Very easy crafts for interior decoration

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The decoration of the interiors often takes a long time and we do not know how to make it and what decorative details to choose. It also happens to us that after doing the decor We want to change something or we are not pleased with the decorative details we have chosen. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about some easy crafts that you can add to the decoration of your interiors and with which you can compose the decoration of your interior in a very original and interesting way.

Very easy crafts to do at home and decorate the interior

easy decorate crafts

Keep in mind that the very easy crafts of this article are appropriate for small children and adults and in this way you will have more options among which you can choose to decorate. You also have to bear in mind that the decoration of lso vases is very modern and elegant and with cylinders of wood or cane you can create vases with a lot of style. In addition you also have to bear in mind that you can change the color of these with a coat of paint of the color you want.

Doing some crafts for adults with vases to decorate the house and fill the interior with creativity

easy crafts decorate interior

On the other hand, you can also add a very original decorative detail with a curved stick that you can stick on the back of the vase. However, you have to bear in mind that to make crafts of this type you have to have a lot of patience and that if you choose smaller cylinders inside these vases you can place some smaller flowers.

Using small plastic flowers for decorating vases and interiors

easy crafts decorate interiors

On the other hand, Crafts to make with vases you can also make them with vases that you already have in your house and you can stick small florets on top of them. The originality and modernity can be introduced with flowers that combine well with the color of the vases and you can also make some very original and irregular shapes with the flowers attached.

A few easy crafts to make in your home with sticks and buttons to decorate the walls

easy crafts decoration

On the other hand, there are crafts at home that you can do with sticks and buttons and with which you can create some very original decorations. Besides this way you will not have to buy too many things. You can pick up sticks of different shades and you can place them in a bouquet. This can be tied with a rope on the bottom and the buttons can be used to decorate the branches of sticks. In this way you will create a very original decorative effect with floral motifs since the colored buttons will play the role of flowers.

The decoration of the interiors with plastic handbooks for children with which shapes of animals can be made

easy crafts interior decoration

On the other hand, you can also make some children's crafts or you can give them to your children to do them. These easy crafts usually have some shapes of animals that are very good on the shelves or in the rooms of the pqueños and complete the interior decoraicón. In this way you can make a rabbit with a plastic white cup to which you have to stick some eyes, a nose and a mustache. You can also make the ears of a plastic cup of the same color that you can cut out.

Some very original and interesting cardboard crafts to make a pencil with the shape of turkey

easy interior decoration crafts

On the other hand, there are crafts for kids that are very interesting and will also be very good to complete the decoration of their rooms. You can make pencils with the shape of a turkey with a card of the color you want. To make the tail of the turkey you can use a larger sea shell so that it protrudes above the head of this. You can also add some decorative details to the figure of the turkey using a paper of stronger and garish colors.

Using the colored paper to create some very original elephant figures with which you can decorate your interiors

easy crafts decorate house

Also with the colored paper you can also make some crafts for children with the shape of elephants. However, to make these figures you have to make some cylinders with the paper with which you have to make the head and legs of the elephants.

Some paper crafts for children with the shape of pigeons with which you can decorate the walls of your house

easy crafts decorate wall

Cardboard or recycled paper are always good allies for all types of crafts, and this is another ideal occasion to use these materials.

Using a paper with the shape of butterflies for the interior decoration of the walls of your house

easy crafts decorate walls

These beautiful butterflies can serve as a model for a festive originaj decoration, or simply to give a new air to the interior decoration of the children's room.

A very original decoration of your intrerior with some paper butterflies stuck on the wall

easy crafts decoration walls

They are simple but really striking. The butterflies are great, but you can create all kinds of original origami shapes and decorate the walls with them.

A very easy paper crafts for children to cut some paper flowers and paste them on the wall to decorate

easy crafts decoration wall

Beautiful flowers that add a subtle accent to the living room, or a different touch for the hall or the bathroom.

Using a white paper to make a few easy crafts to decorate the wall with the shape of flowers and stars

easy crafts

These designs of flowers, despite looking more complicated and elaborate, are even simpler to make since you only have to fold the cardboard in half and cut the shape to the fold, the flower will be symmetrical. For the form, you can use the help of a compass ... do you remember the drawing classes?

Some pink unicorns made of pink and purple paper and with which you can decorate your interiors and walls

crafts to do

Children greatly enjoy the shapes of animals and mythological characters, and unicorns enter the top five of their favorites. The children of the house will also receive their dose of daily fun when they realize this original project.

Making very original and modern crowns at home for the decoration of doors and walls

to do crafts

The decorative wreaths on the door are not just Christmas decorations. It's great to find colorful and ornate doors with style throughout the year, and this is a great occasion to welcome visitors with joy.

Using a brown fabric in which you can sew some flowers to make a crown and decorate

crafts at home

A foam rubber is the ideal, but any other material that you have at hand will serve to make a decorative crown. The outer ornament material also varies according to personal tastes. In the image above we can see a crown wrapped in burlap cloth, very appropriate for an autumn decoration.

Making a crown with sticks that can be folded and flowers attached to decorate the interiors

children's crafts

Felt or pressed wool are very good materials for this craft, and we also suggest using all kinds of recycled materials and broken or old ornaments.

A few easy crafts with painted eggs for interior decoration

crafts for boys

In many countries the Easter party includes a fun tradition of painting eggs with colorful paint. There are great ways to do it, and you can find them all by visiting our page .

Making a very original decoration of the gifts with some buttons with which you can make some original shapes

crafts for kids

Gift cards are something that everyone craves to receive and they are often even more special than the gift itself. Do not forget to surprise your host with a nice card, and if it is handmade, even better.

Some paper hearts folded in the middle and stuck on the wall to decorate

easy decoration crafts

And if the question is to fall in love with someone but you do not know how to do it, say it with samples of love and hearts stuck on the wall ... maybe it will work, right?

A very original decoration for your interior with coffee beans glued to make a flower

crafts to decorate

This craft is simply great. You will need a foam ball (or other material) on which to stick the coffee beans. Previously, you must stick a not very long branch of medium-thin thickness into the ball. You can fix the branch in a small cup using wax or glue, and finally spread more coffee beans inside the cup.

Very easy crafts: very original decoration for the wall with a picture with floral patterns of fabric

to make crafts decorate

Using small wooden circles with which you can decorate your interiors in a very interesting and pleasant way

crafts at home decorate

A crown made with paper flowers that you can make in your homes and with which you can decorate the interior

kids crafts decorate

Original bowl of colored buttons

crafts bol buttons

Small tree of colored cardboard roses

cardboard roses

Splitter decorations for clips

decorated clips

Pencils shaped like string mice

rope pens

Supports for mobile phones from cardboard roll

phones supports

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