Vintage decoration - the room you deserve to have.

Attractive vintage decoration clear lampoara

On several occasions we have been discussing some aspects of vintage decoration. In a general sense for those who have not had previous experiences we talk about the creation of ancient environments. Bone inserting pieces, furniture and accessories collection or at least that have a worn air. The positive thing for a vintage decoration is that the articles for this style are available in many shapes. furniture textiles inspired by classic styles can be used for bedrooms.

Vintage decoration, white furniture

vintage decoration white furniture bed wall

This is the decorative variant of today, vintage bedroom decoration. The essence of the bedroom function is not lost with this style. A personal space, cozy and that provides us with relaxation. Therefore we must use all the decorative elements to achieve this personal atmosphere. The color in this case is fundamental, the colors of this style are pastel shades of pink, white and some variations of the sky blue.

Vintage decoration, warm atmosphere

vintage decoration warm bedroom curtains

It is necessary that in the vintage decoration of the bedroom the walls look somewhat worn. It is essential to give life to this style as well as furniture. Another detail is in the curtains mostly with classic designs and styles from the past. There are limits to this, an excess of floral prints can create a deviation towards the shabby chic For the furniture the dressing table is important, especially those made of wood painted in white.

Balance in floral decoration

vintage decoration colorful walls pictures

Of course the material must be the wood that is representative of past eras. There are types of woods like walnut that highlight the aging effect. This can be a technique to make the furniture look older than it is. The decoration of the vintage room can include bedside tables. Preferably of high design. Other accessories such as mirror frames etc. you will find them without difficulties in specialized stores. Here I leave our gallery today.

Variant in classic curtain design

vintage decoration elegant long curtains

Antique white nightstand

vintage decoration boxes spheres white

Classic white furniture

vintage decoration Italian style furniture

Vintage atmosphere in room

vintage decoration carpet cushions pictures

Bed and wooden bedside table

vintage furniture sofa fire furniture

Elegant and cozy atmosphere

vintage decoration plants warm curtains

Design of Eduardo Arruga

lamps design suitcases curtains blue

curtains wide vintage room decoration

flowers decoration floor wood lighting

old room furniture cushions wardrobe

room wood cabana colors shelves

guests room lamps pictures curtains

italy closet mirror rugs framed

lamps design white gabels curtains

interesting lights creative design lamps

luxurious white room vintage bed

Fireplace furniture banquette details

furniture french vintage adult natural light

natural wood furniture white frames

wall paper decoration tapestry

vintage key heart old vintage

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