Viewpoint with pool - seventy-five great ideas

Garden design covered room

Do not miss our post today, it is dedicated to modern gardens with lookout and pool. We will show you our selection of seventy five spectacular photographs that will make you travel to dream places and will inspire you to design outdoor spaces with lots of charm and good taste.

Modern garden with porch and gazebo

modern architecture garden pool porch

When talking about the viewpoints we will not only be referring to those architectural structures that have high-altitude views, but we will also be talking about the pergolas , the terraces, the levelings or even the garden sheds that are oriented towards the garden pool.

Covered terrace with sea views

Exotic terrace covered pool

Generally the purpose of a gazebo with pergola is to create a covered space that can be quite functional in some cases even throughout the year. The most modern architecture designs have gone further; There is a remarkable current tendency to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

Garden with pool and wooden pergola

great garden pool link pergola

For this we will see that in some cases it is difficult to differentiate a pergola from a stone house or a covered terrace. In the image at the top we can see the finish of a wooden pergola with wicker garden furniture, perfect to rest in the shade after a relaxing swim in the pool.

Garden with covered terrace of work

nice garden shed pond pool

The following example of a garden presents a wooden work house. It is striking that it has been built on a leveling of the land, creating a structure with a floating platform, a detail that is very present in the oriental design style . This shed also has curtains and blinds that manage to shade the interior while ventilating it.

Stone garden shed

nice garden house gazebo pool

Then, a rustic garden but at the same time luxurious. In this case the interior has been destined to a dining area with a large wooden table and matching chairs. It is very pleasant to dine outdoors contemplating the water protected by a cover of natural stone and exposed brick.

Pool with waterfalls and wooden pergola

beautiful pool waterfalls pergola wood

In the photograph above we have a pergola that covers a gazebo located practically inside the pool, allowing access to it directly. Here we will see that the different relaxation areas are oriented towards the pool, and sitting under the pergola we can contemplate and listen to the water falling from the five waterfall fountains.

Garden design with jacuzzi and pool

nice design garden jacuzzi pool

The following model of garden with pergola shows a variant of the previous one, although in this case the pergola has a slightly different design and a structure with stone columns and wooden roof. The purpose is also different here since the roof of the pergola covers a kitchen and a bar with high chairs.

Work pergola with bar and kitchen

garden design pergola bar covered

Another possible combination of garden with pergola and pool is as follows, also with bar and kitchen inside, this design also has three stone stools built inside the pool, this way we can enjoy a cold drink sitting in the water, Is not it a real wonder?

Garden with construction pergola and pool

design gardens modern viewpoints pool

In some models it seems that the construction of the pool has been subsequent to that of the booth, so that by taking a global view of the entire garden our eyes end up concentrating on the booth, as if the entire design was oriented towards it and this outside the most important area of ​​the entire landscape.

Modern design garden pergola

modern garden design pergola pergola

In this image we will see a pergola of a very modern and modern design. A sturdy wall of rectangular stone blocks and integrated corner fireplace, which is covered by a pergola structure of steel and wood. The wall and the pergola do not connect at any time, which allows the interior to be always well ventilated.

Enclosed and closed construction shed

nice design garden gazebo booth

On the contrary, the next workhouse presents a totally closed and covered design, also suitable for the coldest seasons of the year. Inside you can place any type of furniture, which also turns out to be a great advantage since we can form an authentic living room with beautiful views.

Tropical style terrace with pergola

modern design gardens exotic lookouts

A pergola with thatched roof or twigs can bring a very exotic and natural look to your garden. The fabulous terrace of the picture is in some tropical spot, unmistakable by the vegetation. The whole set is of a very functional design that has taken advantage of the available space in a very efficient way.

Modern garden design with pool

modern design garden pool porch

Also the next garden has a small space, but in this case the pool has a very appropriate design that manages to create a sense of spaciousness. The wooden pergola is attached to the facade of the building forming a wooden porch in conjunction with the floor covering of the garden.

Modern housing overlooking the pool

modern design lookouts pool

The garden that appears above comes equipped with several wooden pergolas. In addition, as we mentioned before, practically the whole house has views towards the outside. Here we can see a strong modern influence in which the spaces are interconnected at least visually, generating greater freedom of movement.

Garden with wooden pergola

design garden pergola wood fireplace

Garden with pool and wooden pergola

design style oriental pergola veranda

Design of modern garden pergolas

modern style pergolas design

Design terrace with tropical style views

modern terrace design tropical style

Pergola covered with curtains

corner garden pool pergola curtains

Classic style wooden pergola

great pergola garden classic wood

Design of wooden pergola with terrace

great pergola vegetation on terrace

Modern garden design with pool and views

super design house garden gazebo

Tropical style pergola

super design tropical style garden

great design tropical garden gazebo

super design pergolas wood pool

super luxurious design views

great viewpoints infinite pool edge

fantastic design pergola viewpoint pool

fantastic design views pool

covered jacuzzi pergola work

jacuzzi whirlpool pergola garden pool

garden wood mosaic pool

modern garden shed pool views

Oriental style floating pergola garden

garden pool pergola gazebo

garden pool deck wood terrace

garden pool pergola jacuzzi kitchen

garden pool pergola gazebo wood

garden pool pergola small wood

tropical style garden many palms

tropical garden pool gazebo deck chairs

viewpoints pool view sea pergolas

viewpoint corner view sea pergola

pergola style rustic wood pergola

Oriental style floating pergola

viewpoint wood style tropical palm trees

lookout style modern glass fence

lookout pavilion kitchen barbecue wood

pergola wood oriental style

gazebo pergola garden party sunset

pergola pergola wood floating pool

pergola round white bed

lookout pool infinity tropical style

Thatched roof modern pavilion

pergola gazebo pool wood platform

pérgola white wood garden

pergola large garden modern style

pergola wood interior furniture

pergola wood white curtains colors

pergola wood design wood

pergola wood gazebo pool garden

pergola lookout gazebo modern pool

pergola gazebo garden small pool

tropical pergola roof straw

pergola platform wood pool wood

pergolas lookouts work pool

garden pool decorated zen stones

exotic pool huts wood views

pool sun beds deck chairs sun umbrellas garden

rockery pool pergola work garden

terrace gazebos infinity pool deckchairs

work terrace pergola work views

terrace gazebo indoor indoor pool

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