Vintage bedroom decoration - returns the retro

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Today we present you fifty great models of vintage bedroom decoration They will give you useful ideas that you can apply in your own home. To begin we must have clear what are the fundamental characteristics of this style and what distinguishes it from others. Vintage fashion is based on the restoration or use of old objects that are in good condition.

Vintage and retro bedroom decoration

nice bedroom design retro style

Those that were manufactured before the nineties are considered ancient objects, so that within the vintage style several different tendencies can enter, being the Shabby chic style one of them. As many will already know, Shabby chic fashion consists of the use of romantic and worn pastel elements.

Modern vintage style bedroom decoration

modern vintage style bedroom design

In the example above we can see a fusion of several fashion styles; Modernized retro design furniture stands out within a minimalist space in which the floor and walls are made of reinforced concrete. The wide bed, despite having a modern design impresses us with its white mosquito nets of stately air, it is a really great design.

Retro style bedroom design

retro decoration black bed

Photography: Brinkey Mine

In the model that we see below, there are several very original retro pieces, such as the decorative wooden door, designed by Blue Moon Trading Company, or the wonderful metal bed of Lydia Bed , Available in various colors. The small marine details also give the design a very summery and refreshing look.

Retro bedroom of the 70's

red leather chair carpet

Let's see a vintage design with something more masculine and belonging to another era of the past. The bedroom that we can see above reminds us of the designs of the seventies of the last century. However, some elements such as the wooden chest of drawers, the white wall or the design of the red chair are typical of Nordic or Scandinavian decoration.

Luxurious beige bedroom design

nice retro beige design

After having commented on the first designs, we will talk more generally about this style that is flooding the world in recent years and has become a trend. If we talk about vintage in interior design, this style implies a kind of trend that combines furniture and antique and modern decorations.

Vintage bedroom decoration with classic motifs

nice design golden retro bed

Vintage things, it is not just about antiques, it is about things that carry the spirit of the past, they are of high quality and are characterized by their individuality. The unique furniture and decorations will not only decorate the interior, but also give it the nobility and over the years increase its value.

Shabby chic style dresser

nice shabby chic style dresser

A design vinatage style can be a science. The design has no borders because of this, if you choose to design the bedroom in the vintage style you have endless options. This is because you can use a variety of styles that were relevant at different times and times.

Vintage retro style dressing table

nice vintage retro style dressing table

If you are determined and want to design your bedroom in vintage style you should know that it is not just about buying antiques, you need a good understanding of fashion in different decades.

Retro decoration with white bed and golden mirror

white retro bed golden mirror

Furniture and accessories should be talking about the time or reputation of the company, which they produced. They must be original, original, and refer to works of art, which clearly express the fashion trends of their time.

Vintage bedroom decoration an idea with four-poster bed

canopy bed vintage design

The vintage vintage bedroom decoration is characterized by sober colors. While you are creating a retro design, you should not forget to give preference to pale shades of white and pink, bright shades of purple, blue and green, combined with gray.

Vintage design children's bedroom decoration

bed color brown children's room

If you prefer dark colors, the most suitable for style is to use colors such as brown and gray, but contrasting combinations are not typical of this style.

Vintage bedroom decoration and Shabby chic

comfortable blue shabby chic

In general, for a vintage design bedroom it is better to choose a main color, and to achieve a good finish you can use a small amount of colors in order not to overload the interior. The number of colors will depend directly on the number of accessories if you want more color then you must use more accessories.

Vintage bedroom decoration a dresser and white lamp

comfortable white lamp

The interiors of vintage style, are distinguished from the others by the fact that they can combine materials of different textures. In a vintage bedroom you can use the combination of wrought iron and wood, as well as brass and ceramic accessories, all of which can be perfectly combined with the finishing fabrics.

Retro commode design with drawers

retro style vintage chest of drawers

You can add antiques, in order to create an atmosphere determined by the spirit and vintage style. By creating the necessary environment, you can always add a piece of furniture, a painting or a decorative element that has a long history and that can give the interior a special style.

Shabby chic bedroom

fourth light shabby chic style

And, of course, the flowers are essential for an interior designed in the vintage style. They can be seasonal flowers in vases, bouquets of dried flowers, bouquets of wild flowers and, of course, roses. As a container for your flowers you can use a ceramic vase, and combine the decoration with fruits and berries. Everything must be simple, with a touch of romance and a certain carelessness.

A spectacular wall paper

decoration room leaves books

For a vintage bedroom you must emphasize the furniture. You can add all kinds of cabinets to a dining table, huge mirror or small mirrors, boxes, chests etc. Designing a bedroom in the style of the period should try to prevent your room from becoming a "museum". There is no need to stick to one style, the main thing is to try to create a warm and cozy interior.

Combination of the modern with the vintage

vintage nordic room decoration

retro luxurious bedroom decoration

blue comfortable bedside table decoration

bedroom decoration vintage style wood

green bedroom vintage decoration

decorate retro style bedroom

retro decoration white bed

retro decoration light blue

white bench golden curtains

Pretty vintage room decor

pink vintage decoration

vintage decoration modern style

vintage decoration modern furniture

vintage bed bedroom decoration

vintage bedroom decoration dresses wall

decoration vintage style bed clothes

design vintage style nursery

double bed design vintage style

bedroom blue color vintage style

juvenile bedroom vintage style

modern bedroom design retro style

bedroom girl retro pink vintage

vintage bedroom decoration white basket

vintage rustic room design

desk decorated retro motifs

great vintage style decoration

baby bedroom furniture vintage style

pink retro style furniture

vintage furniture rustic motifs

retro furniture beige toilet

vintage bedroom decoration furniture vintage style wall lavender

vintage bedroom decoration clothes bed retro vintage style

vintage bedroom decoration design clothing bed floral patterns





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