Upholstered furniture and fabrics with wool

Upholstered furniture

Many times with the change of the seasons we look for a change also in our home or in ourselves. But the change is really good when it matches the new station we are receiving. In this article we will give you several ideas about decor of your house with Upholstered furniture .

Upholstered furniture for an autumn decoration of our house

Upholstered furniture decoration

There are several types of fabrics for upholstering furniture that can be used or for the accessories that we want to use for home decoration: wicker, plastic or wool are some of them. In this article we will focus on furniture upholstery with wool.

Upholstered furniture of colors concordes to the decoration of autumn

Upholstered furniture home decoration

We can choose some already made and buy them directly, like these stools or armchairs that look like cushions from the previous photos. It is also important the color of the fabric, since this has to agree at the same time with two things: first, with the other furniture, for which we can choose a carpet of the same color as the stool, and, second, as we are talking about autumnal decoration, with the colors of this season.

Autumnal decoration for the interior with furniture woven with wool

Upholstered furniture autumn decoration

Although the typical colors of autumn are browns, oranges, reds and yellows, we can escape a little from them and take refuge in the green and blue colors. These colors can be combined with the autumn colors, as long as it is a dark blue, for example, and a dark orange.

The combination of fabrics that we can take advantage of to decorate our house

Upholstered furniture

Another thing we can do is combine the fabrics. We can use the wicker for a type of furniture, as it could be with an object with the shape of a cushion made of wicker, on which we can place other cushions and use it as a table. By the way, the color of the wicker is very appropriate for this season, not only because it is brown, but because it gives that feeling of dryness, dry leaves and dry branches. At the same time, we could place several objects to add them to the decoration that are upholstery with wool.

Decorating the home with woolen fabrics placed in the pots

Interior decoration upholstered furniture

Now, we will focus a little on the objects that we can upholster with wool to continue with the decoration. If you wonder why we have chosen precisely the wool, it is because it is a fabric that is used a lot for the winter, it could be said that it is a warm fabric. We can use this fabric not only for the walled furniture, but also for our pots.

Decorate our furniture with woven colored wool fabric that correspond to the autumn

upholstered furniture interior autumnal decoration

We can have an upholstered furniture like this chair. For that, if you can knit it would be fine for that matter because you could do something to your liking and to the exact size you need. On the other hand, if you do not know how to do it, the best thing would be to buy a chair like that or search through the shops for something already made for your chair.

How we decorate our walls with wool boxes

upholstered furniture interior autumn decoration

A very original idea for interior decoration that you could use as a complement to upholstered furniture, would be frames for paintings in which you can introduce samples of fabrics and hang them on the walls or frames for photos. In the second case these frames can be placed in a piece of furniture to decorate it. Of course, the colors also have to be from the range of fall colors. If you choose a green, let it be a dull green.

The decoration of the house can also be done by decorating the things we use in the kitchen

original upholstered furniture

On the other hand, the decoration of rooms can be done in a very original way. You only need a teapot that you will have to coat with wool. In the part of the cover there can be some flowers to give a greater coloring. This piece could be placed both in the living room in the center of the table, and in the kitchen table.

Ideas for the original decoration of the interior of our house with colors reminiscent of autumn

Original upholstered furniture decorate

The upholstered furniture with fabric can be carried even to the lighting. You can do it by covering your wool lamp or why not your light bulbs. It is quite interesting, although for the lamp we advise you to use pastel colors to give more softness to the interior.

Decorating the space for pencils and pens with wool

original upholstered furniture autumnal decoration

If you have upholstered furniture, you can do the same with the portabolis. Like the other upholstered objects, it serves to complete the decoration of our home. Do not worry if they are more dull or colder colors of the range of grays. These tones are also characteristic for autumn.

Cushions or round stools woven with wool that we can use to decorate our house

original interior upholstered furniture

Returning to these decorative wool cushions, you can place them anywhere in your house. The best thing for them would be to combine them with an interior in which there are other objects or furniture of the same color, such as a rug, for example.

Wool cushions for the decoration of the sofa of our house

fabrics for upholstering furniture

Armchairs upholstered with wool for the living room or living room of our house

Upholstered living room furniture

Autumnal decoration is distinguished by colors

furniture upholstery autumn

Various decorating ideas for our interior with autumn air

upholstering furniture with fabric

The decoration of living rooms with stools or rounded cushions scattered on the floor

upholstered armchairs

The autumn decoration of our accessories complements the decoration of the interior

interior decoration

The decoration with wool of our favorite cups for autumn

fabrics for upholstery furniture mugs

The interior decoration concentrated in clothespins

furniture upholstery wool

Lamps upholstered and decorated with wool for the interior of our house

autumn salons decoration

Hanging lamps upholstered with woven wool

upholstered furniture upholstered lamps

Upholstered and original armchairs with two extensions in the upper part that look like the ears of an animal

interior decoration autumn

Decoration for the interior or exterior of the house, made with wicker cloth

upholstering furniture with wicker cloth

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