Types of indoor floors and how to choose the best option

types of floors design parquet interior floor design ideas

Today we have for you all some very original ideas and advice on the types of soils you can choose to put in your place. The type of soil you will choose for your home is very important since the ground could make a significant difference in the design and finish of your draft .

Types of interior floors and spaces with incredible designs


A floor that looks good could improve the value of the house and could make your space much more attractive, however, not everyone knows how to choose and install the right floor so you should also choose the builders carefully.

Types of indoor floors options for each room of the house

EmilCeramica Emilgroup floor stone bathroom ideas

That is why we offer you this article about the most popular types of floors used by builders. When one buys a new house or makes a reconstruction one is faced with all the types of floors from which one can choose.

Modern kitchen with ceramic tile floor

FRAME ceramic slabs kitchen floor design ideas

The difference between these types of soils can be confusing at first, that's why we put together this guide in which we discuss the types of soils in terms of appearance, durability, longevity and ease of maintenance.

Floor options for the modern living room

FRAME living room modern style ideas

We started with the ceramic tiles. If you need waterproofing in your home ceramic tiles are the best alternative. Ceramic slabs can be used for the floor, indoors and also for countertops.

Daniel Lagoon porcelain stoneware floor an original option for the bedroom

Lake daniel lake floor stoneware porcelain ideas

There are some types of ceramic slabs with high gloss finish this type tends to scratch over time. Ceramic tiles with an enamel finish are the best alternative for exterior floors. Some of the most popular finishes available are matt, embossed, enameled and non-slip.

Living room with high pressure laminate flooring Woodco

laminated plastic high pressure Woodco apartment ideas

The porcelain ceramic tiles are the best because they do not notice scratches or damage due to their composition. One of its biggest drawbacks is that the slabs of lower quality can break down and be difficult to clean.

Bathroom with marble mosaic floor by Lithos Mosaico Italia

mosaic marble floor bathroom Lithos Mosaico Italy ideas

We continue with the wood. The wooden floor can consist of several layers of sawn wood or plywood or it can also be made of solid wood planks. The solid wood floor is made from real wood and preserves the appearance of natural wood.

Ceramic stone slabs suitable for exteriors and interiors from Marazzi

mystone bluestone marazzi interior exterior slabs ideas

Although there are many types of laminate flooring or slabs that imitate wood in an incredible way. Although some types of laminate flooring and high-quality slabs may look like real wood, there are many differences between these products.

Living room with fireplace and floor with Virag laminate

living room fireplace floor laminate virag ideas

True wood is characterized by the tremendous variation of grain texture, since hardwood planks are never exactly the same. The durability of an authentic hardwood floor varies depending on the finish, the manufacturer and the maintenance.

One more room with Virag laminate on the floor that imitates wood

living room floor laminate virag ideas

Solid wood floors can be renovated and repaired fairly easily, often without the need to replace planks or the entire floor, which is the case with damaged laminate floors.

Stone slab floor by TWS Tipical World Stone

living room floor stone TWS Tipical World Stone ideas

We continue with one of the types of floors most used in recent years is the laminate. The laminate is a multi-layered synthetic coating product. It is designed to mimic the appearance of real wood.

A tropical design living room filled with plants and stone flooring by TWS Tipical World Stone

salon floor stones TWS Tipical World Stone ideas

The core layer of the laminate floor is mainly made of resin. The top layer has a printed textured image made to look like real wood.

An apartment with open plan design and bamboo floor by Moso International

bamboo floor Moso International ideas

The surface of the laminate floor is often harder than that of natural wood. Most surfaces of laminate floors are very resistant to moisture, stains and decay. In fact, many laminate manufacturers offer guarantees of up to 25 years.

Very original ceramic floor tiles for the living room

modern ceramic tiles floor ideas style

We continue with one of the most luxurious options that is marble. Marble slabs can be used in any area of ​​the house, but are especially popular for the kitchen and for the bathroom, there are many people who use marble slabs as decorative accents for the walls.

Bedroom with European cherry wood floor

European cherry floor design style modern ideas

Traditional marble slabs have a polished, shiny finish that adds class to your design. They look stunning in any room. There are also marble slabs that come in beige tones that after being polished have an earthy and natural finish.

Options for the floor and bathroom walls of Panaria Ceramica

floor design bathroom style Panaria Ceramica ideas

An alternative to ceramic slabs are the porcelain slabs that are increasingly popular. Porcelain slabs are harder than ceramic slabs almost as much as stone.

Bedroom with bamboo floor by Moso International

floor bedroom bamboo Moso International ideas

If you can not afford marble slabs, porcelain provides a better imitation of marble. In addition these slabs come in many colors and textures with a lot of options to match any design.

Apartment with floor and walls of porcelain stoneware that imitates wood

floor effect wood design atlas concorde ideas

After discussing the main types of soil and soil materials, here are some tips to help you choose the right soil for your home. When choosing the floor there are several points to consider.

