Very modern and colorful nail designs for hands

nail designs

In the image of women all the details are very important and somehow complete the final result. The hairstyle, the clothes, the makeup and the nails are the small details that we take care of to define our style. That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about the nail designs what you can do to fill your hands with color and modernity. You can find some images of nail short, long and with different shapes and you will see how colors and designs are in them.

Modern and colorful nail designs

modern nail designs

Keep in mind that usually in the long nails the colors of some stronger or more garish nail polish are better but nail designs can be done all of them. Lately it is very fashionable to design nails with more than one color that blends into another tone or that has some decorative details with floral motifs or other figures. In addition to this form, nail designs are also completed.

Very modern nails with light tones that blend into each other

colorful nail designs

On the other hand, easy nail designs can be done only with two shades of a color that are slightly fading. This decoration for the nails can be done with the colors and tones that you want and you can also combine the colroes with the clothes that you are going to wear.

The decoration of the nails with the figures of some spiders and bats on a pink nail polish

colorful modern nail designs

On the other hand, you can also make some designs in nail very original with the images of some bats or spiders for Halloween. This is a very thematic decoration that will give a very original and interesting touch to your image. On the other hand, the pintauñas that you are going to use as a background can be of a color that makes a striking contrast and in this way you can highlight the decorative figures. In addition these figures can be stickers with which you can decorate and make some nail designs.

Nails full of color and some tones that blend to make a very original decoration of the hands

nail designs hands

On the other hand, the combination of the colors in the nails with design can be imitating the rainbow. You can do this by painting your nails in two colors that also melt. The effect will be much greater if you make a gradual step from color to color. You can also add additional decoration to your design nails with glitter and glitter. This decoration will fill your hands with color and joy.

The motives and floral colors on the nails to decorate the hands

nail designs fingers

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that floral motifs are also very suitable for decorating and designing nails. You can use for these soft and tender colors and make floral motifs in the form of petals of a color that stands out above the other colors. In addition this model of nails also fits very well with a bracelet with the same motifs. If you have a bracelet with some motifs of these you can imitate them in the nails.

Nails of dark colors with lighten towards the part of the fingers

nail designs fingers hands

On the other hand, the use of two colroes to make some original nail designs can be created with darker colors by placing the lighter shade on the part of the nail that is near the fingers or at the beginning of the nails. In this way your nails will be covered mostly with a dark color and you can also add additional decorative details with glitter and glitter. In this way you will complete the design of your nails in a very modern and original way.

Purple nails with circular decorations on one side of the nails

modern nail designs hands

On the other hand, the additional decorative details that you can make on your nails can also be circles of other colors with darker lines. This nail design is reminiscent of the world of cartoon monsters and on the nails it looks great as an interesting decoration.

Very modern and original nails with a striped design of different colors

colorful nail designs hands

Long nails painted in three colors and with very original decorations

long nail designs

Hands with a very modern and elegant nail polish that combines the black color and the golden tone

modern long nail designs

A very modern and original nail polish that starts with a red tone and ends in a dark color with sparkles

elegant long nail designs

Very modern and long nails with light colors with glitter for the ring finger

nail Design

The decoration of the nails with circles and with a bow for one of the nails that is of a different color from the others

nail design

Nails decorated in a very original way with very bright and vivid colors and with additional decorative details for some fingers

designs for nails

Nails painted with soft and tender tonots and decorative details with flowers on top of the nails

nail designs

A decoration for the nails full of color and with very original and interesting decoraicones

nails with design

The decoration of the nails with colors of matt nail polishes that merge into other darker shades

easy nail designs

The decoration of the nails with floral motifs that stand out on the nail polish

nail model

A very original decoration of the nails with decorative details in the form of a grid

modern nail design

The decoration of the nails with glitter or with glitter on a dark nail polish

modern easy nail designs

The decoration of the short nails with two-color paints that blend into one

modern nail design

Nails painted with three colors of the same tone in triangular shape

designs for modern nails

Using the green tones for the nails with a decoration with flowers

modern nail designs

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