Veal cheeks with red wine - easy homemade recipes

beef cheeks with red wine

Today we want to present you with a simple recipe to elaborate and really tasty for the palate: beef cheeks with red wine . It is a traditional Spanish dish that is very easy to prepare, it is full of aromas that enhance the honey texture and the characteristic flavor of beef.

Recipe of beef cheeks with red wine

beef cheeks to pure red wine

The beef cheek is a fairly tender and juicy meat that has nerves, and therefore requires slow cooking. It is advisable to ask a butcher to cut them specifically to be stewed, cleaning their nerves and tendons.

Choose fresh veal

veal meat

It is an expensive and coveted meat, because each animal has only a pair of cheeks. When choosing meat, try to make it a deep red color. Once clean, we can soak the cheeks in cold water for thirty minutes to soften.

veal meat sauce

For this recipe especially we will use chorizo ​​peppers and leeks to enhance the sauce. We can also provide a note of color incorporating peas, carrots, or even wild berries as we see in the image above.

olive oil

The ingredients you will need are: 4 beef cheeks, 2 red onions, 2 leeks, a garlic head, 2 tomatoes, 4 choriceros peppers, 1l (4 cups) of red wine, 1 teaspoon of veal bottom, 50 g (¾oz) ) of peas, 25 cl (1 cup) of Olive Oil, coarse salt and pepper. The choice of red wine depends on you, but as a suggestion we can indicate that a Rioja or a Ribera del Duero will be up to this recipe.

Ingredients: meat, tomatoes, onions, leeks, garlic, choriceros peppers and red wine

tomatoes, garlic onions

To make a garnish you will need potatoes, pasta, 10 cl (7 tablespoons) of milk and rice pilaf. Finally, to make the decoration you will need 2 leeks (only the white part)

Ingredients for the garnish: potatoes, pasta, 7 tablespoons of milk and rice pilaf

homemade recipe

We could qualify this dish of medium difficulty. As for the preparation, the first thing we should do is clean the cheeks, removing all the nerves and excess fat. Then proceed to peel the onions, tomatoes and leeks.

Red wine Rioja or Ribera del Duero

Red wine

In a saucepan pour 1 cup of olive oil to sauté the beef cheeks. Once sofritas add the veal bottom diluted in 5 cl (3 ½ tablespoons) of water.

veal cheeks

We can add the onions, the tomatoes and the leeks cut in julienne to the saucepan and we add the garlic cloves with skin and the whole choriceros peppers. Season and cover the pan to cook for 10 minutes. From time to time we can remove. Some prefer to combine even more spices like bay leaves or sprigs of rosemary, depending on personal tastes.

sauce cheeks

Once the indicated time has elapsed we can add the red wine, mix it and let it simmer for 3 or 4 hours, depending on the thickness of the cheeks. After this time, remove the cheeks and mash the sauce with a masher.

Recipe simple from beef cheeks to red wine

home dish

For the garnish we can make a mashed potato or present it with boiled peas. Actually, any option can be good; whether they are grilled vegetables or baked potatoes. For decoration, we can use the white part of the leeks, julienne and sautéed in olive oil.

Steps to cook beef cheeks with red wine

veal cheeks

Once the sauce is crushed, heat it for about 5 minutes and cut the cheeks into equal slices. To serve the dish, we will place the meat sprinkled with a little sauce and accompanied by puree or peas. Keep in mind that the amounts indicated above are for 4 people, the preparation is 45 minutes and cooking is 4 hours.

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