Ceramic tiles with stone effect for interiors or exteriors of Marca Corona

exterior floor interior slabs porcelain brand crown ideas

The first thing we should think about is what room will be the floor you should consider the different needs of each room in the house. That means you're probably going to choose a floor for a bathroom very different from the living room.

Porcelain stoneware floor with wood effect from the Gresplus collection by Casalgrande Padana

floor porcelain stoneware casalgrande padana ideas

For example, the living room is often an open space through which the owners are constantly passing. Therefore, we must choose a floor that is very resistant to scratches and can support the weight of heavy furniture.

High quality solutions for the floor and walls of the house of ABK Industrie Ceramiche

floor porcelain stoneware interiors bathrooms INTERNAL 9 ABK ​​ideas

In the bathroom that is a very humid room you should think of some mold resistant material. You may also want a slip resistant floor and something that is hot when you walk barefoot.

Porcelain stoneware floor manufactured by ABK Industrie Ceramiche

floor porcelain stoneware INTERNAL 9 ABK ​​ideas

For the bedroom you probably need a floor with sound insulation so you do not hear what goes on the floor below. The kitchen as well as the living room is a room in which we walk a lot, so better a floor that does not need so much maintenance and in which dirt is not seen so much.

Laminate flooring from L'Antic Colonial a beautiful and economical decision

Laminate floor design style L Antic Colonial ideas

The floor must adapt to your lifestyle because as we have already said if you have children pets and little maintenance time a marble floor will not be the best option for you. Our advice is to be realistic and choose the best option for your lifestyle and not the one that looks best according to you.

A dark brown laminate from L'Antic Colonial

dark brown laminate flooring L Antic Colonial ideas

The smartest decision is to think long term. Another thing we all think about is the price since it can make a big impact on our purchase decision. But before this see our images with ideas of different floors in different rooms to see what it is that you like and reduce your options.

A mosaic bathroom on the floor of Lithos Italia

types of floors design bathroom floor mosaic lithos italy ideas

Another important factor is the size and shape of the room. It is a bright room full of natural light or a dark one. The lighter colored floor can make a room feel wider and you can discover the darker areas of your home, while mid-tone materials can add heat to a space.

Porcelain tiles that imitate MARGRES CERAMIC TILES wood on the bedroom floor

floor-types bedroom design porcelain tiles MARGRES CERAMIC TILES ideas

The natural colors are easy to combine with the furniture and accessories which allows you to change the furniture every so often without having to worry what color will fit the floor. Before choosing the color of your floor play with different shades of color for the floor and walls to find out what combinations you like best for your space.

Bedroom with laminate floor by Tarket

types of floors laminate design bedroom tarket ideas

The size of tiles or tiles can be used to trick the eye into making a space appear larger or smaller. For example, horizontal lines can make a small space appear longer. If you want a small space to look bigger, we suggest you choose bigger and wider tiles.

Beautiful floor made of high pressure laminate Woodco

types of floors high pressure plastic laminate design woodco ideas

Before buying a product better to see and touch it to have a better idea of ​​the colors and textures of it and when you have found the perfect product for your space, your needs and your style. You should look for a good company of floor coverings so that your floor is beautiful.

A very attractive design created with porcelain tiles by MARGRES CERAMIC TILES

types of floors design porcelain tiles MARGRES CERAMIC TILES ideas

Now we leave you with our photos of very original types of floors to inspire you and choose the best option for your home do not forget to follow our tips that will facilitate the choice.

Ideas of high quality porcelain stoneware floors by Cotto d'Este

types of floors design slabs wood effect COTTO D ESTE ideas

An option of perfect slabs for houses with luxurious design by Panaria Ceramica

types of floors luxury design Panaria Ceramica ideas

A house with very original European chestnut wood flooring

types of floors design wood chestnut European ideas

A room in the attic with walnut flooring

types of floors design walnut design modern style ideas

Rooms with teak wood flooring for a cozy and bright design

types of floors design teak wood design style ideas

Beautiful slabs of marmos that create attractive figures on the floor of the house in Devon & Devon

types of floors marble design devon devon ideas

Ideas of elegant floors of acre wood

types of floors modern design wood acre ideas

Small apartment with walnut floor matching the ceiling

types of floors design walnut wood options ideas

Large format ceramic panels with marble effect INTERNO 9 ABK

types of floors original design stoneware INTERNAL 9 ABK ​​ideas

Kitchen with wooden furniture and bright white oak floor

types of floors design white oak design ethyl wood ideas

Bright porcelain tile floor by FRAME in the living room

types of floors design salon tiles design FRAME ideas

Parquet from the planed wood from NOGHERA CORTECCIA CADORIN GROUP


Oak parquet floor bleached in the kitchen Rank

WOODGRACE floor slabs modern kitchen ideas

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