U distribution kitchens of modern designs that you should see

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In this post we will be talking a little about the different possibilities regarding distribution kitchens and their design. If right now you are thinking about changing this space and creating some reforms today's advice will be of great help. To be able to take advantage of the spaces in the kitchens, effective distribution is vital.

U distribution kitchens to optimize space

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Let's see what are the most used distributions to know that it could be adapted to our case. When making any reform if this is respected our kitchen will be much more functional. We will also win in space so it will be much more pleasant. Recall that currently the kitchen is likewise a space for socialization in each home. The selection that we present in the photographs correspond to U kitchens.

U-shaped kitchens with beautiful accent wall and LED lights

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However, we will start by detailing the characteristics of the kitchens in L. This is a perfect distribution for a family kitchen. In addition to being one of the most common allows them to be placed chairs and tables in a simpler way. The distribution in L is the ideal solution if we want to create an area for family meals. It is a versatile way since it adapts to kitchens of any dimension. Large medium or small will be a distribution that will make them functional.

Shelves integrated into the decoration make this kitchen an elegant and cozy space

kitchens distribution brown wood accessories

An important point is the comfort that is experienced while cooking. The way in this way of distributing allows an intersection to be formed in which we have everything at hand. On the other hand in terms of distribution kitchens and designs the simplest are the linear ones. The entire line of work and each element are centered on a single wall. There are situations where we have a narrow and elongated kitchen where it will always be an intelligent exit.

A good idea using white furniture to enhance lighting

kitchens distribution functionalities colors parts

Being all on one wall the displacement will be greater. Therefore, it is recommended that the cooking zone be placed in the center of the entire line of work. The distribution to which we dedicate the gallery, the U distribution within its requirements has space. It is necessary to apply it in large kitchens so that a somewhat overwhelming sense of heaviness is not created. These, unlike the previous ones, use three walls, which allows a comfortable flow in the kitchen area.

Design with a white island that integrates perfectly with the existing decoration

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The reason is that distances are shortened. Depending on the space conditions, an island can be added at times. Each of the distributions that we saw can be accompanied by one. As long as you keep the space comfortable and functional. The benefits if we add the islands our design are many. We will gain more work space and storage spaces. If we want it with some stools it can be converted into a space for light meals or breakfasts.

Another example of a small but very functional kitchen with a U distribution

kitchens distribution furniture small walls

As mentioned, we must carefully assess the conditions of space. Approximately there must be about ninety centimeters between the island and the furniture so that the transit through the kitchen is not difficult. There is a layout that closely resembles the kitchen in U. It consists of two parallel fronts. These are cases in which the lines of work are facing each other. Although it is recommended that there be at least one meter and twenty of separation between both areas.

The view of the garden and cozy lighting make this kitchen something special

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This measure will not affect at all movement by the kitchen. To be a functional kitchen in these models should be located work areas at the end. Both the part intended for cleaning as to cooking they should be on the same side. It is an intelligent way to reduce the chances of accidents in the kitchen environment. It's a great idea that with the kitchens in U shares great advantages, such as leaving a large space in the kitchen area.

Black is an important detail in this design that shows a U distribution

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What will be very useful if it is common for many people to be in this space. In the same way we will have the possibility of avoiding everything unnecessary from the central space. Although if you prefer we will have the option to use it with some furniture for accessories. There are small floors in which this distribution can be used if the kitchen is closed. However, the cases of open kitchens can be adapted to the L models. This is always the case when you want to differentiate the kitchen from the other spaces. Creating a specific environment for this area of ​​the house gaining in personality. Enjoy each of these variants with excellent contrasts and functional furniture. Maybe one of them can adapt to your case and achieve a fully functional kitchen.

A functional variant that incorporates the furniture in an ideal area for breakfast

stunning shapes colors styles color

One of the most used contrasts, blue and white applied to this modern kitchen

white blue elegant open kitchen

Interesting proposal of modern kitchen with rustic details in walls and ceiling

closed rocks walls materials slats

Double curtains that share the tones of the furniture integrating with fluidity

concept top view matters carpets

A perfect design for an open plan towards the dining room or any living room at home

countertops colors white flooring

White and black with excellent results in this modern kitchen distributed in U

contrasts colorrs brown elegant furniture

The LED lights elegantly define the entire outline of this kitchen and the furniture

Special elegant rooms carpets led

All white furniture adds an effect of continuity between these spaces

interior stairs lateral tracks extreme

U-shaped kitchen concept for a small space full of storage places

Island yellow special kitchens

Interesting design that contrasts the red on the walls and several small accessories

wood parts furniture color styles

Impressive effect of materials and luminaires for this very special modern kitchen

impressive modern hanging luminaires

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