneys, will not be necessary. The reason is that it simply does not produce them and the smell will be a thing of the past. Life is much easier with the bioethanol fireplaces and everything starts from the same assembly. In their majority they are of easy installation according to all the characteristics that we have explained. Now we let you review these types of precious fireplaces that we have compiled in our photo gallery.

Brick wall and fireplace in modern living room

wall brick fireplace wood living room modern ideas

Large fireplace and wooden wall in the living room

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Very original wall and fireplace with glass that protects

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