Urban oasis at home - twenty-five landscaping ideas

oasis design interior eye ox

Would you like to have a oasis in your own home? In today's article we will see great ideas to create garden islands for indoor and outdoor plants, do not miss our selection of twenty-five images. It's great how the architects and interior designers have merged their interior creations with natural outdoor landscapes.

Urban oasis for indoor and outdoor

Design vertical gardens interior walls

We already saw in previous posts that vertical gardens They are very current because in addition to beautifying the spaces act as natural filters of the air. As we can see in the photograph, these small vertical oases are perfect for interiors, a perfect area of ​​visual escape from the hectic daily routine of the city.

Design by Paul Hervey for the Garden BrandAlley

garden design Chelsea London

The following landscape design is a creation of Paul Hervey-Brookes for the BrandAlley Garden in Chelsea, London. What we can find in this wonderful garden are areas dedicated to different purposes; there are parts destined for meditation and reflection, while others were created to be contemplated.

Gardens with oriental style design

zen oriental style garden design

We can also take an example of some exterior designs of oriental style . It is known that different Asian cultures share devotion and respect towards nature and seek at all times the fusion of man and his environment. Your designs must follow a certain order and a certain rhythm to achieve a relaxing atmosphere.

Modern design of minimalist gardens

Another option for garden oasis designs are those of minimalist style and little overloaded. We can plant grass in the garden plots. In this style, polygons, straight lines and visual symmetry are very important. Each element, whether natural or artificial, has a function by completing the landscape and following the lines of the architecture, and this in turn is evolving to try to adapt better to the natural environment of the place.

Garden rockery with koi pond

design oasis pond koi rocalla

Oasis of interior with plants

design interior oasis design house

Islands of garden with plants

design oasis plants interior design

Landscaping designs for garden oasis

Landscaping design large garden stones

Garden pond with rocks and plants

pond garden edges round stones

Design of gardens and modern patios

super design modern style garden

island garden round tree

island garden plot green grass

islands garden modern design plants

oasis aquarium plants interior ground

oasis interior plants japanese style

oasis garden modern style plants

oasis garden inner courtyard plants

garden design many plants

oasis palm trees pond stones garden

oasis terrace sunset furniture wood

oasis urban patio bathtub

vertical gardens interior bedroom

plants garden design landscaping flowers

rockery grass growing green color

urban osasis design terrace

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