Vertical garden, naturalness anywhere

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Do you already know the vertical gardens and all their advantages? Do not miss our selection of fifty ideas for planting and cultivating a garden n vertical on any wall, wall or fence of your home. It is the last scream in terms of landscape trends, embellish facades and architectural surfaces with life and nature.

Vertical garden and landscape decoration

super wall wall vertical garden

One of the main objectives of the installation of a garden vertical is the natural purification of air and water. They have special rainwater filtering mechanisms that allow its use is very efficient and also species of plants that more easily capture air pollutants.

Vertical gardens of homemade designs

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It is clear that the planning and design of a vertical garden requires knowledge about the conditions and factors that will intervene. It is advisable to take the appropriate measures for the correct waterproofing of the surfaces in addition to choosing those plants who can best adapt to such an ecosystem in order to optimize it.

Vertical garden for interior

ingenious idea vertical planter room

There are different structures designed for placing small pots vertically. Some are reminiscent of the walls of the beautiful Andalusian courtyards brimming with colorful geraniums. In any case, the placement of a vertical garden may turn out to be that touch of naturalness that was missing in your home.

Metallic structure of planter

modern white structure vertical planter

But the benefits of innovative gardening do not end here. It turns out that vertical garden designs from many parts of the world allowed some of the plants they selected for such designs to adapt so brilliantly to the new environment that they practiced. they do not need any n extra care.

Selection of plants for vertical gardens

nice plants vertical green gardens

The current landscape designers use different models of vertical gardens depending on the given conditions and the objectives that are intended. Among these design models, the system stands out f + p which consists of an air chamber that causes the water to stagnate; the eco.bin system, which has individual cells for each plant that also stores the water;

Vertical gardens for the wall

studio piano terrace plants wall

or the system, structures with modular fiber panels that allow easy maintenance, ideal for indoor home installations. There are certain plants, the calls tillandsias , that create by themselves a nebula system; that is, they obtain all the necessary nutrients through the air, so it is not necessary to install an irrigation system drip.

Vertical plant plot

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A vertical garden can also act as a vegetable air conditioner. If we put the structure of our garden n vertically at the outlet of the air duct or in the most ventilated areas, the roots will absorb er the pollutants while the air will be refreshed thanks to the perspiration .

Building facade with vertical gardens

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The great thing is that we can even create our own vertical mini garden in the kitchen with pots of natural spices, What better way to maintain all their properties and tastes than by cultivating them in our house? For this we can acquire elongated pots or place small pots in a row on a shelf.

Kitchen cabinet with spices as a vertical garden

furniture kitchen spices jadín vertical

On the other hand, for outdoor designs, the possibilities are multiple. We can adorn the garden fences by placing containers for the plants even of recycled materials such as bottles and cans. In them we can improvise planting herbs and mosses allowing them to develop naturally, the result will be great.

Vertical gardens in a fences

Super vertical garden fence flowers

Vertical concrete planter wall

super concrete wall vertical planter

Vertical gardens on the walls

Vertical bands flowerpots plants garden

Vertical garden facade

small vertical garden facade

Exterior walls with vertical gardens

vertical gardens walls walls flowers

Vertical garden wall planter

jardiniere wall decorative plants

decorative vertical flowerpot living room wall

vertical gardens patio facade

vertical gardens fringe red plants

vertical garden square wall

vertical garden pretty flowers petunias

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vertical garden facade wall block

vertical garden many plants wall

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Home materials shovels vertical gardens

many colors vertical design

exterior wall natural vertical gardens

wall flowers bands purple vertical

wall wall flowers all colors

wall garden violas flowers colors

vertical garden wall

wall wall many pots cells

original planter many yellow flowers

Pretty pallet decorative plants

palmeritas colors pretty vertical gardens

wall curve flowers colors

wall bench bench wood

corridor mall garden vertical plants

small terrace garden vertical patio

petunias jardiniere concrete vertical garden

plants colors garden vertical wall

plants between stone blocks garden

plants wall wall vertical planters

Mexican feather vertical garden fence

terrace chairs many vertical plants

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window house gardens vertical plants

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