Very original small design houses with lots of charm

small design houses

Small and modern design houses by Studio Granda

In this article we are going to talk about the small design houses and about one of the creations of Studio Granda Architects that has a very interesting philosophy about constructions and man and what these represent for us. Their projects are adapted to human needs and recreated in the buildings . In your buildings you can see the union between man and nature and the relationship that exists between them.

charming small design houses

A very modern and contemporary house by Studio Granda in Iceland

This house is located in Reykjavik in Iceland and its originality can be seen in the curved lines seen on the facade and the roof. We must bear in mind that since his philosophy is so naturalistic his creations will be of an aspect that connects with nature. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that nature does not like straight lines, but prefers curved lines. Therefore, the works of nature are rounded starting with the rivers and ending with rocks and stones. The straight lines are the work of man.

original small designer homes

In this way the design of small houses like this is very original because the part of the roof follows a curved shape that resembles a bridge. Also in the last two photos of this article you can see that the house is built in a kind of channel and that curved roof is the bridge through which you can pass from one side of the house to the other side.

modern small design houses

On the other hand, in the interior design of houses small wood and crystals are very appropriate to fill the interior with light and to open it. In this way you can check that the walls of this house that is 68 m² are made of glass and the light colored wood is used to give life and color to the interior.

small house designs

Also on the roof you can also see some decorations with small lights that are very appropriate and fit very well in small interiors and thus make the design small houses very modern and elegant. On the other hand, this house is ideal to go to rest in the countryside and to be submerged in the tranquility of nature.

design of small houses

On the other hand, one of the impressing contributions of Studio Granda is the use of the land to make really original and elegant constructions. In addition to this originality and elegance that you can see in these photos is added the simple of the decoration since inside the decoration focuses on wood and a furniture that consists of a table with chairs.

small houses design

However, it must be taken into account that the glass walls also help with the decoration at night since the interior lights give a very modern and attractive image to the house. In addition the lights intensify the light color of the wood and in this way the orange tones look and stand out in the dark.

interior design of small houses

On the other hand the designs of small houses like these that are a bridge at the top remind the houses of the regions of the movies where the gnomes and the dwarves live. In this way the house gains much charm in view of the people who see it and who visit it.

modern small house designs

In addition the small design houses are very appropriate for rest and quiet life in the countryside.

design of modern small houses

modern small houses design

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