Vertical design gardens - make the most of space.

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The installation of vertical design gardens allows us to develop green spaces in unsuspected places. Many times due to architectural problems, especially small spaces, vertical design gardens are the option. Little by little it has been gaining in preference and the designs are a challenge to the imagination. Within its types we can highlight two fundamentals. The first is the Passive.

Vertical design gardens with steel structure

gardens vertical design steel corten plants

It is a crop for both areas exterior or interiors with representative species and aiming to improve the aesthetics of the building. The other variant are the Assets that are combined with the ventilation and air conditioning systems. In this way a highly ecological system is created for the purification of the air. It is also an ecological way to condition the temperature of any building inside.

Vertical design gardens with filtered

gardens design vertical australia wall pump

The vertical design gardens have dissimilar benefits that go beyond the aesthetic. Especially its impact for the Health It is notable. They improve the quality of the air by the absorption of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. These are converted into oxygen, acting as a natural filter against toxins. According to expert data, a meter or two of plant cover generates the oxygen required by a person throughout the year. The effects on the psyche are also positive.

Variety of species for color contrast

gardens vertical design colorful red contrast

The fact of giving more intensity in green to the environment creates a relaxing effect. Visual comfort is much greater by reducing stress. In terms of functionality, this system provides a biological repellent that does not allow the proliferation of bacteria. If we wish, they can function as vertical gardens. It is an ideal choice for restaurants or the home. In this way we can accommodate smaller vegetables and even aromatic plants.

Vertical garden by Patrick Blanc

gardens vertical design elegant interior lights

In terms of maintenance, vertical design gardens do not require a high level of attention. Its maintenance is mainly based on controlling the operation of the irrigation system and changing the plants that are affected. This is due more to its capacity for water retention. So they are perfect if we do not have a lot of time to dedicate them. We leave you some variants of design in today's gallery, suitable for dissimilar spaces.

Design for modern environment

gardens vertical design sofa plants led

Covering facade of building

gardens vertical design facade building height

Lush style for outdoor

gardens vertical design forging metal chairs

Horizontal contrast of plants

gardens design vertical approach colorful contrast

Medium format garden with focal lights

gardens vertical design lighting ferns projectors

Model on brick wall

gardens vertical design red brick exterior

Main access decoration

gardens vertical design bricks wall entrance

Ideal for public spaces

gardens vertical design lamp ferns restaurant

Visual sense of wellbeing

gardens vertical design modern focal lights

Solution for small spaces

gardens design vertical wood chairs patio

Mobile stands with wheels

gardens design vertical metal base colorful

Active vertical garden

gardens vertical design aisle led

They favor creativity

gardens vertical design pianola interior bed

Mobile variant on rock wall

gardens design vertical rocks wall texture

Wavy creative design

gardens vertical design wide salon wavy

nice massage salon bed relaxation

nice wall green wall waterfall

Vertical garden pallet string diy

home office computer vertical office

home bottles creative diy restaurant

home small wall garden diy

kitchen sphere creative garden aromatics

colorful pump circulation bricks water

colorful flowers wheels red car

colorful ferns creative white garden

colorful plants metal base pink

Creative recyclable aromatic ceiling bottles

diy home vertical garden hammer

dubai pavilion creative sweets arab

building outskirts metal wall facade

elegant living room furniture modern furniture

pond exterior plants water lamparas building

interior space save metal spheres

interior lights wood floor natural

interior modern walls gardens home

elegant framed garden rustic table

colorful orchids flowers pink ferns

pallet diy vertical garden outdoor collection

walls hanging plants floor interiors

small diy garden table living room

plants flowers yellow spheres collector

varied restaurant style tables ambientacion

green wall tropical plant wall

vertical modern style design plants

vertical sprinkler home style diy terrace

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